Weather erection

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I can’t believe he really did that!

Dan Pope is a freelance weatherman on Salt Lake City’s Fox13. Do you think he’ll get job offers after this [ahem] performance? LOL

Dan Pope must have taken that video off YouTube. Here’s a somewhat similar video of another meteorologist:


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0 responses to “Weather erection

  1. It was funny,and cute. Not earth shattering.

  2. And in Salt Lake City, to make matters worse…

  3. Perhaps it was unintentional. I don’t know much about TV facilities, so I don’t know if he was aware of the overall look. Maybe I’m too naive….

  4. It won’t let me watch it…am I doing something wrong?

  5. I don’t think he was aware of it while doing the report…Someone else had a good laugh at his expense


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