We Don't Need No Stinking Bipartisanship!

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Bipartisanship!We don’t need no Stinking Bipartisanship!
by Tom in NC
Columnist for Fellowship of the Minds
The establishment Republicans (RINOs) are once again talking about reaching across the aisle to work with the Demonrats in a bipartisan fashion after this year’s election.
Oy vey. Do these idiots realize that is exactly what got us into this mess, and is exactly what the liberals want. Republicans had “worked with” the Democrats before and when it all went bad, guess who got all the blame. THE REPUBLICANS!
After this year’s election, which we all hope is a Conservative romp over liberalism, we do not want or will we accept bipartisanship. We want the Conservative Agenda pushed forward: Lower taxes, more jobs, less government, secure our borders, no creeping Sharia or creeping one-world-government, etc. 
For all I care the libs can sit on their side of the aisle and cry like babies with an industrial sized case of diaper rash. If they want to be pacified they can always suck their thumbs. But we won’t cave in to them from now on. Here’s a warning: Any RINO who feels the need to “reach across the aisle” will find their political career cut very short.
We have spent almost two years building the TEA Party into a formidable political machine and we are getting our best candidates elected in November.
Message to RINOs like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander and others:
Your days are numbered. You might make it through this election unscathed but we are waiting in the wings ready to take you down. You can scoff at the TEA Party, you can have family members insult us, but the one thing you cannot do is ignore us. To do so would be political suicide and you know it. You RINOs would be wise to keep one eye always watching behind you because we are like the shark that smells blood in the water, looking for any sign of weakness or distress so we know when to strike.
Reject us and our agenda at your own peril.

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0 responses to “We Don't Need No Stinking Bipartisanship!

  1. These RINOs obviously have little respect for the Tea Party movement and the will of the people. They are not part of our effort for real change, rather business as usual. It is time to vote these self-serving traitors to the people out.

  2. Dave from Atlanta

    Good piece! Short and to the point. Rinos beware!

  3. Sent this to the GOP as well!!!! It’s exactly how I feel.

  4. No more RINOs! Stop trying the “work with” left/libtard Demo-rats– there’re two (2) different parties for a reason!

  5. Nice article. Yep, time to cleanup DC and get rid of all the weasels!


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