We Will Have to Evict Obama

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We must face reality.
The reality is that no one but us care enough about the Constitution to do it.
No one but the American people must do the dirty job of forcing the Establishment — the complicit political ruling class of the MSM, Congress, Democrat and Republican parties, and the entire court system — to admit the truth that —

We must keep up the pressure by talking/blogging about it and by communcating this to our supposed representatives in government — persistently, constantly, incessantly. Let’s evict this piece of fraud from the People’s House!


Evicting a President
Lawrence Sellin – Canada Free Press – March 28, 2011
Sellin is a retired U.S. Army colonel and a veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
The only evidence offered by Obama to suggest that he is a natural-born citizen was a certification of live birth (COLB). That document, which has not been verified by the state of Hawaii and may even be a forgery, is, in any case, not considered as acceptable proof of birth for either a passport or a driver’s license, never-mind the Presidency. It can be used, however, when presented in person, as a confirmation that you have a pulse.
There would certainly be serious consequences regarding any revelation that we have an illegal President, which would require urgent deliberate action by our political leadership. If past behavior is any indicator, we can fully expect the Congress to adjourn immediately and ensconce themselves in the Motel-No-Tell somewhere in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
If it is true that Obama is a usurper or even if there are reasonable suspicions, why has his eligibility and background not been properly investigated and publicly exposed?
Quite simply, investigations might lead to substantiation of complicity or acquiescence by the political establishment and the main stream media in the most serious fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. Public reaction would be swift and unforgiving – think of a Tea Party on steroids.
Both the Democrats and Republicans are trying to bury the allegations in order to focus on winning the 2012 elections using their traditional party organizations and campaign strategies. Neither would welcome any rogue platforms or candidates that might upset the political status quo – that is, business as usual, retaining their coveted power and privilege.
Frederick Douglass said “power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will.”
The situation will only change when the pressure applied on elected officials by the American people cuts through the smokescreen generated by the main stream media and any political elites, who might have conspired or assented to hiding the truth and potentially subverting our Constitution.
In such a scenario, Barack Obama cannot resign or be impeached because he was never really the President.
It might be the first time in American history that a President would be issued an eviction notice. As an added precaution, I would turn off the water and electricity in the White House; change the locks and audit the silverware and china cabinets.
No doubt, replacement of a President in this manner would traumatize the nation, but we can handle the truth. The republic would survive and be stronger from the experience….
Read Col. Sellin’s entire article HERE.

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0 responses to “We Will Have to Evict Obama

  1. Steve,I think you will have many,many,volunteers. Eo,excellent article. Have sent this to,Rush,Mattera,Kuhner,Farah,my congressman,Michele Bachmann,Arnie,my entire e-mail list.

    • Richard Shropshire

      Tina –
      Bless you and your perspicacity.
      More ammo for our mutual quest:
      Tim Adams, chief elections officer of Honolulu, for the 2088 elections, has publicly stated that he could find no record of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.
      Mr. Adams (last I heard, he may have well had an “accident”) is a lecturer at Western Kentucky University.
      Love and peace,

  2. It will be easier than an eviction. He has no lease! If it turns out he does not have a legal standing to be there than he can be arrested for simple trespass. If you want to play hardball, you could accuse him of being a terrorist usurper and book him a room at Club Gitmo. No court, no trial, no problem.

  3. HA! Yes Felix!

  4. Obama is not only not eligible to be President, more importantly, he is unfit; a more dangerous and time sensitive issue to tackle and resolve. Impeach.

  5. Send this to everyone………our country is going under and it seems that very few people believe it……….most think it could never happen here in the USA……..few people want to acknowledge the possibility………..few people want to even talk about it. I’m truly fearful for our country.

  6. They see our love of peace and think we are weak. They mistake our patience for fear. They believe their bravado will overcome our cold resolve.
    All of which are the same fatal mistakes made by despots and their cronies over and over when dealing with true Americans.
    I pray that it will be the same this time but without massive bloodshed. I doubt if that in possible now.
    The enemies of freedom are on the brink of what they have desired. Make no mistake, from the usurper to the UN and the whole world of Islam this is their Holy Grail; Death to the USA.
    We must prevail! There is no other option.

