Website invites bids to assassinate Obama and other world elites

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It is against our server WordPress’s Terms of Service to advocate or encourage violence. WP can simply unilaterally shut down this blog for violating that policy.

So I ask our readers to exercise due prudence. Any comments inciting or approving of violence will be promptly deleted and the commenter permanently banned from FOTM.
Here’s the takeaway last paragraph from the CODA article:
“In his Forbes article, Greenberg noted that there had been other crowd-funding assassination efforts before Sanjuro’s. Given that, no doubt there will be successors to Assassination Market, some of which may well be faux dark web sites deployed by TPTB to entrap wannabe political assassins. If you were TPTB, wouldn’t you do precisely that? Caveat Emptor!”

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0 responses to “Website invites bids to assassinate Obama and other world elites

  1. So, then, I presume it is against WordPress terms to advocate for the violence of the murder of infants in the womb in abortion?? I mean, if someone called an assassination attempt a “late term abortion” would that be okay with WordPress??

  2. Definately not the way to solve anything.

  3. How many here believe an “assassin” could ever do the job,collect the “bounty” and NOT spend it (and MUCH more) on his/her legal defense?

  4. Goodness, sounds like someone is losing hope and patience. It sounds like desperation and understanding. People are losing everything and seeing their country destroyed and no one doing anything.
    Violence isn’t the way. Marching him out of OUR White House legally, would be much more satisfying. We can witness and film it and savor the moment.


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