Wealth-bashing Bernie Sanders is a millionaire

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Hypocrite (definition):
A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

Jane and Bernie Sanders

Jane and Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders identifies as a socialist, but is campaigning for the presidency as a Democrat.
As Kerri Anne Renzuli, reporting for Time magazine, points out, Sanders “rails against the ‘billionaire class,'” calls income inequality “the greatest moral issue of our time,” and has made a big point of contrasting his modest income against his competitors in this election.
While Sanders is indeed far less wealthy than multi-millionaire Hillary Clinton and many of his Senate colleagues, he is not the man of modest means he pretends to be. Even worse, his pretense is engineered via lies of omission.
Sanders and his wife, Jane — a retired educator and college president — claimed an income of $200,000 for 2014, comprised of:

  • Sanders’ $174,000 salary as a senator.
  • $5,000 a year pension payment from his stint as mayor of Burlington, Vt.
  • He and his wife’s Social Security benefits. (Bernie is 74, Jane is 65).

In July 2015, Politico reported that on his presidential personal financial disclosure form, Sanders claimed total assets of less than $750,000 ($194,026 to $741,030) — a broad combination of investment funds, all in his wife’s name — and $25,002-$65,000 in credit card debt on his Visa cards.
But Sanders left out his other assets, which tell a different story. They consist of the following:

  1. Sanders’ government retirement savings account — the well-regarded 401(k)-like Thrift Savings Plan — estimated to be $500,000 to more than $700,000 by the end of 2015, thanks in part to the government’s matching contributions.
  2. The pension Sanders will receive when he retires from Congress, estimated to be $71,340 a year.
  3. His wife’s retirement funds of an unknown amount from being a college provost, interim president, and president.

The Sanders also own at least 2 homes — in Vermont and on Capitol Hill. In July 2015, on MSNBC yesterday, Jane Sanders mentioned a third home — a condo that she and her husband recently sold, which would likely inflate their net worth (even at the lower estimates) to over a million dollars.
Altogether, Time magazine estimates Bernie and Jane Sanders’ effective retirement nest egg could be $2 million, which is well above the U.S. average. About half of U.S. households 55 and older have no retirement savings, according to a GAO report released last summer. And of those who do, households age 65-74 had a median $148,000 saved.
Even Sanders’ annual pension alone would be far above the $36,895 that the median American household with at least one member over 65 earns in a year, according to the Pension Rights Center.
All of which led Time to call Bernie Sanders “a de facto millionaire”.
H/t FOTM‘s Dave

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0 responses to “Wealth-bashing Bernie Sanders is a millionaire

  1. I heard a comment on the radio,”Bernie Sanders has so much money,even HE can’t vote for Bernie Sanders!”

  2. Here is my two cents.
    I am not against millionaires and rich people per se. (I had two chances to become one, and I blew them both, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since).
    My landlady (who lives downstairs and is dying of cancer) is sitting on over three million dollars of real estate on the block. She owns the house we both live in, the house next door and one across the street. “Ma,” as we call her, rents rooms out, largely to cab and limousine drivers. (Her late husband came here from Croatia and drove a yellow cab for a time). Ma is still paying this house off and has tremendous bills to pay on her houses: Property taxes, colossal electric bills (the typical Con Ed bill for this house alone is about $1,100 a month), water bills, gas and oil bills, and on and on. So although Ma may be a “millionaire,” her wealth (not all of it owned outright) is not liquid.
    How can I begrudge Ma, who, along with her late husband, worked long hours to get what they have? And how can I begrude the landlady who has given me a good place to live, one with plenty of heat and hot water, and repsonds to any problems her tenants bring to her attention?
    Answer: No human being in his right mind has any right to begrudge Ma or her late husband or her family ANYTHING.
    But let me rewind to the yellow cab garage I used to work out of before I started Ubering it. Stan bought all his medallions on the cheap in the 50s and 60s. He drove a yellow for many years, met Jerry, and started their own garage. The man was 85 when I left two years ago and still reported to work every day. Stan has enjoyed a reputation for having the best-maintained and cleanest yellow cabs in the industry.
    But let’s look at Jerry. A nice man to talk to who will lend you his ear, he continued charging the drivers the $10 daily fee for the credit cards. This, after the Taxi & Limousine Commission told him to stop. “Why are you doing that, Jerry?” “My cancer meds cost me $3,000 a month,” he replied.
    Here’s the difference: Ma the “big bad millionaire” is carrying US; The drivers at Stan’s garage were carrying Jerry. THAT is the difference. I feel badly for Jerry, but WHO is going to pay for my meds or surgery, should I ever need it? WHO is paying for Ma’s bills?
    Ditto the other limousine service I went to earlier this year. The one I said that “promised me the moon, but did not deliver.” They screwed me out of over $1,000 and caused me emotional turmoil. THEY carried ME? I beg to differ.
    This is why Bernie B.S. Sanders succeeds: G.K. Chesterton once quipped, “The rich are the scum of the Earth in every country.” Why, yes, thanks to envy and jealousy, they are. Old B.S. has a point—even though he is a hypocrite: WHY ON EARTH should WE THE PEOPLE carry the billionaires like Bill “Shoot-Em-Up” Gates, or George “I-Steal-From-My-Jewish-Neighbors-And-Turn-Em-Over-To-The-Nazis” Soros, or Jeff “I’m-a-Secret-Rockefeller” Zuckerberg, and, lest we forget, the World’s richest woman, Queen “I-Killed-A-Billion-Africans” Elizabeth???
    The Billionaires of the World have an obligation to “First, Do No Harm.” Yet they are out to exterminate 95% of the world’s population. Bernie Sanders is their USEFUL IDIOT! While he preaches his Ben & Jerry’s snake venom, the Billionaire Bilderbergs are plotting humanity’s extinction, knowing that THEY won’t die! The family farmer will die! The man who wants to hand down his auto body shop to his sons will die! The great landlady who does society a great favor will die! Yes! Yes! Everybody will die!
    And the street punks who rob us on the street for the crime of surviving will be labelled the “millionaires,” while the real white collar criminals—be they famous or not—will be safely ensconced in their gated communities.
    THIS is why you are a HYPOCRITE, Bernie Sanders, you Crony Commie YELLOW RAT BASTARD!!!

