We the People Demand


By Tom in NC

Columnist for Fellowship of the Minds

When Steve made a comment on my last op-ed, Republicans vs. Conservatives,” he stated that there was a “New game in town, it’s called We The People.” That inspired to write the demands of We The People!
We The People demand our government listen to us. We pay your damn salaries, we pay for your benefits, including the healthcare of you and your families, through our taxes and, by God, you had better start listening to our voices.
We The People demand less taxes in all income brackets, including the wealthiest Americans who own and invest in corporations and who, outside of small business owners, create and supply most of the private sector jobs in this country.
We The People demand smaller government. Creating meaningless public sector jobs does nothing to stimulate our economy and does not produce a product. Their salaries are just another taxpayer outlay.
We The People demand that you keep your grubby paws off of our healthcare because analysts have already shown us Obamacare will lead to rationing, poor service and ultimately to incompetent government nitwits making life and death decisions concerning our healthcare.
We The People demand a return to a free market economy. The Obama administration’s attempts at socializing our country are an absolute, abject failure.
We The People demand that this president quit apologizing for America to every tin pot, half pint dictator in the world.
We The People demand that the Obama administration quit hamstringing our military in the war in Afghanistan but instead, give them the funding, the equipment, the leadership, and above all the freedom to fight and win the war there or else pull them out and bring these brave men and women home.
We The People demand illegal immigration be stopped, the border fence finished, and the illegals be rounded up and deported. Adopt and enforce Arizona’s immigration law nationwide, no exceptions. Any city that advertises itself as a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants will be fined daily an amount equal to but not less than the per capita income for that city. As far as these Hispanic gangs are concerned, the answer is simple: Shoot them on sight. They are illegals, they are committing crimes in this country, and they have NO RIGHTS whatsoever.
We The People demand an immediate end to the ghastly and grotesque practice of partial birth abortion that tears apart the body of an innocent, helpless human being in the birth canal. It is plain and simple murder. Any doctor who performs this procedure should be tried, convicted and sentenced for the same.
We The People demand an open and transparent government. Every bill that comes out of Congress will be posted for a minimum of one week on the Internet and written in plain language, instead of mountains of legalese. All of the “czars” in the Obama administration whose appointments had not been vetted and approved by the Senate and are therefore unaccountable to the American people, will be immediately terminated. Any member of Congress found guilty of any wrongdoing will be immediately expelled and will forfeit all benefits, including retirement benefits.
We The People demand that our Constitution be followed to the letter. It is our founding document written by men with far more intelligence than any of the goons currently trying to undermine it.
And lastly…
We The People demand an immediate end to the assault on our freedoms and liberties by this tyrannical government or We The People will take matters into our own hands and fight for them like our ancestors did against the British. And we all know how that war turned out for the Brits!

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Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

One word is sufficient here: AMEN!!!!

Patriot Angel
Patriot Angel

EXCELLENT!!!! But one more thing? WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND that English be the official language of the United States of America. No more pandering to immigrants. They should and WILL assimilate to America as our gran parents and great grand parents and all those who preceded them did! ALL documents to be printed in English only.


let’s not forget the return of the wealth that has been stolen by the foreign banksters for over 100 years. Ask yourself who benefitted? well if the facts show that the r o t h s c h i l d family owns half the worlds wealth, theres your sign. and lets not forget any and all know associates.


forgot to add… the federal reserve is a private corp. made up of i beleive 100 banks (foreign banks) who rotate in the theft. in the front door, out the back.


My sentiments exactly Tom! you’ve done it again,now if my internet connection would start working I will send this around the globe!!


Petition for Recommitment to the Declaration of Independence, please pass on. We the undersigned have understood the true meaning of the below document. Again we find ourselves suffering at the hands of TYRANTS. This petition is to recommit ourselves to the founding values, primary of all that LIBERTIES come from our CREATOR and not men. That being so, they only govern with the consent of THE PEOPLE. We are declaring independence from tyrants, the elite and those that wish harm to our REPUBLIC. Even coming out of silence the tyrants continue to plot our demise. WE THE PEOPLE declare to… Read more »