Weaponization of Space

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X-37B Unmanned orbital spacecraft

From everything I’ve read so far about the unmanned U.S. spacecraft X-37B, and its top secret mission, I can only go on the speculations of some experts.
Some say it is to conduct experiments which is reasonable, but some say this is a weapons system that could signal the start of the militarization of space. Now ordinarily I wouldn’t be opposed to a new weapons system in our inventory whether in space or here on earth if it keeps our enemies at bay and keeps them guessing about it’s capabilities. The trouble is we have a new enemy right in our own country, sitting in the White House, and God only knows how far he is willing to go to gather information and subdue who he considers to be the real enemies of this country — us, as in you and me. 
Then I searched my memory and then the internet, how many of remember this statement from the punk:
This doesn’t really surprise me because there is one sure way to tell when the punk is lying, it’s anytime his lips are moving. Call me a conspiracy nut if you like but I don’t trust the punk or his entire administration any further than I could throw my house I live in. He and his minions will stop at nothing to maintain their iron grip on power and his foot across the throats of the patriots in this country. 

-Tom in NC

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2 responses to “Weaponization of Space

  1. I do not trust anything this radical islam does!!

  2. Trust is something earned. Obama has earned nothing from any American except mistrust. His entire organization is made up of crooks, communists, socialists, corrupt officials, lobbyists, and worst of all—politicians. I trust he will attempt to continue his destruction of our country until someone stops him.
    I’m hoping


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