We Need One Honest Judge

Diogenes of Sinope (412-323 BC), one of the founders of the Cynic school of philosophy, is famous for carrying a lamp in the daytime, claiming to be looking for an honest man. He believed that virtue was better revealed in action and not in empty words. Words such as “Hope and Change” and “my administration will be the most transparent administration” come to mind. 
And so it is that, 234 years after the Declaration of Independence and the first shot heard ’round the world, like Diogenes, we wander amidst the bleak political landscape of the disUnited States of America, looking for an honest man — just one honest judge who will step up to the plate and do the right thing.
Like the other 49 states, election officials of the state of California also shirked their duty to examine Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility for the office of President during the 2008 Presidential election campaign. Ambassador Alan Keyes, a 2008 presidential candidate, has teamed up with the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) to file a brief with the California 3rd District Court of Appeal, insisting that state elections officials — not the U.S. Congress — had the duty, but failed to verify Obama’s eligibility for the 2008 presidential ballot. Keyes and USJF also filed a similar brief with the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.
In their brief, Dr. Keyes points out there are legal precedents of California election officials removing ineligible nominees from the ballot:

  • A nominee for President was removed because he did not meet the U.S. Constitution’s eligibility requirements.
  • In another case, a court actually removed a state’s sitting Governor from office for not being eligible, after he was elected.

In other words, all that is needed at this critical juncture in America’s history is ONE HONEST JUDGE who loves our country, the flag, and the Constitution and who is willing to issue a court order forcing Obama to provide proof positive of his claimed Constitutional eligibility to serve as President!

Billboard on I-5, near Chehalis, WA

USJF – your conservative voice in the courts since 1979 – has been involved in financing, and handling, a number of lawsuits over Obama’s eligibility the past two years. It’s an expensive fight, having to ante up for each level of each lawsuit against Obama’s high-priced array of private attorneys, plus the government attorneys assisting him, paid for with OUR tax dollars. According to published reports, he has spent more than $1.9 million, on just his private attorneys, to keep his birth records and other tell-tale documents secret.
Last year, Obama declared war on the United States Justice Foundation — his attorneys have pledged to spend USJF out of existence so as to keep his citizenship-related documents hidden from the public. If you have a few dollars to spare, please help the United States Justice Foundation: https://secure.conservativedonations.com/usjf_ineligible/?a=4675
H/t beloved fellow Tina, co-founder Steve, and my friend Glenn.

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Right now I’m living for that day Steve! If found guilty which we all know he is beyond a reasonable doubt,he needs to be done the same way the other Hussein was,and I mean it.


So sad but finding the HONEST JUDGE will be a problem. That another task we need to add to “We The People’s ” list. Soros has made the “Secrataries of State” and the “American Judicial System” his pet projects.


“The RICO ACT” and you’ll see it fits this clown – like a glove . . . The RICO ACT was written for Obama! Stop burying our heads in the sand and demand this lying thug be thrown out of the White House and dethroned by charging and convicting him (along with anyone else associated with him) under the RICO laws. It’s real simple (since, we tax payers are footing the bill for these high powered lawyers and their lavish lifestyles) make them put their jobs where their mouth is! If they insist upon protecting this fake hoodlum and can’t… Read more »


The RICO ACT and you’ll see it fits this clown – like a glove . . .
The RICO ACT was written for Obama!