Weather Modification is Real

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The word “conspiracy” refers to a secret plan by two or more persons, usually to commit some unlawful act.
The mainstream media tend to sneer at conspiracy theories, although there are many real instances of conspiracy theories in history, such as the Mafia, the Dreyfus Affair, the plot to assassinate Hitler, the Manhattan Project, asbestos, Watergate, and the CIA’s illegal, downright evil, mind-altering human experiment MK-ULTRA.
Having said that, it doesn’t mean that every conspiracy theory is true; some are conjured by crackpots from nothing but their paranoiac feverish imagination. Each conspiracy theory must be examined on its own — for internal consistency (the claims can’t be self-contradictory or illogical) and its empirical evidence, if there’s even evidence at all. If there isn’t (“The conspiracy is so secret, no one knows about it, except I!”), then sadly, the theory doesn’t pass the necessary criterion of verifiability.
One of the conspiracy theories that thrive on the WorldWideWeb is weather modification, e.g., HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) .
In this video, we have George Bomar, a spokesman for Weather Modification, Inc. (WMI), a business headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, admitting to and boasting about its successful weather modification to seed clouds in Texas.

Weather Modification, Inc. says this about itself:

“Now, more than ever, the worldwide need for solutions to atmospheric necessities such as water resource management and environmental quality monitoring, is critical. With nearly a half-century of successful programs, our experience speaks for itself. Let us help you better manage your atmospheric and water resources.” [bolded letters are WMI’s]

WMI claims a worldwide client list — in Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Burkina-Faso, Canada, Greece, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and of course, the United States:

“The proven success of Weather Modification, Inc., in atmospheric and weather operations is evident by our lengthy and impressive client listing speaks for itself. Our reputation for successful cloud seeding and meteorological services leads our veteran pilots, experienced meteorologists and radar engineers around the world. Our valued clients include private and public insurance companies, water resource management organizations, as well as federal and state government research organizations.”

WMI’s U.S. clients include:

  • The U.S. federal government: Department of Defense’s Aeromet Inc.-L3 Communications (what’s that?); Federal Aviation Administration; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; BAMEX (Bow Echo and Mesoscale Convective Vortex Experiment), of the U.S. Weather Research Program; CALIPSO (CloudSat Validation Experiment), of NASA; Naval Surface Warfare Center (!).
  • State governments: cloud seeding for Delaware, Nevada, Texas; “cloud modification,” thunderstorm, and “tracer experiment” for North Dakota; “weather modification” for Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming;
  • Local governments: e.g., California’s Santa Barbara Water Agency.
  • Universities, e.g., U. of North Dakota, U. of Arizona.
  • Private entities, e.g., Sonoma Technology, Inc.

Cloud seeding seems innocuous enough. But what about other weather modification programs by governments and corporations?

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0 responses to “Weather Modification is Real

  1. Great coverage, and so away this goes to!

  2. Thanks, GF, for looking up Aeromet/L3! 😀
    I saw that too when I went looking for it on the web. Can’t say the description gives me a clear idea what it’s about, not to mention why this “independently operated” organization is part of the DoD.

  3. Liars. the chemtrails are hiding Planet X. thats why they have sprayed every day globally for the past four years.

  4. I’m not sure we need to be playing God with the weather – for whatever reason.
    There’s that little “unintended consequences” thingy, after all, and mankind is not nearly as smart as it thinks.

    • So right, Dave.
      I’m reminded of a book on Chaos Theory I read years ago, which began with an illustrative metaphor of a butterfly that flutters its wings in one part of the world, which leads to a subtle change in the air. That in turn leads to another little change, and so on…until the chain of little changes ends in a HUGE big change to the weather in the other end of the world. That, in short, is Chaos Theory — the unpredictability of complex systems, which weather is.

  5. Seeding is NOT NEW.

    • As usual, Linda, you pop off without reading carefully or even thinking.
      Did you not see in the post all the assistance that Weather Modification, Inc., offers its clients? It’s more than cloud-seeding. Way more.

  6. Remember “Acid Rain”…. we never hear about that anymore…it was one of the first lies…and probably an early indication of Agenda 21!


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