We Won! SOPA is dead

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Yesterday, for 12 hours from 8a to 8p EST, Fellowship of the Minds shut down, joining some 7,000 websites in protest against the Internet censorship bill SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).
Wikipedia went dark for 24 hours. 4.5 million people signed the petition protesting SOPA.

And we won!

18 U.S. Senators, including SOPA’s co-sponsor, have publicly withdrawn support for the two controversial anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA. The bills have powerful corporate backing but critics say they would allow U.S. Congress to implement draconian laws to police the internet in the name of combating piracy.
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0 responses to “We Won! SOPA is dead

  1. Yay…the fish weren’t biting and it was too cold anyway (-18F this AM…but it’s the wind that gets you). Cease shoveling and resume surfing the WWW 🙂

  2. Yay! Hope it doesn’t come back to life in any form…

  3. The Dear Ruler’s castle was only feigning opposition to this bill because it’s an election year.
    Should Obama win reelection, they will resume their efforts to seize control of the Internet.
    After all, a free and wide-open Internet just cannot be tolerated in Obama’s brave new Amerika.

  4. This is just another oligarchical stunt to keep us in the dark and cover their tracks, they are full of it. Fortunately their attempts to Gag Prometheus again may not go very far, the Queen is so anxious to outdo the new Duchess that she’s gotten the most elaborate barge being decorated for her Jubilee next year etc etc that even World War Three may be off the priority list, because she wants so desperately to sit in the plexi glass box with the red and gold canopy over it on her
    barge to outshine even the last king who did it centuries ago. Why we are shaking in our boots with an enemy like this is strange, it’s like the Wizard of Oz.
    Of course they can’t start policing the internet, even if there are a few bootleg copies of some ungodly movie being downloaded for free here and there.
    Spielberg and Brad Pitt and Bill Crosby really want to shut down the Internet? Hollywood wants it shut down or policed? They like making money but surely they don’t want to join the Klan? I thought that the idea of popularizing the Klan was long gone. Ahhhhhhhh, now I get it, they were advertizing for people to dress as Klanners and heckle Ron Paul weren’t they…………..they were doing that on the internet. this world is stir crazy if you ask me.

  5. China is still communist isn’t it? Are we not meant to be a sovreign Christian Republic? China could mean so many things to different people in different contexts.
    They certainly must be a little confused about Obama wanting them to visit Disneyland on one hand, and then be targeted by nuclear submarines based in Australia on the other. Let me know what’s up anyone?


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