Weekend Open Thread

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From Eowyn's garden

I desperately need a break. I’ve got lower back pain that’s going down my left hip and leg — from stress.
Here’s your Open Thread, friends!
But do be kind and polite, okay?

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0 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Eowyn, hope you enjoy a much-deserved day off and that your back gets better. Two years ago I had a back problem, and hubby was unable to get it better, so I went to a chiropractor, and after several visits I was on the mend.

  3. Erinyes,
    The only thing I can say about mushrooms is when I was ten I went on a walkabout. Only for a couple of weeks. I took along my fishing pole a book on wild mushrooms and things you can eat in the woods, a can of beans and a book of matches.
    I stayed out for two and a half weeks and gained 5 pounds. In that two plus weeks I ate just about every green thing I could find, all the wild mushrooms shown in the book and about 18 fish. This was a book on ‘Wild mushrooms of Oregon.’
    One of the mushrooms in the book gave me a slight stomach ache but nothing life threatening. What most people do not know about mushrooms is very few of them are actually poisonous.
    I did a little reading on Stamets… His credentials are quite impressive and in good order. He is just a little eccentric but then, so am I..
    I am not a global alarmist and actually do not believe that man’s footprint is as devastating as people like Gore want us to believe. I like some of Stamets ideas and I am not sure about the production of bio fuels as he states it. I am not against alternative fuels I am just against manufacturing the unnatural when there is an abundance of natural.
    I thought the video informative and perhaps down the road he might have a good part of the solution. However, I hold in reservation my opinion.
    Remember, I’m a conservative so I have trouble with this whole green planet thing.

  4. Take care of the back!
    Have a good weekend all & prayers for those dealing with this oil spill…

  5. your garden is beautiful Eowyn,please take care of you,do something good for the mind,soul and back!

  6. Eo- good luck with the back. I had back problems since I was a kid- really made it tough on the 3-mile runs on the tank-trails of Camp Pendleton. It got to the point where the Navy docs took a look at Bethesda NH, but I didn’t want them cutting me up.
    So I waited as long as I could but by ’05 I was unable to stand or walk for more than 5 or 10 minutes without really bad pain in my lower back, and severe numbness down my right leg.
    Finally, I saw a Neurologist (Orthopedists can also perform this surgery) and had two-layer fusion in ’06. Six screws and two rods, along with bone fusion. No more numbness, but I definitely don’t have the flexibility I once had!

  7. And the other reason for hanging in the open thread: Obama’s newest campaign poster.

    • Thanks, DW, Anon, DCG, tina, and Bkeyser for your empathy. Back is already much better! 🙂
      Brilliant poster, Bob! I hope the GOP uses this both for the Nov 2010 and the 2012 elections!
      P.S. It’s “will take” — drop the “s” 😉

      • Just came back to relink the poster, hoping no one caught that grammatical error… too late! (I revised the text several times before settling on “will take” but forgot to edit the “take”!
        I need an editor.


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