  7. It is reported a recent poll showed almost 70% Americans do not know their Constitution, nor their present Vice-President. Thanks to apathy, laziness, Americans in general, surrendered themselves to the Leftists and Liberals who ensured 4 generations of dumbed down zombies that ensured the election of a communist-jihadist to stench their white house – OBAMA
    Evict him? He has 800 detention camps ready to herd American sheeple for slaughter. Know why Hitlery Rotten Clinton invited the Muslim Brotherhood? and now the US works with Al-Qaeda in Libya?
    Keep on dreaming Americans.
    Land of the free????? LOL

    • Richard Shropshire

      Our God, is a loving God. Unconditionally. All He asks, is to be loved in return. Groveling and fear are not necessary. Remember the prime commandment – love others, and that by serving others, you serve Me.
      I do what I can, which can’t come close to you good efforts, now more than when I was a young man in my 60s.
      After thought – be a good soldier for Christ, and arm yourself! You don’t have to be a good shot with a 12 gauge. A five shot Mossberg is a good bet.
      Dylan Thomas said it best: “Do not go gentle into that dark night, but rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

  8. If you throw Obama out, then you must clean house! Evict Obama, the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the Supreme Court Justices. Start all over again. Throw out all the laws, except the Constitution and start all over there too. Democraps, Recraplicans it doesn’t matter they are only out for themselves and screw the folks they are supposed to represent! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!!!!!

  9. Sounds like both the people and the powers that be wanted Obama as President so just cast your vote in 2012 for a new one. I doubt Americans will fall for the “change” slogan ever again. Obama will simply enjoy a nice retirement with lots of money, million dollar speaking engagements, etc.

  10. Bust a cap in the s.o.b.’s sorry azz!
    Viva the revolution people.
    America – run by the people and for the people – now THERE’s a novel idea!
    Sometimes it is necessary to water the tree of liberty with the sacrifice of human blood – and this has become one of those times thru the apathy of the people.
    There is no other way left to solve this.
    Keep your powder dry and your friends close bye, and aim steady and true.
    In 1814 we took a little trip – along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip.
    We took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we fought the bloody British in a town called New Orleans.
    We fired our guns and the British kept a coming – wasn’t quite as many as there was a while ago.
    We fired once more and they began to running, along the Mississippi too the gulf of Mexico.
    Well they ran thru the briers & they ran thru the brambles & they ran thru the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.
    They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch em, all down the Mississippi too the gulf of Mexico.
    Best get prepared for this kind of a situation once again, and likely sooner than later!
    Good luck with how it pans out for Y’all!

  11. It is time that the people evict Obama out of the WH. Demand the birth certificate. The Zionist Jews and Media used counterfeit certificate and elected Obama to destroy the great republic. The Zionist Jews and the Islamic regime (Obama’s paternal ancestry) hate the Christians of America. Therefore, we need to drive these people out of America and the White House.
    They are not serving America, but enforcing a total financial, religious, and political destruction.

    • sage_brush,
      I have not swallowed any toxic portion. I have been duped big time by some secular Jews and I cannot trust them. If you were in my shoes, you will feel the pain and deception too. Period. There are plenty of religious Jews and I have nothing against them. I am always referring to the Jews that are politically motivated…The Jews in fact do not love their own kind and leave alone other races. They are always competing with each other.

      • Thanks for the scriptural quotes. Some Christians have a serious problem of misinterpreting the bible and that is we can forgive others only when they ask for forgiveness and repent. Here, the “REPENT” word is vital for salvation even. Without “REPENT’ we cannot be saved or forgiven. No wonder, at the judgment time, the warning will be issued, for those who said, “LORD, LORD, and in your name we did miracles, blah, blah, and Jesus/Yeshua saying, get away, I never knew you.” Why so? It is because they did not repent.
        In the book of John it states that if you say you love your brother and hate him in your heart, you will be held accountable. Likewise, read the word “brother.” That brother should be a believer in Christ Jesus. We are to love despite their wrongs only the believer in Christ and not an unbeliever. It is also said, that “what concerns have you with the unbeliever.” In other words, we are not to associate with the deeds of darkness or those who practice it.
        I can pray for them.
        You can twist the words as much as you want, but the truth prevails.

