We have a winner!

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…for the world famous 30th FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:

Seven FOTM writers voted, each for his/her #1 and #2 captions.

Each #1 vote is worth 3 points; each #2 vote is worth 2 points; an “Honorable Mention” is worth 1 point.

And the winner, with two #1 votes and three #2 votes, for a total of 12 points, is….[Dramatic Drumroll….]….

Trail Dust!!!!

Here’s his winning caption:

“The Circle of Lies” (from Lion King’s “Circle of Life”)

kathleen, with two #1 votes, for a total of 6 points, is in second place. This is her caption:

“Eeny, meeny, miny, and joe catch a commie-muslim by its toe.”

Tom is in 3rd place, with one #1 vote and one #2 vote, for a total of 5 points. This is his caption:

“Get your ‘Lil’ Commie’ collector plates now! (while the USPS is still in business)!”

David 616, with one #1 vote and one HM, for a total of 4 points, is in 4th place:

Caption reminds me of the “Looney Toons” ending credits…. only thing missing is……Porky Pig …….saying “That’ll be all folks!!! ”

hrmfc is in 5th place, with one #1 vote. Bob350, brolin1911a1, COCOA are in 6th place, each receiving one #2 vote. Nancy Drew, with one HM, is in 7th place.

Congratulations, Trail Dust! Here’s your super-duper one-of-a-kind hand-scribbled (by yours truly) Award Certificate of Excellence!

For all the caption submissions, go here!

Watch for our next Caption Contest tomorrow! 😀


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0 responses to “We have a winner!

  1. Awe gee, Doc… I’m blushing.

  2. May I follow up with a hilarious 2 minute speech I saw on Youtube?


    Here’s the transcript:

    Dr. Barbara Bellar quote (same as Youtube video):

    “So let me get this straight. (This is a long sentence.)

    We’re going to be gifted with a healthcare plan we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t, which puportedly covers at least 10 million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted social security and medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese and and financed by a country that’s broke.

    So, what the blank could possibly go wrong?”

  3. Thanks Hardnox.

  4. Dear Trail Dust:

    Terry just brought my attention to the fact that I had uploaded the WRONG Award Certificate — the one for our last (29th) contest — instead of the correct one with YOUR name on it. Oops! My apologies.

    The correct Award Certificate is now in the post, all ready for framing! LOL

    Congratulations, again, TD! Well done! 😀


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