Wednesday funnies…#JussieSmollet hoax edition!

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22 responses to “Wednesday funnies…#JussieSmollet hoax edition!

  1. Sit his a@@ in jail. I’m glad it “backfired”, serves him well.

  2. My wiener dog has concocted better hoaxes than Juicy Smelly. 🐶

  3. Sounds about right….

    “Jussie Smollett’s Jan 29th hate crime “attack” was staged in part to benefit 2020 white house bids of Kamala Harris (D) and Cory Booker (D) who had introduced anti-lynching hate crime legislation with a stealth LGBT amendment that failed to clear the 115th Congress” Henry Makow

    I’d call that dumb, and dumbers.

  4. Prison would be no real punishment.. He wants to join the “African Roofers Union” to sample the rolls of tar paper.. Give him to the Aryan Brotherhood as a playtoy and then see how he is… Instead of (__*__) he will become
    (__O__) Sort of brings a tear to your eye!

  5. The funniest part is the press and the progressives falling on their asses after coming out defending him hahahahahaha, love it!

    • You’re right Alma. They’ve had this one snowflake on there who looks like she is ready to die from the awfulness of it all. I’ll be we don’t see much of her after this blows up.

      Harris and Pelosi have tweeted up a storm over it too. “Oh, the humanity!”. Now they’re retracting their tweets.

      You could have fun with this. Just dream up the most outrageous memes you can think of and accuse Trump supporters of it. Then, after they’ve worked themselves up to a lather you can laugh at them.

  6. Smollett’s actions is creating future victims from the ultimate hate – LYING.
    What is really happening is promotion of future Race Riots and there is a coming Civil War (American Thinker, and also Jonathon Roth YT, Patriot Nurse YT videos). This is the overall objective, Civil War. I’ve been around and studied this phenomenon for over 5 decades, nothing happens by chance but is all fabricated by real criminals and their promoters.
    Smollett has set up his own people for future injuries or death, in both the black & LGBTQ community. He has also setup the white & Hispanic & Asian community and also Law Enforcement Officers.



  7. In the 21st century, it is mind-boggling that anyone could so readily believe there are Americans so primitive and stupid as to commit hate-crimes against blacks. Smollet is yet another instance of the many fake hate-crimes concocted by the Left, supposedly targeting the Left’s sacrosanct groups — blacks, Jews, LGBTs — some of which are chronicled on FOTM.

    The real hate-crimes being committed are against whites, especially white males (e.g., the Covington boys), except that the Left, with their media accomplices, refuse to call them hate crimes.

    • Absolutely correct! But…..never forget Karl Rove. They are “creating realities” again. MAGA hat = troglodyte. Poor “people of color” are routinely chased through the streets by hordes of heterosexual white men.

      Victimhood reigns supreme. You would have thought (if he had a brain….) that he would have hired a pair of white “Bubbas” to “beat” him. Let’s not forget Kamala (is my Willy Brown?) Harris’ pushing of an “anti-lynching” bill. When was the last time you read about somebody being “lynched”? I’m not talking about metro-sexual weirdos hanging from doorknobs.

      • Jussie has met/knows Kamala – he’s been photographed with her from what I’ve seen on the blogosphere. What a coincidence…

        • Oh yes, I know. He knows Obongo and Big Mike too. This election cycle is pretty much a Communist Pervert Circus from the get go. They are all trying to outdo each other in weirdness. That way, when the smoke clears, things that would have be unacceptably weird in the past will seem “normal”.

          Look at the “new normal” for “truth”. It doesn’t matter any longer if something is “true”. It matters what somebody “thinks” about it. How it makes you “feel” is more important than its veracity.

          People are being taken down from “You Tube” for citing truthful articles. Orwell has a lot of catching up to do.

  8. Love them all, especially “The Boy Who Cried Trump.”

  9. Jussie Smollet nearly incited a race war with this hoax, yet, at the same time, he trolled the media: Every mainstream outlet rushed to his defense. I DO NOT approve of committing evil in order to achieve a good end, and I think we can assume that trolling the mainstream media was not his intent. Yet troll the MSM he did, and this means that he IS NOT the only one who is guilty here. The MSM has its own unabashed institutional guilt, and hopefully they will get their comeuppance soon. The MSM is always the first to report to a fire with plenty of 5-gallon jugs of gasoline.

    And if Smollet can fake a hate crime, who is to say that he is really gay? Could it be said he faked being gay in order to get the role? (Either way, he has rotten roadkill for a mind).

    This is yet another episode in the leftist catalogue that illustrates that truth is not what they’re after: They are after the imposition and continuation of a “narrative,” a story we’re all expected to follow, truth be damned! This means that IDEOLOGY rules the day, because, after all, we’re all dumb cattle, and simplistic knee-jerk Pavlovian reactions are all we’re thought to be capable of. This means that our Ruling Elites are following a play book, and that they are EVIL. After all, will the media outlets call Smollet on the carpet for his “little stunt?” Hardly: They will fall for the next hate crime, hoax or false flag event because they, too, are EVIL.

    Here’s hoping Smollet is found guilty of every infraction they can throw at him and that he cools his heels in the joint for three years. (And I am not gay, but there is a large number of gay men and lesbians here in NYC who really is very offended by what he did, as I have gathered from my travels).

    • I watched a piece at “Infowars” about him and “Carpe Donkum” who does memes. They think the “gay” thing may be a fake too. Who knows? The guy’s video is great.

      This makes me go back to 9-11 and later, SHES. To this day some get really offended somehow when I tell them that these are pure B.S.. It seems to me that this Smollet thing is just a continuation. It is what Karl Rove remarked about in terms of “creating realities”.

      Not only are we expected to “believe” this garbage, it takes on “religious” implications. It is a matter of “faith” to them that we pledge allegiance, even if we don’t believe.

    • My belief is that the “media” doesn’t do anything anymore until they get the “blast fax” from their owners with the copy attached. I read today that he claimed to have received a “powder” in the mail that turned out to be crushed aspirin. The ATF and FBI got involved. This is an additional five year charge.

      He’d better go back to hustling marks in the bars, it’s safer.

  10. The TIME’S UP T-shirt he was wearing at Kamala Harris’ announcement of her campaign, now takes on a different meaning.

    I used to think if Obama had a son, he’d look like Trayvon, but Jussie is a much better fit.

  11. Kamala, Cory, Nancy, and their ilks….will just shrug off their unsupported/ unproven “previousness” and politcally say “never mind,” and go on, and on….and likewise…..and NEVER apologize, never re-orient their courses (they will do these sorts of things over and over again, as they’ve already proven) BECAUSE they NEVER pay a political price for it. Their “bases” don’t care about liars and line-jumpers….b/c they, too, function in the same manner in their everyday lives: jump a line or jump a border, no problem; jump to conclusions/jump to condemnations…no problem; jump over the investigation/jump to blame Trump….no problem; ……..ugh!

  12. Send him/her a case of KY Jelly He wouldn’t want soap on a rope, but he/she would take some Matzah ball soup.

    And here is a small part of your America hating DemocRat “Russian Collusion & Election Meddling”


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