  12. Cowards, all of you! You see it right in front of you eyes and you do nothing.
    Quit “blogging” and other nonsense. DO SOMETHING!! Take action for phuck sakes!

    • Pray tell what mighty SOMETHING have you, Ron, done?
      Let me guess. Other than ranting here on my blog, calling us names, you haven’t done a thing. Gasp! You haven’t even done BLOGGING or “other nonsense”!!!

  13. Of course this fraud Barry Sotoro is illegitimate. He is a creature of the Rothchilds and Goldman Sachs. The sooner you conservatives part from the neo-cons like Kissinger backed Palin and zionist thugs Bachman, Huckaboo, Romney and evil globalist like Gingrich, etc, better.
    If you haven’t noticed by now. That BOTH parties are servants of the terrorist state of IsRaEl and AIPAC. You are blind.
    There’s two possibilities left for Americans…..State Secession or outright Revolution. Either way the united States is waiting to destroy you.

    • Mark,
      I take blogging seriously and I try to provide evidence and sources for my posts. We’ll begin to take you seriously the sooner you produce some evidence that:
      1. Obama is a puppet of the Rothchilds (I’m no fan of the Rothchilds) instead of George Soros (who is also a Jew, so why are you curiously not breathing down Soros’ neck?).
      2. Michelle Bachmann is as you so charmingly put it, a “Zionist thug.”
      Until you do that, I’ll just take you for what you are — yet another foaming-at-the-mouth indiscriminate scapegoater and hater of all Jews.

      • Just two weeks ago. The so-called CONgress signed a letter devoting their all to the zionist cause. War criminal Kissinger’s pet Sarah Palin just returned from a trip to kiss her master’s ring in IsRaEl.
        You ask for “proof”. Just look around. The federal reserve- Ben Shalom Bernake.
        Sec Treasury- Tim Geithner
        Goldman Sachs- Lolyd Blankfein
        JP Morgan- Jamie Dimond
        David Alxerod, Cass Sustein, Rahm Emmanuel and many many others.
        GE/NBC- Jeffery Imelt
        CBS- Les Moonves
        Fox- Rupurt Murdoch-zionist
        Lieberman, MaCain, Biden,Clinton,Schumer,Graham, Boxer, Feinstein and the rest of the senate are traitors of America for the zionist.
        More proof…..Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, Beruit,USS Cole, 9/11. And this is not counting the spies like Jonathon Pollard. And CA rep. Harman giving AIPAC sensitive information concerning national security.
        No Jew hate here. Just the facts of Zio-globalist treason from within.

  14. People need to know the difference between a common citizen and a natural born citizen. They need to know Vattel and that he DIDN’T mean “natural” to simply be someone born in the country (Vattel’s Law of Nations, Book 1, sections 212-233). They need to know the IMPLICATIONS of Benny Vs. O’ Brien and that the 14th amendment is held back by the phrase “under the jurisdiction of the US government.” People need to know that Obama is an illegal usurper and that he has to be given the boot through nullification. He is a criminal.

  15. At least Obama offered a Certification of Live Birth otherwise Americans really would have a deadbeat zombie president in the White House. Not that anyone would be able to detect the difference between a live one and a dead one without an electrocardiogram.

  16. Whacko Noise. My daughter was born in the great state of Hawaii and her certificate of live birth looks just like President Obama’s Stick to facts stop making things up. If you dont like the policies go after the policies stop the lunatic crap it makes you look like the ignorant fools you are

    • Obama could have been born on Mars and still gotten a COLB in the state of Hawaii.
      I come from a large military family, and some of my relatives were born in Hawaii to parents that were serving.
      They all had a COLB issued in Hawaii, too, but they also had actual birth certificates, which listed the hospital they were born in, as well as the name of the attending physician.
      If Obama was actually born there, then he should have no trouble producing a valid BC.
      And even if he was born in Hawaii, he is definitely hiding something.
      Are you not the least bit curious as to what that might be?
      And why is it I suspect that if Obama had an “R” following his name instead of a “D,” you would be among those leading the charge to force him to come clean.

