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Even before jihadist pantibomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempt to blow up Northwest fight 253 on Christmas Day, some 19 U.S. airports already had received sophisticated imaging machines called Whole-Body Imaging Scanners (WBIS).
After the pantibomber incident, there’s no stopping these scanners. The Transportation Security Administration wants to install more of the devices because they are able to detect weapons and explosives in places security screeners are not allowed to touch in physical pat-down searches, such as the groin area and even body cavities where items could be concealed.
Our airports’ current politically correct security measures had utterly failed at detecting Abdulmuttallab, despite:

  • Him being known to the CIA-FBI as a terrorist suspect;
  • His having received training in a terrorist camp in Yemen;
  • His suspicious behavior of paying for his plane ticket with cash and having only one carry-on bag for a 2-week stay in Detroit;
  • His being allowed to board a transAtlantic flight from Amsterdam to Detroit without a passport!

What makes you think these whole-body scanners are any better than the methods used by Israel’s El Al Airline — those of intelligence, intense questioning of passengers, and above all, the very unPC method of PROFILING? 
Here’s what your body looks like when it’s being scanned. Seriously, are you going to put up with this?  

AFP/Getty Images

For the news article on this, go HERE.


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All of these “security” measures in place at the airport are nothing more than posturing to make passengers feel safe. The terrorists will find a way to make an explosive happen….If the govt would do their job properly in the first place and profile every young Muslim man, then we wouldn’t have to go through this BS.