We need to re-define the term "minors"

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Illegal Unaccompanied Minors Being Held For Placement in U.S. Admit to Engaging in Torture and Murder

Katie Pavlich
Despite Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson vowing to “stem the tide” of unaccompanied illegal minors across the southern border with Mexico, thousands more are expected to enter the United States by the end of the year. With the system being overwhelmed, Border Patrol agents are concerned about minors who have admitted to being MS-13 members, a brutal street gang from El Salvador that has been successful in infiltrating American communities. Agents are also concerned about minors who have committed acts like torture and murder in their home countries before heading north to the United States.
“We have six minors in Nogales who have admitted to killing and doing grievous bodily injuries. One admitted to killing as young as eight years old,” an agent tellsTownhall anonymously for fear of losing his job for speaking out. “They are being held for placement in the U.S.”
By U.S. legal standards many gang members operating in Central American countries and traveling north are classified as minors due to being under the age of 18. However, many young males are actively engaged in violent cartel and criminal activity, yet are treated as children when processed through the Department of Human Services or Department of Homeland Security systems.
“But remember, this is a ‘humanitarian crisis.’ They are just kids,” he said in a frustrated and sarcastic tone. “They are MS-13 gang members. They’ve done everything from torture to murder. They act as teenage ‘enforcers.'”
Read this at: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2014/07/08/exclusive-unaccompanied-minors-admit-to-being-ms13-gang-members-engaging-in-torture-and-murder-n1859822

Personally, I prefer the term, “youths,” or as a friend refers to them, “Yutes.” These “youths” are the same age as many of us who were offered an all expense paid vacation to Vietnam in the 1960s. I passed on that opportunity. Point being, these “children” comprise an invading army. Will the “child” in the picture be seen driving one of our hyper-militarised police vehicles sometime soon, wearing combat gear, with Obama’s logo?  ~ TD 


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0 responses to “We need to re-define the term "minors"

  1. I’m sure the Democrats would much rather re-define the term ILLEGAL.

    • Yes, “Potential Stormtrooper Who’ll Happily Shoot Americans and/or Confiscate Guns for a Green Card” would be too much honesty for them…

      • …not to mention “Potential Knee-Jerk Democrat Multiple-Voter for Free Stuff for Life and Beyond” as well (especially as a default if they don’t get to serve in some armed force for rapid citizenship or residency status).

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  4. Excellent point, TD! I’ve gone back to the posts I wrote on the Invasion of the Illegal Yutes to change the words “unaccompanied minors” and “children” to yutes. LOL
    Here’s what I added to my posts:
    Note: As FOTM’s Trail Dust points out, calling these illegals “unaccompanied minors” is a misnomer — a calculated move by the Obama regime and their willing accomplices in the media to gain our sympathy. The truth is many of these “unaccompanied minors” are criminals and gangsters in the late teens who have perpetrated torture and murder. See “We need to re-define the term ‘minors’.”

  5. There is already a certain ethnic gang problem with MS-13 and other psychopathic idiocy as far north as Oregon and Washington… and I can tell you from living in the Northwest that the local cops did not admit there is that problem, and did not hamper the growth of the problem… but boy did they go after those pot smokers.
    These “child soldiers” for their respective gangs are likely an intentional escalation of the problem, remember that the devil worshipers in govt. are still after a new civil war, so they are going to continue to apply stressors to the public via any means necessary, to provoke a “first shot” or other pretext… this time though I suspect it will be “progressive west” vs “government east”.
    What to do with the child soldiers? I can’t really say other than they shouldn’t stay in the U.S. (Although the settled gangs are already making lots of little terrorists in cities like L.A. etc.), brainwashing of that level of vileness takes a lot of effort to deprogram. Needless to say the borer needs to be shut, locked, and guarded.

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