We Are The People! We Will Not Be Silenced!

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The Tea Party Express began its cross-country tour on March 27, 2010, in Searchlight, Nevada, the hometown of Demonrat Senator Harry Reid.
Some ten thousand patriots from all walks of life showed up, some driving across country, others flying in on jetplanes. There were so many protestors that they overwhelmed the capacity of little Searchlight to house them all. Many lodged in hotels and motels in Las Vegas, an hour’s drive from Searchlight. Others stayed in tents and RVs. 
Here’s a video of what happened in Searchlight and of the Tea Party Express, followed by pics of Searchlight. (H/t FS and Tom in NC for the pics!)
We are the People and we will not be silenced by the ilks of Obama-Pelosi-Reid and traitors like Ben Nelson and Bart Stupak! Nor will we be intimidated by whispers of a special army unit to be deployed within America a month before the November elections.
Bring it on!

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