Weekend Open Thread

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Arizona's state flower: Saguaro Cactus Blossom

Please pray for Arizona and our country as thousands of illegal aliens and their enablers are expected to march in protest today in cities across America.

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  1. The comments are closed on “Arizona Deputy Shot by Illegal Alien” so I had to post this here. Please read this article if you get a chance, and you’ll see why AZ had to do something:
    (I used to live at Fort Huachuca, but that was many years ago.)
    Illegitimis nil carborundum – Don’t let the bastards grind you down

  2. Maybe they got the word from the feds to close up the comment box or else.

    • I tried to contact wordpress “24/7 Support.” This is the message that popped up:
      “Support will be unavailable from 5pm EST on April 30th to 12pm EST on May 3rd. Over the weekend our team of Happiness Engineers are in California for WordCamp San Francisco.”
      This is OMINOUS. Tighten your seatbelts, friends. We’re in for a bumpy ride….

  3. And you pay good money for this service….Interesting.

    • Ron,
      wordpress is free.
      I figured out a way to undo what was done WITHOUT my consent or knowledge. Now, comments on the “Arizona deputy shot by illegal alien” thread are once again open!

    • Are you “our” Ron? why has your avatar changed from the triangle face to this pink square?

  4. Maybe the avatars are connected to the email address given? Just an idea.
    Illegitimis nil carborundum – Don’t let the bastards grind you down

    • Muffin is right.
      Ron, you left out the letter “n” from your e-mail address. This causes wordpress to think you’re a different Ron than “our” Ron, and so wordpress assigned you that fat pink square avatar. LOL
      Please fix it so that we can have our ol’ Ron back. 😉

      • I fixed your e-mail address at my end, so our ol’ Ron — he of the green triangle avatar — is back. But, Ron, you still need to type in your correct e-mail address at your end when you post comments, okay? 😉

  5. I apologize for the mis managed email address. I’m getting old and senile so I did not see the error of my ways—-sorry.

  6. I went on wordpress wondering about my own blog and they said the up front cost was $1500.00 and the monthly fee was $500.00 bucks for a small blog. If it’s free to start the blog –where do I sign up???

  7. Happy weekend everyone!! On a different note, please pray for all the businesses and people along the coasts os LA, MS, AL, and FL. Their economy is in for a very bumpy ride with this oil slick. Family members in my home state of Mississippi said this morning that this will be possibly worse than Katrina!! I cannot imagine. Barry is going tomorrow—YAY!!!!!

  8. On the same note as Ron:
    The smell on the coast of La/Miss is awful. You can smell the oil in the air. I am staying with my sister (who is very ill) on a bayou right off the coast. My brother-in-law took the boat out to the lake and said he still didn’t see any oil. But he knows it is coming. Please continue to pray for the wildlife, businesses and homes along the coast. Thank you!

  9. I was thinking about moving my blog over here to WordPress because of comment issues, as many cannot post on it, and I cannot post on some other Blogger sites, either.
    Maybe I won’t do it now.


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