We have a winner!

. . . for FOTM’s 91st Caption Contest!

This was a difficult contest for FOTM writers to pick a winner because there were many funny and clever captions on the same themes of goats and child “brides.” LOL
But we each did our duty and voted for what we each considered to be the #1 and #2 captions. Each #1 vote is worth 3 points; every #2 vote is worth 2 points.
And the winner of the 91st world-famous FOTM Caption Contest, with three #1 votes, totaling 9 points, is . . . .

hujonwi! Snoopy dance

Here’s his winning caption:
grinning mullahs
BobToonist and another hujonwi caption are both in 2nd place, with 6 points each. Here’s Bob’s caption that received three #2 votes:

Barry is such a good boy….. always does what he’s told. We taught him well.

Here’s hujonwi’s caption that received two #1 votes:

“Wow… that almost looks better than my favorite goat.” “I know and my goat smells better and has a better attitude.” “Oh don’t get me started about my donkey.”

Liz is in 3rd place, with one #1 vote and one #2 vote, totaling 5 points. Here’s her caption:

I love the smell of pre-pubescent boys in the morning.

Army Vet 4444 is in 4th place, with two #2 votes, totaling 4 points. Here’s his caption:

“And LOOK! She’s only 12 years old too!!”

Christy and h hutto are both in 5th place, each with one #1 vote, totaling 3 points each. Here are their respective captions:

Don’t you hate it when you get goat pubes stuck in your teeth?
See, when Mooch purses her lips like that, it reminds me of my favorite camel’s A-A-A-Achmed, there is a tingle running up my leg!

CalGirl and Michael are both in 6th place, each with one #2 vote, totaling 2 points each. Here are their respective captions:

Tee Hee! We can run in there and chop off a ton of heads while they are side-lined on climate change! Fish in a barrel!
I’d sure like to get to know that goat on a first name basis

Well done, everyone!

Congratulations, hujowi!

Here is your fancy-schmancy Award Certificate of Great Excellence, all ready for framing! LOL
StrawberrydancingbananaCarrotChilliMuffinPurpleBanana PineappledancingbananaCarrotChilliMuffinPineappleStrawberry
award certificate1
For all the other caption submissions, click here.
Be here tomorrow for our next very exciting Caption Contest!
Seen any good pics that you think would be great for our Caption Contest? Email them to us! :D



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5 years ago

Congrats hujonwi!! It was a great caption!! ?

5 years ago

hujonwi!!! Congrats!!!
Big thanks also to BobToonist, Liz, Army Vet 4444, Christy, h hutto, CalGirl and Michael, for making it so hard to choose our votes. You all rock!