Weekend Open Thread

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From Eowyn's garden

I desperately need a break. I’ve got lower back pain that’s going down my left hip and leg — from stress.
Here’s your Open Thread, friends!
But do be kind and polite, okay?

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0 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Eowyn, hope you enjoy a much-deserved day off and that your back gets better. Two years ago I had a back problem, and hubby was unable to get it better, so I went to a chiropractor, and after several visits I was on the mend.

  2. Erinyes,
    The only thing I can say about mushrooms is when I was ten I went on a walkabout. Only for a couple of weeks. I took along my fishing pole a book on wild mushrooms and things you can eat in the woods, a can of beans and a book of matches.
    I stayed out for two and a half weeks and gained 5 pounds. In that two plus weeks I ate just about every green thing I could find, all the wild mushrooms shown in the book and about 18 fish. This was a book on ‘Wild mushrooms of Oregon.’
    One of the mushrooms in the book gave me a slight stomach ache but nothing life threatening. What most people do not know about mushrooms is very few of them are actually poisonous.
    I did a little reading on Stamets… His credentials are quite impressive and in good order. He is just a little eccentric but then, so am I..
    I am not a global alarmist and actually do not believe that man’s footprint is as devastating as people like Gore want us to believe. I like some of Stamets ideas and I am not sure about the production of bio fuels as he states it. I am not against alternative fuels I am just against manufacturing the unnatural when there is an abundance of natural.
    I thought the video informative and perhaps down the road he might have a good part of the solution. However, I hold in reservation my opinion.
    Remember, I’m a conservative so I have trouble with this whole green planet thing.

  3. Take care of the back!
    Have a good weekend all & prayers for those dealing with this oil spill…

  4. your garden is beautiful Eowyn,please take care of you,do something good for the mind,soul and back!

  5. Eo- good luck with the back. I had back problems since I was a kid- really made it tough on the 3-mile runs on the tank-trails of Camp Pendleton. It got to the point where the Navy docs took a look at Bethesda NH, but I didn’t want them cutting me up.
    So I waited as long as I could but by ’05 I was unable to stand or walk for more than 5 or 10 minutes without really bad pain in my lower back, and severe numbness down my right leg.
    Finally, I saw a Neurologist (Orthopedists can also perform this surgery) and had two-layer fusion in ’06. Six screws and two rods, along with bone fusion. No more numbness, but I definitely don’t have the flexibility I once had!

  6. And the other reason for hanging in the open thread: Obama’s newest campaign poster.

    • Thanks, DW, Anon, DCG, tina, and Bkeyser for your empathy. Back is already much better! 🙂
      Brilliant poster, Bob! I hope the GOP uses this both for the Nov 2010 and the 2012 elections!
      P.S. It’s “will take” — drop the “s” 😉


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