We Got Punk'd by Trump

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On May 16, 2011 — after much huffing and puffing about how much he loves America and what a shame it is that Obama has brought shame to America and has dubious eligibility due to questions about his birth certificate, blah blah blah — business tycoon Donald Trump bowed out of the 2012 presidential race. In his typical blowhard fashion, Trump insisted that while he would not be a candidate this year, if he had run, he would have been able to win the primary and the general election.
Yeah, sure. Whatever.
In retrospect, Trump’s short-lived presidential-candidate posturing has a bad odor. Now, Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the newly released book Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President, is accusing Trump of “working with Obama” to neutralize the birther controversy.
As reported by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.com, May 23, 2011:

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show, Corsi said that he now completely discounted the apparent efforts of Donald Trump to force the release of Obama’s birth certificate, stating, “I’m completely convinced at this point Donald Trump was subterfuge, that he….was working with Obama.”

[…] Trump’s role according to Corsi was to “beat the drums big” and craft a false resolution to the controversy in order to make the press “go to sleep” and get his $60 million dollar television contract with NBC, owned by General Electric, which is closely allied with the Obama administration.

Corsi’s accusation is not so far-fetched in view of Trump’s close association with the Emanuel Brothers, Rahm and Ari. Rahm Emanuel was the former White House chief-of-staff to Obama, now newly elected mayor of Chicago. His younger brother, Ari, was/is Trump’s agent and representative.

Rahm Emmanuel, Donald Trump, Ari Emanuel

The following are excerpts from an interesting article by Carol Felsenthal for ChicagoMag.com on April 28, 2011:

“Deal” would be the best word to describe the relationship among Rahm, Ari, and Trump, who employs Ari as his agent and gave Rahm $50,000 for his run for mayor last December.

First, the Rahm connection: Trump, who opened the Trump International Hotel and Tower here in 2008 and will undoubtedly hope to add another pastel namesake to Chicago’s skyline, recognized that Rahm would soon be running the nation’s third largest city. Why wouldn’t he want to curry favor? Trump has given more money to Democrats than Republicans—among them Ed Rendell, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer—people Trump hoped would be friendly to his buildings, casinos, and golf courses.

As for Ari, pit-bull co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment and the model for Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold in HBO’s Entourage, he seems made-to-order for Trump, who has called the younger Emanuel a “close friend.” […]

And despite Donald’s nonstop anti-Obama diatribes, apparently he and Ari are still doing business. When I called Ari Emanuel, I was instructed by an underling to email my request. I specifically asked for confirmation that Ari still represents Donald.  No response yet, but no denial either. I also emailed Mayor-elect Rahm’s press spokesman, Tarrah Cooper, and asked about the Ari/Donald tie. “The Mayor-elect is not going to comment on his brother’s relationship with his clients,” she emailed back.

I called Trump’s office and talked to Michael Cohen, the registered Democrat and former Obama backer who is choreographing Donald’s run for president, presumably on the Republican ticket. Cohen told me that Trump is booked for the next few days; after New Hampshire, he heads to Las Vegas and then to D.C. for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I asked Cohen in an email to confirm that his boss’s agent is still Ari Emanuel. No response as of post time.

Whether Trump really does plan to run for President(he promises to announce by June) or whether he’s just trying to goose his TV ratings, it’s hard to understand how the Emanuels—whose physician/bioethicist brother Zeke also has ties to the Obama administration—can do business of any kind with Trump. The Donald’s efforts to belittle the president are just so relentless—Trump called Obama “the worst president in American history,” a weakling on the battlefield and with OPEC, a useful idiot for the Chinese who are “ripping off America,” and a “terrible student” who somehow won admission to Columbia and Harvard Law School. “Release your transcripts!” is Trump’s latest outlandish demand.

[…] And given how he changes his mind without worrying if the public notices, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the man—who once denounced Reagan and “W” as the worst presidents ever, who previously pushed for universal healthcare and abortion rights—ended up contributing to Obama sometime in 2012, and then, sometime in 2014, writing another big check to Rahm’s next campaign.

We were punk’d.

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0 responses to “We Got Punk'd by Trump

  1. Well to make matters worse now there is talk of him running as an independent which he claimed he would not have done…another lie. I feel for those tea party folks who knocked themselves over to get this man this close but now they know and it’s time to move on. This fight may have gotten harder but it is by no means impossible to win.
    Just chalk it up to a learning experience and move on.

  2. And you are surprised, why?

    • Thank you, sage! Yes, this doesn’t surprise me. I was late getting on the Trump bandwagon ’cause I remain dubious of any middle aged man who’s still so vain — but stupid — about his hair. LOL

      • sage,
        You just supplied the campaign slogan of the candidate running against Trump! — that is, if he’d actually run for office, which I seriously doubt.

      • Eowyn, Trump is a shopping impaired and style challenged senior citizen.

  3. Trump’s a chump.
    Always has been, and always will be.
    I do not understand why so many conservatives were taken in by him.

  4. Thomas Morato

    You can add the MSM to the list of punk’ers as they all knew exactly what was going on. All that interviewed him seemed overtly silent in letting him ramble about O’s missing birth certificate as they had never allowed anyone before. It seemed obvious (at least to me) that a stage was being set in which O would need an “excuse” to release something (even if another fake) to further suppress the issue.
    All of this staging can’t happen without some documented footprint (email/voice recordings) being created as too many people had to be involved in making that happen.
    The fraud can not be removed unless a “smoking gun” is uncovered. The country and our constitution are silently being attacked from within. Someone somewhere has information that could bring the house of cards down.
    I pray that these folks come forward soon.

  5. the gloves must come off NOW! We as conservatives need, during the campaign once our candidate for the presidency is determined, to be loud, be everywhere, more often. We have to stop this train wreck of a governmnent NOW. We all need to write the republican leadership , and let them know in no uncertain terms that we expect fire in their belly, take the gloves off, and get this base excited about this election! We also need republicans in charge of this campaign to be agressive.
    Tomas Morato is right, we need a smoking gun, but with some teeth in it. What we need is

  6. I was suspicious of Donald Trump given his history of business dealings with lefties, including Soros himself. Donald, I figured, was a diversion given he was the only one who would dare address our putative president’s treasonous status. Trump is all about money and shady deals as is this administration. At first I questioned whether he had been threatened given his bloviations suddenly silenced. He put on a great show of braggadocio and bravado. According to Donald, he would have sailed through primary and general elections because he’s so smart, and had gone to the best schools, not to forget he’s so great and in love with himself, ad nauseam. He’s about as egocentric as the world’s most infamous imposter — our putative president of transparency and honesty, Obummer. He played on conservative’s desperation to find a strong candidate to run against Obama. Donald was very convincing, that is, until dropping out when on a roll and then contacting Dr. Jerome Corsi about evidence against Obama in Corsi’s newly released book. Donald, I believe, is nothing more than Obama’s waterboy. It would not surprise me if he runs as an Independent to steal votes from the Republican party. That would be a typical Obama strategy.


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