      • May be the Kenyan man is not his father. It could be someone from America and the mother may have given birth to Obama in Kenya just to protect her from shame.
        There is definite scandal here. Obama should come clean. It is scary to produce false certificate which is called forgery and can be arrested.
        Even his accomplices will be caught.
        We have to put pressure on the birth certificate, because it is unconstitutional and if we allow this, we might have someone from U.N arbitrarily may take position of the white house one day. Beware!

    • Dear John,why do you let it bother you so much. Actually,the very simple answer here would be for Skippy to prove it. Costs about 15$,except he has spent over 2 million of your tax dollars to keep it-shhhhh a secret.

  17. Steve,
    Or else we can pack him off to one of the states numbered 51-57.

  18. I hate to say it (not really), but this country has become collectively too stoopified to recognize the agent of their own destruction, even when said agent is staring them right in the face.
    I have said it before and I will say it again:
    The American people have become too stoopid to exist in a truly free nation, which is why we are no-longer a truly free nation, and are about to slide even further into tyranny.

  19. Simple solutions are often the best ones….
    Solution to the problem in Libya: They want
    a new Muslim leader; I say, give them ours.
    This solves two problems, does it not?

  20. To ALL of U who are requesting an OBAMA birth certificate, in order to “prove” that he is a US citizen I do not try to defend Barack Obama here, I did not vote for him, BUT DON’ T YOU KNOW THAT A LOCAL NEWS PAPER OF THE TIME (1963) PRODUCED OBAMA’S BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT AND A COPY IS AVAILABLE IN THE NEWS PAPER ARCHIVES ? So he was born in Hawaii I believe . A deeper research on his background would show that he worked for the CIA, his mother was also working for the CIA and that she met his father during a CIA mission in Africa (his father was a CIA asset)
    Also to the same who are bitching about OBAMA’s “bad policies” , he is actually continuing the same Corporatist policies that George W Bush had NOTHING MORE , NOTHING LESS, Presidents are just “front men” serving the Corporatist Oligarchy and I got news for the Dumb “right wingers” and the disappointed naive “liberals” If OBAMA goes, (I would not cry) your President will be Joe Biden a Christian Zionist who will apply exactly the same policies…And if Joe Biden goes the speaker of the house will take over Are you politically naive enough to believe that there would be any “CHANGES” ?
    Now on the Republican side : Sarah Palin, a political moron with Dick Cheney and his bunch of Zionist Neo cons hiding behind her ass and financed by Sorros . She cannot tell the difference between Federal Reserve and Federal Express….I can guaranty another 9/11 false flag attack with this one if she gets elected, she even spent 2 weeks this month in Israel, For What ? Tourism ?
    Gingrich Promoting a “return” to Reagan without Reagan,at the time Gingrich was speaker of the House the National debt quadrupled from 2 Trillions to 8 Trillions ,except today the National debt is $14 Trillions how many more cuts in Medicare and “Useless” program to help the unemployed and Homeless and in student loans Gingrich will have to add in order to maintain the Tax Breaks to the Wall Street “banksters” and his Millionaire cronies while keeping Zero tax to GE and other defense contractors ? same for Mitt “Corporatist” Rodney …I forgot the best of All Donald “you’re fired” TRUMP who became a Millionaire because….his rich father died and left him his fortune….Yes you can also be as successful as he is ….if you win the lotto.
    ALL THESE LOSERS REPUBLICANS OR DEMOCRATS ARE PUPPETS …In order to give you the illusion of Democracy the real “power to be” , the Corporate Oligarchy, give you a list of name to choose from these names are pre selected and both sides are controlled by this Oligarchy, it is like choosing between the Blue and red dice at the Casino…but what you don’t know is that each dice is LOADED….the face of the President will change BUT the Bottom line agenda will NOT…You Clowns can vilify Obama as much as you want the next one will sell you the same lies to get elected : “CHANGE” but will follow the same Corporatist ” New World Order” agenda after being elected So Now go back to sleep or play Nintendo or keep screaming ” Birth certificate please ! ” until FEMA knock at your door to send you in a “relocation camp” as “enemy of the State”
    Rx 84 and the FEMA concentration camps program were established under Ronald Reagan and supported by EVERY President elected after…DemoRats
    or RepubliKans.
    PEACE because War is a Racket.

