We have a winner!

. . . for FOTM’s 192nd Caption Contest!

This was a very competitive contest. But the writers of FOTM voted for what each considered to be the best (#1) and second-best (#2) captions. Each #1 vote is worth 4 points; a #2 vote is worth 2 points.

And the winner of the 192nd FOTM Caption Contest, with one #1 vote and three #2 votes, totaling 10 points, is . . .


Here’s the winning caption:

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key hammers like lightning; He never strikes twice in the same place.

Jon is in 2nd place, with two #1 votes and 8 points. Here’s his caption:

The MSM. STILL trying to pound that collusion nail.

kjf is in 3rd place, with one #1 vote and one #2 vote, totaling 6 points:

The construction worker from the Village People made it look so easy.

Anonymous, Collie D, Paladin, and Rosbo1 are in 4th place, each with one #1 vote and 4 points. Here are their captions:

Anonymous: “Non-toxic masculinity in action!”

Collie D: “He obviously hasn’t nailed anything in a long time.”

Paladin: “That man is as inaccurate with a hammer as Senator Schumer is with the truth!”

Rosbo1: “I can’t hammer right cause I’m a leftist.”

john P, MyBrainHurts, truckjunkie, and youknowwho are in 5th place, each with one #1 vote and 2 points. Here are their captions:

john P: “I can’t do anything right that’s why I became Prime Minister”

MyBrainHurts: “Hitting the nail on the head is really a job for Donald Trump.”

truckjunkie: “THIS is NOTHING! You should see the damage I can do with POWER tools!!”

youknowwho: “It’s the hammer’s fault. We need to ban hammers.”


Congratulations, dkolb2010!

Here’s your super-duper Award of Excellence, all ready for framing!

For all the other caption submissions, go here.

Be here later today for our next, very exciting Caption Contest!


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Congratulations dkolb2010!
And big thanks to all our clever contributors, especially Jon, kjf, Anonymous, Collie D, Paladin, Rosbo1, john P, MyBrainHurts, truckjunkie, and youknowwho!!!