    • Enjoyed your comment. American workers, through the the issuance of (wildly usurious) credit cards concurrent with the decline in their wages in real dollars, have been brainwashed into blaming themselves for going into debt in their struggle to maintain a declining standard of living. Thirty years ago the financial industries extorted about ten percent of wages and profits–tricked a profit as Spengler called it–from mfg and other productive industries. Today that extortion, enabled by Congress and often under the guise of regulating predatory finance by the “socialists” and fairness crowd in Congress, exceeds thirty percent of all corporate profits and indirectly accounts in large measure for corporate offshoring, further destroying good-paying jobs. If The Bern or Hillary gets elected none of this will change in substance despite the rhetoric and false promises to rein in Wall Street, and as Biden said, it’ll become the patriotic duty of what’s left of the middle class to foot the bill. Only the worst of psychopaths would do this to the people who elected them, which is why nobody even at the precinct level knows where the heck these compromised, psychopathological bastards come from before operatives cram them down our throats.

      • Dan,
        I usually agree with your comments, but I strenuously dissent from your (and some other FOTM commenters) blaming Americans’ personal debt and profligate credit card use on the evil bankers, one-percenters, et al. Nobody put a gun to our heads to spend beyond our means. We decry how government is unaccountable, but you say the American people are not responsible and should not be accountable for our financial behavior as well. If you think of Americans as so stupid, irrational, and easily manipulated and duped, then we’re too stupid to vote. It’s one or the other: You can’t have it both ways.

  3. Good ole Bernie, the hypocrite. Tells everyone what a great guy he is and points out others faults and claims to be such an evironmentalist, then charters a private 767 for his 24 hour trip to Rome. What a guy.

  4. Shocker, not.

  5. The average american voter doesn’t have enough common sense to pour piss out of a boot when the directions for doing so are written on the heel.
    Likewise said voter pays little or no attention to politics, the economy or to the melt down of Europe and in reality this group will welcome socialist and communism via Sanders or Clinton with open arms and never know what they have done. That hour may soon be upon us.
    Not if, but when that occurs, America will be done and of course that is tragic and the only upside will be to sit back and watch these zombies try to determine what “someone else” has done to them. It’s for sure that I’ll be watching but I’ll also be well armed.

    • America is already socialist, albeit of the “democratic socialist” variety, with “entitlements” and welfare consuming the bulk of the federal budget, all enabled and exacerbated by a lawless government that does not follow its own laws on immigration.

      • I beg to differ, Dr. Eowyn: Military-industrial complex spending and debt financing comprise a bigger percentage of the Federal Budget than does welfare. (I went to welfare over my recent problem, and they wouldn’t help.) If I’m wrong, let me know. (I am NOT considering Social Security to be on the “welfare” or “entitlement” level: Although it is a Ponzi scheme, American workers had their own money put into this program, however unconstitutional or mathematically impossible it may be).

        • From what I’ve been able to find, the spending is as such: Mandatory (65% of spending): Medicare, SS, Food Assistance/SNAP, Unemployment, and “Other”; Discretionary (29% of spending): Military, Housing, Education, Transportation, etc.; and lastly, interest on debt (6% of spending).
          As is anything that comes out of DC, I’d take their numbers with a grain of salt. DC has some fuzzy math, IMO.

        • ” Although it is a Ponzi scheme, American workers had their own money put into this program, however unconstitutional or mathematically impossible it may be).”
          It would have worked just fine if the Government hadn’t started dealing it out to people who never paid into it,and if the Government hadn’t been using it as their own little slush fund for their favorite pet projects. See what happens when you let Uncle Sam manage anything worthwhile?

  6. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for exposing the truth about this extremely dangerous demagogue.

  7. Hey, just like Che… the message is what’s important, not what you actually do.

  8. I don’t like Bernie or his politics. But, he is NOT wealthy. He (with his income combined with the income of his SPOUSE—a 2-income household) is in the “middle class” of Americans that he is striving to WIPE OUT in the name of Socialism/income re-distribution. He’s Obama on steroids….and NOT TOO FAR OFF from Hillary…who is for “out-lefting” him lately.
    Bernie MAKES me want to run for Congress…so I can get his benefits….(besides the salary—the Health Care for life that has NO relatioinship with “Obamacare”…….just so you remember—our law-givers have NO obligation to follow the laws that they GIVE US !!!!)
    I’m all “for” giving away HIS and HER income—even HIS/HER retirement income (they are both pretty damned OLD to be giving away their earned incomes and retirements—- and on fixed incomes) BUT I DON’T WANT TO VOLUNTEER MY LIFE’s WORK—NOR MY HUSBAND”S to a Bernie Sanders (OR HILLARY) presidency.
    For the last MANY, MANY years, my husband and I have “given” over $30,000 in state and Federal taxes (little or no “returns”) to our “sucking drain hole” of taxes. When I first started working with a contract a little less than 20 years ago..—abt 18 yrs—-.I EARNED WAY LESS than this 30,000 a year. NOW—I have to CLEAR THAT first….before I can realize any funds for running my OWN household……

  9. Have you ever seen a political whore who wasn’t well off ?………..Reid went in a pauper , now is in the 1% ………Hmmmmm, how did that happen ? ” It’s a small club and we are not invited ” r.i.p. George Carlin

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