    • REY,
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      Thanks for the laugh so early in the morning (it’s 3:29am here)! You’re telling us that a NEWSPAPER ANNOUNCEMENT of Obama’s putative birth in Hawaii constitutes sufficient evidence for satisfying Constitutional eligibility to the office of the President of the USA?
      a moron named REY
      Try giving the DMV a newspaper announcement of your birth the next time you apply for or renew your driver’s license. Try doing that at the Post Office when you apply for a passport. That newspaper announcement won’t even qualify you to be a dog catcher.
      You sure have a talent for comedy. Are you a standup comedian?

    • Richard Shropshire

      Tim Adams, Chief Elections Officer in Honolulu during the 2008 elections, has publicly stated that he could find no record of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.
      If still alive, he is a lecturer at Western Kentucky University.

  21. Dream on. The puppeteers who manage Obama on stage will only allow his eviction when they are ready. That might happen if he fails to perform exactly as he is instructed. Would y’all like to bet on the odds of that happening? If we want change, we’ll have to evict a few thousand traitors; then Obama will just run away and hide. A few thousand traitors may be an underestimate, probably many thousand traitors.

  22. Who are traitors? Those who swear to honor and uphold the constitution, then piss on it and do a victory dance.

  23. It doesn’t matter where Obama was born or if he has a valid birth certificate. The fact is Obama was a British citizen at birth since his father was the same. A dual citizen can never be a “natural born” citizen and nothing can change Obama’s status. The fact that he took the oath of office knowing he was ineligible is criminal. The Joint Chiefs of Staff should do their duty and arrest him.

    • That is one interpretation of what the Founders meant by “natural born citizen” — one to which you, I, and some Constitutional lawyers subscribe.
      But it is not in the Constitution. Alas, our Founding Fathers did not define “natural born citizen,” which means that the Supreme Court must interpret and rule on it, which is the purpose and function of the Supreme Court. But the gutless wonders misnamed “justices” are too chicken to do it — something which Clarence Thomas had admitted.

  24. Very IMPORTANT!!! Here are some of your tools for fighting for FREEDOM…It starts from within…the mind!
    We each play a part in this world called life!

  25. I wonder how many realize how serious this actually is?
    Every law, treaty or document signed by Barry Soetoro becomes invalid.
    I call him that because it was his last recorded legal name.
    There is absolutely no record that he changed his name to Barak Obama consequently even his name is fictitious.
    Every military action, without a valid Commander-in-chief, becomes a personal liability to any soldier under international law.
    Any injury inflicted is a war crime.
    Our military have been warned repeatedly by courageous people who have suffered imprisonment as a result.
    Reparations due to individuals and nations could be horrendous and if personal liability is the norm then the US military on every level will be financially destroyed.
    The enormity of what the elites have done by not checking Soetoro’s credentials, and it appears they were never considered although evidence exists of deliberate fraud by the top of the democratic party; the enormity of a bogus President, an impostor in the White House, will create a constitutional crisis without par in the history of recent democracy.
    The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear any case means that the entire Supreme Court has failed in it’s duty, deliberately, knowingly.
    Virtually every politician is complicit.
    Donald Trump is absolutely right on this one.
    A nation who accepts, knowingly a corrupt and illegal head of state – and Americans have been repeatedly warned and looked the other way – is a state that is rogue, evil and has no consideration of right or wrong, good or evil.
    Which pretty much is a picture of the USA today.
    And by the by listen to Trump on China – or on your own head be it.

