We have no nurse named Benjamin

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AngelWingsThis is a true story.
James was alone in the pre-operation room, naked except for a thin hospital gown.
This would be his second cardiac surgery in three years. His first was a quadruple by-pass; this time it was to insert a plastic valve, through his arteries and into his heart, to replace his malfunctioning one.
James was alone and frightened . . . .
A male nurse walked in; said his name was Benjamin.
Severely near-sighted and without his eye-glasses, James could barely make out Benjamin’s face. All he saw was the blurry face of a man of an indeterminate race, wearing one of those shower caps that pre-op nurses wear, like this one below.

pre-op2Benjamin was kind and asked James if he was a man of faith.

James replied: “I’m Catholic.”
Though baptized a Catholic when he was a child, James had never been much of a believer and left the Church decades ago. In the last few years, however, he began searching and groping. Finally, three weeks before his surgery, on St. Michael the Archangel’s feast day, although he still carried doubts, James finally took the leap, made his Confession, and reconciled himself with his Creator.
The next day, he received the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion.
Back in the pre-op room, Benjamin said he was a lay Eucharistic Minister at a local parish. Then he asked if he could say a prayer with James.
James nodded yes. Holding James’ hand in his, Benjamin recited a beautiful, long prayer that James had never heard before, asking for God’s protection and blessing.
In all, Benjamin stayed with James for about 15 minutes.
When James awoke in ICU after his surgery, he quietly thanked God for being alive and felt a rush of gratitude at the kind pre-op nurse whose prayer had calmed his fears.
Three days later, James was released from the hospital and returned home. Later, he felt strong enough to call the hospital. He wanted to thank Benjamin for his kindness.
The hospital’s response: “We have no male pre-op nurses, nor is there a nurse named Benjamin in this hospital.”
Thinking back to the pre-op room and Benjamin’s blurry face, James is no longer sure it was a shower cap that he had seen on the nurse’s head.
It could well have been a halo . . . .

Psalm 91:10-12

No evil shall befall you,
nor shall affliction come near your tent.
For to his angels he has commanded about you,
that they guard you in all your ways.
With their hands they shall support you,
lest you strike your foot against a stone.

James is my husband.

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15 responses to “We have no nurse named Benjamin

  1. That is amazing. Thanks Eo for sharing it. Thank James too.
    Oh and while your at it we might as well thank Benjamin. 🙂

  2. You and your husband have been truly blessed. Thank you for sharing such a personal anecdote. Its authenticity makes it even more powerful.

  3. Wow! This is a GREAT story, Dr. Eowyn!

  4. Oh, dear Eowyn, what a lovely and touching story. As someone who was once brought back from three cardiac arrests many years ago, I have some beautiful stories in my heart.

    • Wow, DW. And how is The Doc?

    • I’d love to hear/read your stories, DW! How is your dear husband doing? ♥

      • Steve and Eowyn–Doc is doing well. Back at work, but having patients brought to him in his office so he will not be running from room to room. Because of the blurred vision, he has been forced to go back to dictating for a while rather than the time-consuming computer. Can see twice as many patients in the same amount of time. If only medicine could return to the way it used to be…

        • DW, that’s great. Hey you say he’s dictating, Has he tried that
          “Dragon Speech Software” ? I heard it’s really good.
          I know a few of my Dr’s use it. I don’t know if that would help, but just thought I would mention it..

  5. LOVE the twist on the end!!! Yeah!!! Love these stories…they make my day…sigh…. :o)

  6. WOW – God bless you and your dear husband, Dr. Eowyn. Wow again! This is a heart-warmer for sure.

  7. Thank you, everyone. My husband couldn’t bring himself to write an account of what happened to him, so I did. It’s my “Thank You” to Benjamin and, of course, to the loving, merciful, and simply amazing God whom Benjamin so humbly serves.
    Our Guardian Angels love us with a love more profound than any we’ll ever experience from a fellow human — and they love us despite ourselves. Tell your angel you love him, with all your heart!

    • Eowyn, The stuff I used to do I bet quite a few of my Angels requested transfers to less hazardous duty.
      Or at least put in for combat pay. 😆
      I know for a fact I should not be here , and several, stand out.
      There is no way to put it, but someone was riding shotgun that day.
      Thanks Guys.

    • Eowyn–I agree with your dear husband. Experiences such as his are very hard to put into words. One thing is certain for me now is that I will never fear dying.

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for sharing with everyone this most important and inspiring event. I find it interesting the name that the angel or saint chose, “Benjamin.” And, I also find it fascinating the question he asked Jim, if he was a person of faith; and of course, I loved Jim’s response. Thank God for the beautiful and wonderful angel, thank God for Jim and thank God for you!


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