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A rare black fawn (h/t fellow FS)

This is a continuing Open Thread to post your news alerts that are irrelevant to any of the available threads on our Front (Home) Page. Please read our About page and acquaint yourself with the Fellowship of Minds’ ground rules.
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  1. Anybody ready for an $800 Billion bailout?
    No? Well, the Kenyan community agitator turned POTUS apparently is.
    After all, there is an election coming up, and Obama is determined to buy himself a permanent, defeat-proof socialist congress, as well as get himself reelected two years hence in time to become Amerika’s first Comrade Chairman for-real.
    What better way to do that then to bail out millions of idiot Americans currently in bad FM loan situations?
    Oh, and once again, thank you Bawney, Chris and Maxine.
    The above was originally posted here:

    • Dave, not surprised by this…but really, how many votes will this get? Americans that pay their mortgages at any cost will go ballistic (me included). Bailouts only go so far until us responsible ones get crazy. Man, I hope people realize what this means for our future…

  2. holy crap!!! I can’t believe this. I’ve never even been late on my mortgage or any other payments. Looks like I had it wrong all along, should have defaulted and let the government pay off my house and debts for me. I for one would be rip shit upset if this actually goes through, I would want the equivalent money in a cheque please.

    • Yeah! You mean I could’ve blown all my money, gone into debt on booze, cars, McMansions and buying stuff for women, and the government would’ve bailed me out! They should give me the equivalent amount so I can go do that all now! (I jest, but someone out there may actually be considering that.)

  3. DCG,
    $800 billion (or whatever the final amount might be) will buy a lot of votes for Obama and the dems from the sheeple.
    For most people, their mortgages are their largest expense, and many of those who are in trouble are people who should be renting and never given mortgages to begin with.
    Anyone who comes along and relieves them of their responsibilities in this area can probably count on the majority of their votes come election day.
    Don’t forget that Obama is still sitting on a pile of Porkulus cash as well, which I believe will be doled out at just the right time to buy even more votes.
    This is a very different country demographically than the one that sent Ronald Reagan to the White House thirty years ago.

    • I’m afraid you are correct….just boggles my mind what this America has come to: bailouts and handouts the expected norm now. Terrible…

  4. So this stimulus pkg. bails out the people who don’t have a clue about how to manage $$ in the first place. Then, these bailed out idiots start spending again and keep the economy afloat for another year and an half – two years, just long enough to get this piece of trash re-elected. Then the bottom falls out, China wants to be paid back with something besides worthless paper and we all become slaves. Sounds like a great plan, if you’re against America.

  5. Okay, so we worked very hard, saved our money, and paid off our house. When will the gubmint be sending us a refund for what we paid for our house? Holding my breath……NOT!

  6. HA…my lib mom is in town & made her watch Hannity tonite. She actually said she was disappointed with Obama!! She still wouldn’t have voted for McCain but still…voter’s remorse! Told her unfortunately we’ll be paying for Obama for years. She said it was not what she expected. Duh…!

    • Wow!!! You’ve accomplished the seeming impossible: you’ve managed to penetrate thru’ your mom’s thick fog of liberal delusions and ignorance to let in a ray of sunlight. Hopefully, she’ll continue on that course to recovery!

      • Success…tonite at dinner my mom said she is “thoroughly anti-Obama”!! Course Zero accomplished that all on his own 🙂

        • Hallelujah! Praise be to God!
          This is nothing less than a miracle, Debbie! You’ve given us hope for America’s libs and Obamabots.

  7. I think this may be a Stimulus project:

    • Anon – that was one of the best comments EVER! Stimulus project. Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read it. LOLOL

  8. To bring a little cheer this weekend, here’s a great video:

  9. Not a member, can’t get it… but if he went over to A’stan and shot up Soviets for a few months in his twenties, that’d actually be kinda impressive.

  10. Dustin Johnson got screwed by the PGA today. Huge black eye for them.
    And in other news, I finally have been able to access the Notepad once again!

  11. I’ve been living in my foreclosed home now for three years! It’s the smartest move (no pun intended) I ever made, now that I have $80,000 saved from not paying the mortgage.

    • Well, if you think so…wonder how that’s going to work out for your credit. Seems to me if you saved that much money you should have honored your contract as you are legally bound to do.

  12. What’s up w/that? It’s awfully “hinky” lately…maybe that lighting strike was a message? 🙂

  13. DCG,
    LOL – Perhaps it is a message from God.
    Maybe I was put here to post smart-ass comments on other people’s blogs but not to actually blog myself.

  14. DCG,
    Or maybe I was put here just to bash NB trolls, as that appears to be the only thing I am really any good at, anyway.

  15. Comments here and at NB…you are good at both! Maybe another force blocking you from your blog…just saying… 🙂

    • Yep, it’s that “PC” force at work. The same one that is going to allow the terrorists to celebrate while viewing Ground Zero & praising Allah.
      Hotair is going to lose followers if they keep up this crap…you better get back on your blog soon so you can really rant!

      • I have been getting disgusted by Hot Air a lot lately. If I am not mistaken, they are extremely pro-Mitt Romney!

  16. Steve,
    I got booted from RedState about four months ago.
    LOL – We must be doing something right. 🙂

  17. Heh, got back in to my blog, hopefully for good this time.

  18. Yahoo! Answers has:
    “How EXACTLY is ‘It all Bush’s Fault!’?”
    Answer: “‘It is NOT “All Bush’s Fault,” it is MOSTLY Obama’s Fault, if not ALL Obama’s Fault, from this year of “No Change” and “Hope for Survival.'”

  19. 1. Hubby and I voted early, but as I was running my errands today, I asked many people if they had voted or would vote later on. Most said they didn’t have the time. Do they not realize that if they don’t vote, they are letting other people make decisions for them?
    2. This 32 second video is appalling!

  20. I don’t know if anyone saw this, but 2 of the “tabloid” magazines this week both ran their cover stories on Obama’s inelligibility. They both brought up his birth and one ran a full page on his questionable social security number. The pressure is growing.

    • Thanks for the tip, micro! What a commentary on the MainStreamMedia that only independent bloggers and supermarket tabloids have the guts to raise these important questions!

      • I plan to check out the new Globe today when I grocery shop!!! You just know everyone else is taking note of these covers—even the people who never keep up with the state of this nation.

  21. Today, President Obama took time out from his exhausting vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to promote his newest green technology initiative. Touting this $125 billion, publicly-funded program The Race to the Past, Mr. Obama introduced it’s signature product, a green time-traveler powered by something called “the Flux Capacitor” and common, everyday lightning. The President predicted that by the end of his second term Americans will routinely travel back to the good ‘ole days of Progressivism in the 1930’s as a way to re-live today’s economy in an historical context. The President also predicted the program will create or save 100 million jobs.

  22. It will ALWAYS be global warming to me. They can’t just change the name willy-nilly to suit their agenda. Hmpfh!
    On another topic, heard someone yesterday say, “Why not throw a bucket of water on Pelosi and see what happens.” I almost fell on the floor I was laughing so hard.

    • I’m melting, I’m melting…. Eeeek!!!
      Muffin, I actually found a pic of Pelosi as the green-faced wicked witch of the west. LOL

  23. 65 more days. Time is running out.

  24. Happy Labor Day weekend to all friends at Fellowship!! Our wonderful leader has, after 4 days @ work, gone on yet another vacation. This time it is Camp David—wonder if his preacher-friend there will advise him. What a bunch of hypocrites these people are!!


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