We have a winner!

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This was the pic for our 42nd Caption Contest  😀
7 FOTM writers had voted, each for his/her #1 and #2 captions.
Each #1 vote is worth 3 points; every #2 vote is worth 2 points.
And the winner of the 42nd world-famous FOTM Caption Contest, with two #1 votes and three #2 votes, totally 12 points, is….[drum roll please]…

Bob350!!!!! Again!

Bob had won our last contest as well 🙂
This is his winning caption:

“Does this seat make my ass look fat?”

Laserboy and Tom are both in 2nd place, each receiving one #1 vote and one #2 vote, totaling 5 points each. Here are their respective captions:

“This is Bush’s Fault”
“The butt stops here!”

David 616, Greg, and Mike are in 3rd place, each with one #1 vote, totaling 3 points each. Here are their respective captions:

“Funny my wife didn’t believe when I said: ” I bet you I still can wear the same jeans I wore in High School” Wow she is going to be so surprised – they still fit!!!!”
“Without a seat belt Mike was just trying to get a better grip on the situation.”
“I cast my vote
For Barry, my man!
Oops, what was that?
Driver, turn on the fan!”

Bob350‘s other caption and Mother124 are both in 4th place, each with one #2 vote, totaling 2 points each. Here are their respective captions:

Showing the the shame of not being in the House of Reps anymore Bwarney Fwank must now use public transportation to get around. How the mighty have fallen.”
“The prize for this contest should be a bucket of eye-bleach!!”

Congratulations, Bob350! Here’s your super-duper fancy-dancy Award Certificate of Great Excellence, all ready for framing!  😀
award certificate1
For all the caption submissions, go here.
Be here tomorrow for our new Caption Contest! You won’t want to miss this one! 😀

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  1. I think that I shall go brush my eyes with my battery operated toothbrush :/

  2. Thank You, Dr. Eowyn.
    Ima sendin this one to dear leader!!!


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