We Need a Businessman in the White House

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Too Many Career Politicians and Not Enough Businessmen In Washington.

After seeing the disastrous fiasco that has taken place over the last two and a half years and over the course of other administrations, I’ve become a firm believer that career or professional politicians are absolutely ruining this country. After watching Herman Cain mop the floor with the other GOP candidates at the first Republican debate, I say a successful businessman is the way to go.

Herman Cain has proven, at least to me that he has what it takes and it make no difference to me that he has not held public office before, in fact that is one of his endearing factors. He is someone who brings a fresh perspective to the mix. He is a decision maker, he has been an executive and he has been successful. He has managed people and turned a failing business around, he is in my opinion the best choice for chief executive.
Let’s face it, the founding father’s were all businessmen of one type or another and they penned the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They took an idea, a dream and turned it into an independent nation, the most powerful nation on earth.
Herman Cain is a relative unknown now but in the months to follow I hope his name will be on everybody’s lips, we need a man like him to turn things around and with the exit of Trump and Huckabee and with Gingrich, Romney and Paul imploding things are looking better for this true Conservative.
~Tom in NC

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0 responses to “We Need a Businessman in the White House

  1. On the first GOP primary debate his two terms at the FED, strangely, were omitted from his listed qualifications. ???? Seems those terms may be as ‘impressive’ as his time at God Father pizza.

  2. Not only is Cain a proven business leader, but he would be our first black president. What a combinaton!

  3. Go Cain!

  4. Lynore Escala

    I agree lifetime politicians do not live in the real world every day Americans do. We need someone who loves this country, has lived and worked hard for what he has and makes good judgement calls about fiscal problems as if this country were his own business which it is (America, we pay the bills) as he must in his business. We need someone who wants to serve and then return when the job is done. Someone who has somewhere to go back to not like present politicians who go from job to job and don’t ever know how to balance their own bank book. A good business maybe our salvation.


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