We are not just fighting Democrat candidates

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The candidates are sufficiently creepy to hold our attention…

But there are other factors we need to deal with beyond the wild-eyed socialists and demagogs of the DNC.

These factors are the voting blocks the Demonrats rely on. The constituencies the Demonrats need most are as follows:

These voting blocks are admittedly overlapping. They represent specific angles of attack on the integrity of the vote. If they are allowed to thrive, all confidence among voters will die, leading to people seeking other means of being heard, including (God forbid) violence.

The one group listed above that remains legal is the “Snowflake Block.” This group, although legal, is so misinformed and indoctrinated that they are as dangerous as the others, even the vaunted “Dead Vote.”

And the “Snowflakes” overlap yet another group:

The Llama Vote differs from the Snowflakes in age.

While the Snowflakes are almost by definition Millennials, the Llamas can be Liberals of any age, but usually over the age of 40. Llamas cannot be reasoned with. They can hear or see any compelling argument in favor of common sense, and remain unmoved from their Leftist dogma.

Known by their glassy cock-eyed stare, they are best avoided. They rarely pose a physical threat. The danger they represent to a conservative is to be drawn into a needless waste of time and energy.

We can safely ignore Llamas

They will remain content, packing heavy loads of contraband along Andean mountain trails, and peacefully avoiding encounters with common sense. (Greater concentrations of Llamas can be found in Brattleboro Vermont, Portland Maine, and Key West Florida.)  Generally older and less given to violence, they are likewise largely less influential.

This has been a public service announcement for conservatives.

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8 responses to “We are not just fighting Democrat candidates

  1. All the posters make good target practice especially for sharp shooters.

  2. I think this is an accurate appraisal:


    We are not in a time where we have some “disagreements”. This is about fundamental systems. There is no room for this sort of division. It is a “winner take all” situation.

    • Thanks for all the links. I’d say it’s not a case of winner take all except when the Dems take control, but an asymmetrical lose-lose situation for us, either way, as when the Republicans control both houses of Congress, as well as the White House, and enact the Dems’ budget as if it were their own.

    • Lophatt,

      The problem is that many Republicans are progressives too; they’re aka RINOs. So yeah, the battle isn’t between Republicrat or Demublican; it’s between real Americans and progressives.

  3. Yep, they’re all dead from the neck up! Great post, Trail.

  4. We need Republican observers in every polling place. Democratic voter fraud must be confronted and stopped. There will be plenty.

  5. Many years ago I told off a big time Democrat Union official at my job. I asked him in front of a whole bunch of people…
    “Hey Eddie, when I die can I be buried in Holy Cross ?”
    He asked “Why-zat?” (he was so articulate)….
    I said “So I can vote when I’m dead”
    Eddie was a stutterer so he called me a “Kah-Kah-Kah-Kaaahhhkkk-Socker” which made me laugh in his face.
    I got screwed with lousy job assignments for awhile but it was worth it especially about 5 years later when it was proven that he was actually arrested for voting dead people on absentee ballots!!!

  6. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Great post, TrailDust!
    No disrespect meant to other posters of this blog, but I have consistently found you to be the most Spiritually accurate and the most on-target contributor to FOTM. By no means is that meant to demean the other contributors (many of which I have valued enough to have pointed friends of mine to their posts), but I feel mostly in-sync with your viewpoints.

    Keep up the great (Spiritual) work, my brother in Christ!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…’


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