We Stand With New Zealand

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Fellowship of the Minds’ readers span the globe. Of the world’s many countries and islands, New Zealand ranks 7th in the number of our readers.
Yesterday, Feb. 22, New Zealand’s south island city of Christchurch was hit with its second massive earthquake in five months. At least 65 people were killed and some 300 are missing. There is widespread destruction in the city’s central business district. Prime minister John Key described the quake as “New Zealand’s darkest day.” 

America may be thousands of miles away separated by the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand, but we are with you in spirit and prayer. I know these are tough economic times for many Americans, but if you can, please help our kiwi friends. Here is a listing of charitable entities helping in the recovery efforts:

Here is a link to some pictures of Christchurch from the air.
Here is a story of Kiwis at their best ...

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0 responses to “We Stand With New Zealand

  1. To our kiwi brothers and sisters, prayers going your way.

  2. Prayers for those in New Zealand.

  3. The death toll has been set at 145 as of Saturday 26th 5 days later

  4. where the hell is new zealand? Is it even a real place?


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