Wearing a Cross in Israel

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Israeli Christian wearing a cross in the streets of Haifa, Israel

What happens when you wear a cross in a major city in Israel?
With recent ‘apartheid week’ in mind, You’ve all seen the video showing what happens when you are a Jew in Paris with a kipa on top of your head… CEC Israel and Father Gabriel Naddaf pages joined hands with Jonathan Elkhoury, an Israeli Christian, to show you what happens when a Christian takes his cross to the main streets of Haifa.

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0 responses to “Wearing a Cross in Israel

  1. not just a cross.those are rosary beads. Thanks for sharing!

  2. He better watch out, he may be struck by an IBD, independent bagel device. I’ll take mine on an egg with cream cheese and lox.

  3. So crimes against Christians are a “crock”? Fanatics on both sides, crimes against all types. What’s your point (besides that you despise Israel)?

  4. Oh paleeease. And I can pull up multitudes of videos where Christians are being cursed and spat on by Israelis too. I’ll refrain from posting the links unless someone asks for them. Notice that this is in Haifa, which is known for it’s liberal, tolerant and more progressive atmosphere- it’s like the San Francisco of Israel. Try doing this where a bunch of Orthodox Jews are hanging out and there would be a much different outcome.

  5. I do not know how they can even walk down the street in Israel when a bomb throwing Arab could pop up at any minute. It’ll be like that here soon.

  6. I’m not very good at restraint when it comes to info. Too many words, too many links, so how bout two ? That’s being good for me.
    Don’t know if there were crosses worn here but clearly the not so nice people here know they are talking to Christians.


    • Point taken, Lana.
      Here we see two drunk teenage assholes doing what drunk teenage assholes do everywhere.
      And in the previous one we see rude behavior by hasidic Jews, considered extreme even in Israel. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have heard that the ultra orthodox Jews refuse to serve in the military, too. To me, these actions are a reminder of the treatment of early Christians by some Jews in the book of Acts. These things are real, and a problem.

  7. Just one more…se how bad I am ?
    Not a you tube though- a story on how spitting is an everyday affair for years for Christian Clergy.

  8. Traildust, Yes I think you are right about the no military service for the Orthodox.
    “To me, these actions are a reminder of the treatment of early Christians by some Jews in the book of Acts. These things are real, and a problem.”
    Yes and it is a bigger than most realize.


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