We have a winner!…

for FOTM’s 14th Caption Contest!

This is the picture:

Six FOTM writers voted, each for his/her #1 and #2 captions.
Each #1 vote is worth 3 points; a #2 vote is worth 2 points; an “honorable mention” is worth 1 point.

The winner of FOTM’s 14th Caption Contest is…[DRUMROLL]…Miranda!!!!!

Receiving one #1 vote and two #2 votes, for a total of 7 points, this is Miranda’s winning caption:

“It don’t matter how high you go, you still ain’t gettin my vote!!”

JBrenn and Larry are both in 2nd place.
JBrenn’s caption received two #1 votes, totaling 6 points:

“I groped the Sheriff, but I did not grope the deputy….”

Larry’s caption received three #2 votes, totaling 6 points:

“No, Joe, I haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain.”

Three individuals (dan, Hardnox, rob giger) are in 3rd place, each received one #1 vote for a total of 3 points.
Bruce and Locke Enlode are in 4th place, each received one #2 vote, for a total of 2 points.
Andy Miller received one “honorable mention,” for a total of 1 point.
Congratulations to our winner, Miranda! Here’s your super-duper Award Certificate!!!!!!

To read the other caption submissions, go here.
Thanks to all who participated! 😀

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Bert Dill

The looks on all the faces make any caption unnecessary! Hilarious.


Well, yeah, it’s an unguarded moment, for sure! And yes, Miranda’s seems the best by its political correctness, if ya get my drift…. Anyhow, overall this system of voting shows perfectly what We, the sheeple of BC, have been trying for TEN years to get our miserable predatory –oops, I meant Provincial– gubbmint to adopt. Here it’s known as Preferential Run-off Voting: it would mean we get the best candidate chosen by all the voters, NOT “first party past the post gets all”, sometimes w/only 35% of the vote! We have 65% of the voters simply ignored, as the other… Read more »


That happened to me on the train going to the St.Patrick’s parade in New York. I had rolled my magazine into a point and it was going in the guy’s eye if he repeated his touch! Wonder if that was what Joe’s ‘friend’ had in mind to do.


Why the eye? Why not return the ‘favour’, if he liked it so much?


This was the best contest so far, there were some really good captions…
Congrats Miranda & all… 😉

Mike Griffin
Mike Griffin

I’m practicing to be a monk for after the election.


Thank you! I really appreciate it. I am sooo not funny. Plus, I kinda cheated….my hubby helped me think of it! 😀