Weekend Open Thread

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Eowyn's garden

Good morning!
Thought I’d use this Open Thread to let our dear friends — the faithful regulars of this blog — know that Fellowship of the Minds is experiencing an upsurge of visitors and commenters because we’ve been discovered by a couple of Web power-houses. But I think you already know that and are dealing with them with great aplomb!
Much love,

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0 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Eo,
    I love the picture. It reminds me of some of the flowers around my yard and the peace that really exists in this crazy world.
    I have written a song that I will share with people on You tube–providing I ever get myself, my video recorder, and my keyboard where they are one. I am not a performer and my equipment is strictly amateurish, so it is ridiculous to even think I can produce something, especially attempt to sing something, but I am going to make a feeble attempt. I don’t care if people laugh at me or not. Those who know me laugh at me all the time…well, what can I say, I’m a silly old man who enjoys life to the fullest.
    With your permission, I will share the words of the song with you and the rest.

  2. Yesterday – was a good day.

  3. Eo,
    I am not a song writer. I have written thousands of poems but only three songs in my life. I do enjoy composing music and have a few pieces for the piano, but I couldn’t help myself on this one. I’m a lousy singer but I’m going to see what I can do. I even told my wife I was so set on this I might even go out and buy some professional equipment.
    This is a fourth of July song—Here are the words.
    The Vaguery of a Dream
    When the wheat fields did sway.
    I remember my America. The cobblestone streets and little streams
    I remember my country-that time of war and forgotten dreams
    I remember those old time cars that few people drove
    And I remember mom cooked on an old wood stove
    I remember my father earned ten cents a day but he never complained about such lousy pay.
    I remember the people who prayed every night, sang patriot songs, and fought the good fight.
    Those were the days when friends got together and helped one another through all kinds of weather.
    I remember those times not too long ago where people held hands and worked with a hoe.
    We all worked together to build this great land so our children to prosper and freedom could stand.
    All the dreams of our fathers in the wind blow away but I still remember how the wheat fields did sway. And I long for the days when we knelt down to pary, Yes I long for the days when the wheat fields did sway.
    Written for the fourth of July 2010

  4. This was the original writing but I have modified it just a little for the video.

  5. Eowyn, your flowers are lovely! Our yard is also in full bloom with zinnias, wild daisies, New Guinea impatiens, and a few slow-to-bloom rhododendron. The peace of nature helps us forget all the turmoil around us. Weekend is being spent babysitting our two year-old grandson. Do not know how I managed four. Looking at him today in the park feeding the ducks and innocently playing, I am all the more determined that he will NOT grow up in a country like the one this one is becoming . This baby’s freedoms are worth fighting for!

    • Thanks, Doc’s Wife & Ron for your compliments!
      We’ve had a rainy winter here and my roses are thriving. I’ll post a pic of the roses for next weekend’s open thread. 😉
      NZ impatiens are HUGE. What color?

      • This year I chose hot pink with a little lighter pink in the center. We put them in deck planters and they bloom through October. They are my favorites.

  6. Hopefully, I will sing it and put it on you tube. that should be interesting.

  7. Eo,
    very beautiful flowers!
    My heliotrope and sweet peas are blooming and hopefully soon in the cool & rainy Pacific Northwest I will be gifted by the perfume of Angel’s Trumpets, Night Scented Stock, Jasmine, Lilies and the eye candy of Mandevilla and Passiflora
    I am one of your new “visitors & commenters” and appreciate the good, hard & honest work on this blog.
    Thank you!

    • Thank you, Artist!
      I love the cool green wetness of the Pacific Northwest, having taught in Tacoma for 6 years. Your flowers sound most lovely. You must use them as the “models” for your beautiful watercolors!

  8. Stevie—Just so you will know a little more about me—I am never in a bad mood—My wife and I have never had an argument–not even one of those silly ones and we’ve been together for 30 years.
    The words of a most beautiful song came into my head the other day and it reminded of a trip I took across this country when I was thirteen.
    The song I started thinking about was (America the Beautiful) I was thinking about Amber waves of grain.
    When I was thirteen I hitch-hiked across the country and I came across a wheat field and I stopped and watched it sway in the breeze. For the rest of that trip I couldn’t get the song (America the Beautiful) out of my head.
    The other day I was thinking about that trip and suddenly a poem entered my head so I wrote it down. Then after finishing it and giving it the title ( The Vaguery of a Dream) I decided I could put music to it—Now that’s a whole lot harder than writing some silly poem.
    After I got the music completed I decided to attempt my luck at singing it—Guess what—I’m a lousy singer…No matter–I’ve made up my mind that looking foolish on you tube is what people do—
    I made my first recording of it yesterday and threw it away—Today I’m going to try it in a different key–I have until the fourth to get it done….
    Remember–The true secret of a happy full life is knowing yourself—If you know yourself you will definitely understand the rest of them… Sometimes I go look in a mirror and have a good laugh
    The millions of years this world has been around, we the people, on a time line, do not even register our existence.
    People like Obama come and go and they think what they do is important, but no one will ever remember him—When I need a good laugh and a good look at reality–I just go to my mirror.

  9. Well, Stevie—you are most certainly not a Putz. I looked the word up and it stands for—Pelosi Uses the Zombis—It’s a reference to her looks and her lover. You simply do not fit the category. However, You have a great sense of humor–most of the time.

  10. As a talking point –I went to the N.W.O. Web site and found it interesting but I started watching a video that said Cheney and Halliburton blew up the golf oil rig.
    I found that a little difficult to swallow, not that it’s impossible. I just like to have at least a modicum of evidence before I jump on any bandwagon.
    Currently there are some investigations under way looking into the allegations. That would be interesting if this all came down to a Halliburton/Cheney conspirancy.
    Have to wait and see….


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