Weekend Open Thread

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No, these are not space aliens from Planet X.
Squirrels used to raid the seed Jane Roberts put out for birds in her garden in the UK’s Fareham, Hampshire. So Roberts cuts a large hole in two coconuts and suspends them from her clothesline. The squirrels stick their heads into the coconuts and eat to their heart’s content.
A big h/t to beloved FellowshipOfMinds member Tom in NC!
Here’s your weekend open thread, folks!

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12 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

  1. This is a wonderful idea if there are no cats around.
    I may just have to try it.

  2. That’s hilarous! Someone on Survivor said coconuts were nature’s laxative….wonder what her yard looks like!

  3. I came across this article at CNN/Money: https://money.cnn.com/2010/03/12/news/economy/debt_health_care.fortune/index.htm
    This is the best explanation I’ve seen yet regarding the actual cost of ObamaCare as opposed to the lies the administration and Congress are spewing.
    I suggest anyone with a few minutes to spare read this. Even a dummy like me could understand it.

  4. Newsflash!!!!!! Coffee Party gather 50 at DC café, Tea partiers suffers mortal blow, though most Tea Partiers says they may try to recover most have already given up and went home!
    We interviewed the Coffee party leader who went by the name “Chock full of nuts” the ardent independent with no affiliations with any particular party WHATSOEVER, and ask her opinion on this new development!
    Chock full of nuts: Of course those racist tea partiers could not beat us we have diversity, hope and change on our side-whoops spilled some coffee on my “Obama is lord” button- there we go all cleaned up. As I was saying those evil White only southerners were no match for our elitist wit and Harvard education and our ability to bend the truth short of warping the time/space continuum.
    Impartial liberal reporter: Zounds! You and your group are truly clever but tell me I heard rumors that there were some diversity at a few Tea Parties how do you respond?
    Chock Full of Nuts: Oh that is easy they were not really Black I heard from a reliable source that those were White people spray tanned to look like Black and Hispanic people.
    Impartial liberal reporter: Not sure why, but I believe you but for the sake of our viewers can you tell us who your sources are?
    Chock full of Nuts: Why I don’t mind at all just like our living father Barack Obama, we hold in high regard true transparency of all our information. Our source is Wikipedia and till this day they have never steered us wrong.
    Impartial liberal reporter: Works for me, not sure why I even question you, and there you have it. Look out Tea Party movement you are in for an epic fail because with honest hardworking patriotic Americans like Chock full of Nuts and her caffeinated commandos your time of terrorizing America with your thuggish antics are over!
    Hey it is open thread weekend right? 😉

  5. New member

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