    • Well said, Coralie!!

      • My gut feeling is that Julian Assange and the Kenyan ex-president or leader should know about Obama.
        Julian Assange like OB was working for the CIA. He was in Kenya trying to hack the election and managed to defeat the ex-leader. Assange was hired in many instances. Assange is not innocent either. He has some goods on Obama. If Rense could tackle Assange, the game is over for Obama and others.

  26. A Son of Liberty

    Obama is a freud. Article. II Section. 1. clearly states ” No Person except a natural born Citizen,or a citizen of the Uniterd States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eliglble to the Office of President…” Also, in this same section it states “Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following, Oath or Affirmation:-“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faitfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Unites States.” This man has failed this duty! It is time for him to leave the peoples house.
    God Bless The Republic!

    • I vaguely recall there was some issue with the “swearing in”, and that it was supposedly done again later behind closed doors. Anyone remember anything like this?

      • Yes, you are correct!
        Obama was first “sworn in” before the Capitol building on January 20, 2009. But Chief Justice (followed by Obama) flubbed a key sentence. A president is required by the Constitution to say, “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” At the inauguration, Roberts instead said: “that I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully.”
        So 2 days later, Roberts went to the White House and had Obama swear in a second time.

        • Yes! Obama made plenty of mistakes as usual. He could not even read the oath, because in his heart he knew that he was a fraud.
          Justice Roberts should have investigated prior to the swearing in.
          Obama is a joke!

          • You’re giving him too much credit. I think taking an actual oath to protect this country and its constitution presented a problem for him and his philosophy. I don’t think he ever took a legitimate oath. The second one could have been on the Koran for all we know.

            • Exactly. I agree. Here’s the latest on Obama. Colnel Hollister went after Obama’s social security card just to find there is discrepancy in his birthplace, etc. Huffington Post as always panders behind him.

  27. The problem I have now with you people calling yourselves “Conservatives” is that you’re all mostly Martian loving traitors and you’ll be part of the mess Americans will need to “wet mop” off the map if Americans are to be free again. Now you can follow the Martians to Mars if you want but one way or the other you are all going to pack your bags and GTFO of America!

  28. Such a grave injustice to a brave and principled man.
    An injustice of almost historical perspective.
    This is the sort of thing one expects from the Congo or Zimbabwe.
    That this can happen in a so-called democracy is an abomination.
    The USA should hang its head in collective shame.

  29. Some good points. Very plausible. In other words: yes, they’re protecting him but not from what we think.

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  31. When will we all realize the defense oil and banking industries continue to release meaningless propaganda to keep us fighting among ourselves. This prevents us from asking the real questions. The US has not been a free society since Nixon walked the Great wall. From that time forward our liberty has been slowly worn away. You see whether you have a D or R before there name it makes no difference. The international bankers control our so called free market s and free society. How blind can America be ? Does anyone remember the first time the yerm new world order was used. I think not. Do your own research and damn the propaganda. Wake up america and don’t sweat the little stuff focus on the big picture.

  32. Wow!!! This shit never ceases to amaze me. If Obama is a Rothschild plant, do you really think you are striking fear into his or the NWO’s hearts? Do you really think you have a chance in hell of evicting him from the White House or anywhere else? I voted for Obama and can find 100 things to dislike about him without resorting to this kind of stupidity. Sorry. Tea Party people don’t like being portrayed as stupid but you only bring it on yourselves. Palin is an idiot! Bachman is an idiot! Beck is an…I don’t know what! These are your hero’s? The Koch brothers are the Tea Party, not you. You are only pawns. Corporations own us all. Learn the issues and fight the policies. Quit tilting at windmills.

    • And what have you, what are you doing about this — other than come on this blog, call everyone “stupid”, violate our language policy, thereby demonstrating your rudeness, contempt for fellow Americans, and severe poverty of vocabulary?

    • You voted for him but you can find 100 things to dislike about him? Why don’t you tell us what those things are? And we sure didn’t look like pawns at the last election; lots of so-called Republicans got their arses booted out too. Don’t discount our big numbers — the establishment has most assuredly sat up and taken notice, otherwise we wouldn’t be under attack.

