Weekend Devotional

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Starting our weekend right, with the Lord….

Psalm 5

Hear my words, O Lord;
listen to my sighing.
Hear my cry for help,
my king, my God!
To you I pray, O Lord;
at dawn you will hear me cry;
at dawn I will plead before you and wait.
You are not a god who delights in evil;
no wicked person finds refuge with you;
the arrogant cannot stand before you.
You hate all who do evil;
you destroy all who speak falsely.
Murderers and deceivers
the Lord abhors.
But I can enter your house
because of your great love.
I can worship in your holy temple
because of my reverence for you, Lord.
Guide me in your justice because of my foes;
make straight your way before me.
For there is no sincerity in their mouth;
their hearts are corrupt.
Their throats are open graves;
on their tongues are subtle lies.
Declare them guilty, God;
make them fall by their own devices.
Drive them out for their many sins;
they have rebelled against you.
Then all who take refuge in you will be glad
and forever shout for joy.
Protect them that you may be the joy
of those who love your name.
For you, Lord, bless the just;
you surround them with favor like a shield.

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0 responses to “Weekend Devotional

  1. o, very wonderful! Thank you.
    ‘I cannot begin a New Earth without refining and purifying the present filth with which man has covered it. You deny My Justice to justify perversity; being God, I would lower My Being of a King if I do not act before the just are lost.’
    6/13/12 The Light of Mary / revelacionesmarianas

  2. Thankyou Dr.Eowyn for this today,for he can show us the signs,he cannot do it for us. Please pray for our Country. The truth shall prevail,with help from above.


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