We Need to Turn to God

I concur with everything FellowshipOfMinds member Tom in NC has written in this piece.
Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day when Christians of all denominations remember the suffering and horrific death of Jesus Christ so that humanity can be redeemed.
I respectfully ask all Fellowship readers to please say a prayer this Good Friday, asking for God’s forgiveness and mercy. If you’re Catholic as Joan and I are, please say more than a prayer; please recite a rosary and ask for our Blessed Mother Mary’s intercession. The first public miracle Jesus made was in answer to His mother’s request, turning water into wine. America desperately needs Mary to intercede on our behalf. Christ will not deny His mother.

We Need to Turn to God

I’m no expert on religious matters, I only know that what I read in the Bible and hear in church is the TRUTH. I am far from a perfect Christian, I don’t attend church as often as I should, I sometimes let my anger overwhelm me and speak words that no Christian should utter. I know that I need that biblical education and fellowship that I can only get at my church. I know that I am a sinner and I know I am forgiven though. My wife and I regularly discuss the events that are going on in our country today and how our Christian Faith ties in with it. We believe a large part of what is going on in this country is due to  the fact that we, as a country have turned our back on God. Now that doesn’t mean we no longer believe in God because over 90% express a belief in God, but only around 37% actually attend worship regularly (once a week). But belief is not enough, acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior is essential but we must also protect ourselves as it states in Ephesians 6:10-18. 
For a country that overwhelmingly believes in God, we have a strange way of showing it. We have allowed the secular minority to all but entirely remove God from our public schools to the point they have eliminated prayer, Bible Study or even the mere mention of God or Jesus. In the media Christianity is regularly mocked and Christian characters are portrayed as nutcases, terrorists and murderers. Even in the news, Christians are often referred to as extremists and compared to Islamic jihadists.
Our government, who since the inception of the Jewish state of Israel has supported them for over 50 years, have recently taken to try to dictate to Israel how to direct their affairs by trying to force a doctrine of surrendering land to the Palestinians and preventing Israel from building homes and now even trying to split up the Jewish capital of Jerusalem to appease the Palestinians. !!!!NEWSFLASH!!!! for the American government, Israel is a soverign state, the Palestinians have NO RIGHTS to any part of Israel and we have NO BUSINESS telling Israel to give up their land. The Israelites all the way back to biblical times had fought to preserve their land, the land that God led them to after wandering in the wilderness for forty years. God granted them miraculous victories over their enemies numerous times during this time, but also allowed their defeat when the Israelites showed or cowardice before their enemies and especially when they strayed from worshipping the one true God for idols. If you look at the last 30 years, it was precisely the appeasement mentality that caused Israel to suffer at the hands of its Arab neighbors. I don’t believe this is just a coincidence, just as I don’t believe that what we are going through in this country is a coincidence either.
I don’t believe that God takes revenge on people when they turn away from him but at the same time I do believe that God does lift His hand of protection when a country that turns its back on Him. Simply put, I believe God just says, “So you think you can handle things on your own, fine I will not stand in your way. When things go bad, go from bad to worse and from worse to catastrophic, I will still not stand in your way as you hopelessly and recklessly try to fix your problems without my help. When you finally come to the realization that you need me and bow down and humble yourself, take Jesus as your Savior and ask for my help, I will be there as I always have been, I was just waiting for you to ask.”
Our country is in the worst situation than it has ever been. We have evil coursing through our government, through our schools, and through the media, and it must be defeated and eradicated from our society. The Lord is waiting to step in on our behalf, but we must do our part first. The purveyors of evil on our society must be voted out from office from top to bottom; those in Hollywood who peddle evil must be starved of our dollars until they get the message that their movies and shows are an insult to our values and our intelligence. Most of all we must show the Lord we are serious about turning the country around and are worthy of God’s Protection.
~Tom in NC 

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“Love Not The World” ”For the WHOLE world(not just a portion) is under the control of the evil one”…….(I John 5:19) “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world will pass away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of The Only… Read more »


This comment is deleted for violating FellowshipOfMinds’ stated policy. We do not provide a public forum for God-hating blasphemers.
P.S. If you’re gonna call yourself a fascist, at least get the spelling right. It’s “fascist,” not “facist.”


Why do you write of “our” government? Don’t you realize that “THY Kingdom” HAS “Come”? Hope is there would be those who “see” The Light for such “Light will cause them to”see” how wicked this world truly is; and so it is that they will become “aliens and pilgrims while on the earth” in word and deed, no matter the loss of all they once desired; for such desires were the fruit of the braindirtying they received from both the secular and religious educational institutions of this evil world……. All who have “the eye of their understanding” opened will “see”… Read more »


Reading what is above, I can’t help remarking how many of us have parallel views, though not always coinciding. Yet we seem to try and bring forth differents portions of the same truth, and this reminds me of U S Andersen, the writer who explains so well our universal conscious or subconscious mind. We are all so linked and yet so individual.
I started a blog but as it in Australia, it does not have the same impact.
Thank you