We had a chance for unity…

After the death of George Floyd people on BOTH the left and right were outraged. It was appalling and everyone called for immediate action by the Minneapolis Police Department. We wanted to see justice.

It was chance for both sides to work together to address police brutality, especially against African Americans.

Then progressives and BLM took over and started making demands. Demanding you acknowledge your white privilege. Demanding you kneel before protestors. Demanding you support their movement without dissent. See the following examples:

Kneel before protestors and ask for forgiveness: “During a protest over the death of George Floyd, dozens of white protesters knelt before a group of African American protesters and asked for forgiveness from past sins of white people, which the leader described as “years and years of racism, of systematic racism.” In response, the black protesters knelt with their white counterparts and joined them in prayer.”

Deny white children their innocence:

Teens encouraged to publicly shame their racist parents on Tik Tok: I literally hate my family so much,” Izabella said, eyes wet from crying. “It’s just. They just tried to argue with me that George Floyd — like, they just tried to tell me that he deserved that ’cause he did something wrong, and that it was okay. That is not okay. And it’s just making me so upset. I don’t know. I do not wanna live here. I hate livin’ in Louisiana. I hate livin’ around these racist f-cks. Like, I just wanna leave.”

Withhold affection from relatives who don’t support BLM: “The New York Times ran an op-ed telling people to withhold affection from their relatives unless they protest or give money to anti-racism organizations.”

Have your white children publicly denounce their privilege: “Mother is slammed over photo of her young daughter taking the knee on her doorstep while holding a placard reading ‘privileged’ during Black Lives Matter protests.”

We cannot achieve unity without agreement and compromise. By mandating how a white person responds to your movement, you shutdown chances of ever achieving a common goal.

Public humiliation and shaming is also not a viable way to achieve unity.

By setting mandates based upon YOUR conditions and my skin color (for which I have no control over), you shutdown MY voice. Which really means this movement is a one-way street.

If you think this will help achieve unity, you’d be wrong. In fact, I predict MORE racial division as a result of these tactics.

But what do I know? That’s just my white-privileged opinion.


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4 months ago

Oh, this’ll be constructive… not.
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Steven Broiles
4 months ago

The old adage goes, “Give a man an inch and he’ll take a mile.” This excellent report tells me all I need to know, namely, that BLM is a terrorist organization, and for this reason: Just as the Mafia demands protection money, BLM is demanding obsequience.
But BLM is demanding more: The complete dispossession of white America!

Dr. Eowyn
4 months ago

This is brainwashing on a massive level. Next, they’ll have reeducation camps like in Maoist China, where people are made to undergo criticism/self-criticism so as to conform to the communist party’s dicta. We are seeing in real time the Left’s Cultural Revolution of the former U.S. of A.

3 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

That’s already happening. Just recently a father took his child to school where a group of idiots were pasting BLM posters all over the schools fences. One teacher at this same school threw the history book in the trash in front of the children while mocking history. She’s a complete lefty liberal. Tulare Union, Visalia school on Acres.

4 months ago

MSDNC is a propaganda machine. It has proven itself an efficient, controlling system for commandeering the feeble-minded through blatant brain washing and mind control, achieved through a methodological manipulation of historical and current facts in order to direct the nation’s future according to its socialist plans for our society and the world.
You’re welcome. Oh, and I will never bow down to any man.

Michael Garrison
Michael Garrison
4 months ago

Yesterday it was reported about how cops and white protesters washed the feet of the BOM organizers.
How sick!!!!
Christ washed the feet of His Apostles IN ORDER TO TEACH THEM that: ” walking in this world causes you to become dirty with sin, but Christ washes that dirt/sin away.”
For whites to bow-down, ask forgiveness, or wash the feet of this scum, is an abomination to Father.

Antifa= anti-Father= anti (against) Christ.

As an ex-Marine who served during peace time….

4 months ago

Great article, DCG! On June 17, 2015, a young white man (an actual racist) came into  the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. He killed nine African American church members at that small meeting. In the aftermath of that atrocity, the church showed their true Christian nature, and refused to let President Obama’s race hustler operative, Al Sharpton come in to raise tensions. Instead they displayed for all the watching world just what the Fruit of the Holy Spirit really looks like. That’s how they prevented radicals from hijacking the narrative.