      • Thanks! These maroons are so easy to take down it’s almost unfair, like shooting ducks in a barrel!

        • Well, they would say the same about us, but we can prove our points with facts and they can’t. I spend a lot of time on Liveleak.com, and hundreds of political barbs get exchanged there every day. I try to remain civil and logical, but 90% of them only know how to launch personal attacks. Libs claim to be the more cultured and reasoned among us, but their vile behavior betrays their true nature. They perpetually seem to be on the edge of going postal or having a nervous breakdown. They’re so angry all the time, why anyone would want to cling to their way of life is beyond me. I realize not all Conservatives are Christians, but I think it’s safe to say most of us believe in God in some sense. I think it’s also safe to say most of them do not, and that lack of hope and/or belief in a higher power, in my opinion, is why they are so miserable. Yet, inexplicably, rather than strive for happy life, they prefer to drag others down to their own miserable level.

          • I’m sure the victory was sweet, but rest assured those comments were deleted out of concern for liability, not concern over decorum. We know from recent event that NPR thinks internally exactly as we always suspected — we saw fire where we normally see smoke, so to speak.
            And yes, Liberals talk tough until real confrontation arises. I don’t know if you mods have had the pleasure of seeing governor Christie shredding those liberal teachers in front of everyone, but it’s been may years since I’ve been so proud of an elected official. He pretty much shut them down, and judging by the applause to Christie’s polite-but-biting responses, those teachers were not in good company. That’s good news. We do also have to realize they are still reeling from the beating they took in the last elections. I pity those who run next for our side, for we haven’t seen the worst of the Left yet. But it’s coming.

      • Good retort to john B., Greg!
        …and a belated but very enthusiastic Welcome to our Fellowship! 😀

    • You voted for the Comrade Chairman but me and my friends here are the idiots.
      Damn, you’re funny.
      Maybe you should take that show on the road.
      Who knows? Maybe if you ask real nice that foul-mouthed, dried up old bag that still thinks she’s relevant and funny, Kathy Griffin, will let you open for her.

    • And the fact that you refer to people who are only trying to return this country to its constitutional roots says much about you.
      До свидания, камрад.

  33. He will be used to justify the merger of US, Canada and Mexico, dissolving all of our governments since they are beyond corrupt anyways.

  34. Libs,Neocon,Conservative,Tea party,Independents. All labels brought to you buy the international bankers, Better to divide you with. How blind can America be. I am an independent. If we take away the stigma associated with the labels we will all find there is not that much difference in our philosophies . Yes I voted for Obama and I see no difference from Bush. Do you?????

    • As an independent, sad you didn’t give your vote to Nader or Cynthia.
      America is in the deep do do it is because folk cannot see beyond the two party and the tweedledee tweedledum system.
      Few vote ‘for’ any more. They vote to stop the other lot getting in.
      Pycho -ops writ large. You vote from fear.
      That is what democracy has degenerated into.
      Nader was a thoroughly decent guy yet he barely registered because decency doesn’t matter any more. Honesty doesn’t matter any mre. Integrity doesn’t matter any more.
      Rather vote for a wall street backed charleton or a semi senile warmonger with a crazy female zionist in tow.
      Amazing. What does it say for the American people collectively?

  35. I hope the retired Colonel Hollister will appease America’s big mistake in electing this usurper.

  36. If you have any doubts about Obama please watch this. Just the first few minutes is enough and listen to Barry Soetoro himself.
    Listening to this you must really really really wonder why the man is squatting in the White House and why the Congress, Senate and the Supreme Court have refused to remove him.
    You will also have more appreciation of the enormity of the action taken against Lt Col Lakin.
    This video cannot be disputed nor can the actual words we hear the impostor say.
    I urge you all to pass this on.
    The longer the charade is played out the worse it gets for the American people.

    • Coralie, Great video! I am not sure why the U.S. Supreme Court is stalling? We need to blast this message. Can I have the link?


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