Wednesday Morning Chuckles.

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Yes today is “Piss Off A Liberal Day.”  If you know any Liberals forward this and thank them for giving us the most corrupt, inept, dishonest president our Country has ever had!
Damn, –Oh, I’m so disappointed.  I thought it was Piss on a Liberal Day.
Says it all, doesn't it?

Says it all, doesn’t it?

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~Steve~                                     H/T   Miss May.


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0 responses to “Wednesday Morning Chuckles.

  1. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! Steve, if I were 50 years younger and pretty, I would ask for your hand in what used to be called marriage!!

    ~TD (all-caps intentional) 😀

  3. All of them somewhat the truth

  4. Thanks guys.
    Scarey how true most are. Yikes!

  5. Steve,

    ROFL – That was epic.


  6. Yep Epic!!! Wish I had come across that one!!!


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