We Must Never Forget!

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Ten years ago muslim extremists attacked our country and killed 2,977 of our fellow Americans. Whenever I think of that day the memories of what the victims went through is first and foremost in mind. The fear they must have felt, the pain they experienced and the knowledge that they would not survive.
The first responders who entered those burning buildings knowing that they quite possibly had an impossible task ahead of them to rescue the people out the towers, especially from the floors above the impact from the airliners, but knew they had to try.
Picture yourself as one of the passengers on one of those airliners that struck either the WTC or Pentagon that morning. The flight crew is dead or injured and terrorists have control of the plane. You noticed that you are flying so low that buildings are whizzing by like a picket fence and right before a turn, you see the Twin Towers or the Pentagon dead ahead. In the next few seconds you realize that you are going to collide with a building and be killed instantly and will never see your family again.
Picture yourself as one of the people on the floors above where the two planes hit the WTC Twin Towers. Feel the heat from the fires ignited by the jet fuel. You realize you can’t make it to safety — that you can’t be rescued before you burn to death. You stand on the ledge a hundred floors above the ground below, struggling to get a breath of fresh air. You look down the dizzying height and steel yourself. Rather than burn to death, you choose to jump, knowing that it is certain death. You pray to God that you will black out before hitting the pavement so far below.
Picture yourself as one of the passengers on United 93, you already know about the other attacks and the hijackers have control of your flight. You have no idea where you are flying to but suspect WashingtonD.C., you know that unless you and your fellow passengers attempt to retake control of the flight, hundreds or thousands more people may die. You and the others conceive a plan to fight back, you pray for success. As we all know these brave men and women were successful, they launched the first counter attack in the long war against islamic terrorism, it cost them their lives and took the lives of the attackers.
Now picture yourself as President of the United States when you are told by an aide of the terrorist attacks. You pray that you would never have to give the order to torture an enemy for information, but everything has changed now. You are conflicted between your morality and your oath to protect and defend the United States of America. You can’t let anymore innocent Americans be murdered in another terrorist attack. Some of the enemy combatants captured in Iraq and Afghanistan are high-ranking individuals in Al Qaeda and they have made statements that another attack is coming. You need more info and the only way you will get it is through enhanced interrogation techniques such as waterboarding and sleep deprivation. The information obtained proves valuable and you are able to stop other planned attacks, thereby saving thousands of lives. Part of your calculus is that none of the enemy combatants on whom these techniques were used, died or suffered serious or lasting injury.
It’s been ten years, we’re still fighting the war, we now have a weak commander-in-chief that would rather pander to our enemies than defeat them, would rather cut the military budget and withdraw them before victory can be won. He has weakened our country to the point that recovery is near impossible, stretched our military so thin that if we had to fight another war  somewhere in the world, it might mean a devastating defeat for our brave men and women, but I doubt  Obama would feel a lot of remorse for the fallen. He has already shown his disdain for this country, its people and it’s military.
Tom in NC

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  1. If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth. ~ Ronald Reagan

  2. Well stated. This is the 21st century the bad guys have access to chemical, biological and other weapons that could kill people by the tens of thousands. Obama by not wanting to put boots on the ground in Libya has unleashed 20,000+ sam missiles and tons of chemical weapons on the world. Obama is a very dangerous man, please vote him out.

  3. Cannot picture myself in any of those situations…
    God, please get Skippy out of office in 2012. We will not survive another 4 years with him!

  4. what an incredibly strange day……
    it was bizarre to watch the sanctioned ceremonies and if you just arrived from another planet you would wonder why and who were connected to the planes that mysteriously crashed into the two tallest buildings in New York basically vaporizing 3000 people.
    When I woke up this morning I thought…”oh no, I have to hear The Fraud congratulate himself for killing the mastermind behind 9/11…ad nauseam” But to my surprise, nary a peep….hmmm….and I remember reading that lots of people have said that killing Bin Laden was supposed to happen as an “October Surprise” just before the 2012 election……but he needed to do something for his ratings and to quell chatter about Trump and the birth certificate.
    Then I was reading Pamela Gellers great blog https://www.atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/
    about the alternative 9/11 Freedom Rally that she was part of,
    ” The human rights organization American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) will be hosting its second annual 9/11 Freedom Rally on September 11 at 3pm at Park Place and West Broadway.
    While clergy, 9/11 first responders, and 9/11 family members are barred and/or not invited to the official ceremonies, all are welcome at the 9/11 Freedom Rally. And while White House guidelines forbid official 9/11 ceremonies from mentioning who attacked the U.S. on that day or why, the 9/11 Freedom Rally features more honest speakers.
    Free citizens are coming from all over the U.S. to attend the rally. “Honor our war dead and stand for freedom and against the deception and lies being used to subdue us,” said AFDI Executive Director Pamela Geller. “We must show the jihadists we are unbowed in the defense of freedom.”
    then I understood…….I was unaware, completely unaware the the “White House FORBADE official 9/11 ceremonies from mentioning who or why we were attacked….so that was why the Fraud didn’t mention Osama Bin Ladin….and no one mentioned terrorists or Islamofascism . It was the creepiest and most crazy thing I have ever witnessed….it would be like going on and on about Pearl Harbor and NEVER mentioning the Japanese or the Holocaust devoid of the Third Reich or Hitler.
    This is stark raving mass craziness.
    I wish I could have gone to the Freedom Rally where clergy & first responders were welcome, where the perpetrators of the worst crime against Americans on our soil was committed were called out, named and condemned.
    No where did I see coverage of this rally, not on Fox where 12% is owned by Saudis, nor , of course, on CNN or anywhere else.
    Does anyone else think this is as insane as I do?…..that Jack Krugman in his stupid piece in the NY Times today was right, that the ceremonies were subdued but not for the reasons that he thought…but because everyone at all the official Whitewashes were toeing the Obama line.
    Just sickening
    God bless this blog, and Pamela Gellers and all the American patriots out there…these are crazy days.

  5. I remember that morning. The “shock and awe” of it all. I was in shock, I was in tears. I paced. I bit my fingernails. I prayed. And as the morning progressed into more attacks, I fell into a chair in a lump and cried out to God to please help us! Ohhh no… I will never forget. And there are those who critique Pres.Bush. He was far from perfect, I know that. And he made a lot of mistakes…But I think he handled it the best way possible at the moment….. I will also never forget how he prayed and had always claimed to know Jesus as his Savior. A far cry from the Allah-loving, America-hating, socialist/marxist we have in there today. God help us…if he doesn’t get kicked to the curb soon, we are in even more trouble…the likes of which this country has never known. God Bless America/Never Forget!

  6. Thank you, catscanner, for this wonderful post! I was gripped going back to that day, thinking of what I was doing and being immersed in the empathy that you so skillfully depicted.


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