Why Are Feminists All So Damn UGLY?

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image While reading DCG’s recent post https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/03/28/hey-guys-your-handy-guide-to-dating-a-feminist/ a revelation occurred to me: feminism is a conspiracy. A conspiracy created by big pharma in order to sell millions of dollars worth of Viagra!
Outlandish, you say. Not at all! Have you ever been to a feminist rally or seen pictures of feminists? What’s the first thing you notice? If you’re a male, like me, I know what your answer is: My gosh, they’re all UGLY! Can you see the conspiracy now???
By dismissing beauty, femininity, and girlish charm, feminism promotes ugliness. It turns beautiful, free-spirited girls into manly, dogma-spouting zombies. It brainwashes them, destroys their individuality, and casts them adrift in the sea of sameness; they become corks bobbing in the ocean of political correctness. (And ugly corks at that.) Talk about useful idiots! (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2013/12/29/are-you-a-useful-idiot/)
Now do you see the conspiracy??? Confronted by all this ugliness, men can no longer get it up! Who wants to get intimate with a brainwashed shrew? Who wants to make love with someone who looks like their brother Hank? One look at these “feminists” and any normal man goes completely limp! Then Viagra sales go through the roof!
Why it’s downright brilliant! They take young, red-blooded American males, send them off to college where they’re surrounded by dimwitted, Marxist-quoting, butched-out females, and for the rest of his life, the poor guy needs medication to get a rise!
It’s genius, I tell you! Genius! And look at the ancillary sales in liquor and mind-altering drugs! A guy would have to get stone-faced drunk in order to find feminist women attractive. No wonder frat parties serve so much booze!
Can you imagine being married to a feminist??? The horror, the horror! There’s no surprise why the divorce rate is so high now, is there?
Forget about preaching abstinence to youngsters. Send some of these feminazis around to the high schools. Teen sex will disappear faster than you can say Hilary Clinton.
Kinda explains why lesbianism is on the rise, too. When the feminists discover that no man wants to touch them, they turn to the only available source of intimacy: other feminists!
All those false rape accusations we keep hearing about from the universities? It’s their wounded pride, don’t you see? Their egos can’t take the rejection, so they make up stories!
I’d like to keep writing, but I don’t have time. Gotta call my stock broker and load up on shares from companies selling Viagra. I figure I’ll be a millionaire in no time.

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0 responses to “Why Are Feminists All So Damn UGLY?

  1. When I began art school a million years ago, one of my first impressions was the disproportionate number of ugly women. There was an occasional attractive woman at the school, and thankfully they tended to prefer the company of men. But for the most part there were way too many women who wore sensible shoes. Art school in the 1970s was also an exact prefiguration of every perverted thing that general culture is experiencing today.
    Please excuse me. I speak only for myself.

  2. “Who wants to make love with someone who looks like their brother Hank?”
    HA HA HA HA!
    But wait…. Is that why American men seem to be turning into sodomites left and right? Mostly left, of course. 😉

  3. Mike… I believe it was Rush Limbaugh who first identified the feminist movement as a way for ‘ugly women to join the mainstream’. There is so much truth to what you posted (although, I suspect it was meant in a humorous vein). Look at so many of the ardent feminists, many of whom are openly lesbian: Rosey O’Donnell, Sandra Bernhard, Michael Moore.
    (What, Michael Moore is a MAN?… well, he’d make a hell of a lesbian…. fat, ugly, hairy, disgusting….. yeah, I think he’s a les…..)
    So much ugliness. And then they compound it by opening their mouths and spewing their venom.
    At least, they can’t sneak up on you from behind. The sound of their leg hair rustling against the insides of their trousers gives them away.
    That IS their LEG hair, isn’t it?
    They claim they want ‘equality’, but they actually want anyone who disagrees with them to just shut up…. or die.
    Which pretty much sums up the Liberal Left in a nutshell, doesn’t it?

    • I am not an admirer of the Liberal Left, but I don’t like women being put down just because they are ugly or because they are not mindless, beautiful chicks. No one writes articles like this about men and yes, there are ugly men and nasty ones too.

      • Maybe people DON’T write about ugly men-they put us in movies,as BIKERS,but at least WE have a PURPOSE.

      • Sorry, evh. The article is satirical and more about inner beauty than outward.

        • There was a lot of truth in your article, Mike and I really liked it ,otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the time to comment on it. A woman doesn’t have to be beautiful to be accomplished and admired. Look at Kate Smith, for example. She was far from being the ideal of beauty today, but she wasn’t afraid to be a woman. She didn’t mind being called the Fat Lady and she never tried to imitate a man. She had one of the most beautiful singing voices of her time. Just hearing her sing “God Bless America” makes you proud to be an American.

      • Dear “evh” your missing the point of the article.
        He is not bashing ugly women — he is bashing feminists.
        Feminism by their actions their lectures books speeches and every action that can be reviewed and analyzed ALL point to a rejection of men– and decrying so much of history, government, religion, etc. as being the fault of men. It is a Rejection of men. And His point is that so many (yes he may exaggerate it to be all) are truly unwholesome, distasteful looking women.
        If your are at all honest, “evh” you have to admit that an activist feminist is not appealing. They are not welcoming– you don’t want to spend time with them, be their friend; or exercise the normal feelings of friendship; warmth; and human kindness with THEM. They are as I said “distasteful”!
        It is because what they want, believe and desire is just plain WRONG.
        And just because there is injustice in the world — or cretins — or creeps or monsters or the most vile of life (and too many of them are MEN): does not mean you judge all men by the acts of the most disgusting of that subset. It is illogical.
        AND on another point — look at the techniques and the tactics used by the Feminists– do they use Truth? Are they honest? Do they manipulate?Do they exaggerate, use false statistics? [after approx 20 years of a job requiring me to fact check for legal briefs; motions and extensive Trial experience to fight very adroit liars in the courtroom — I pay attention to facts presented in articles and statements. And when I go and check facts for those feminists– they invariably are pure lies or manipulations of facts that are seriously flawed!!
        So back to the question of your encounters with Feminists-
        can you trust them and take them for their word?? NO you cannot!!
        It is not a trite or false statement “by their fruits ye shall know them”
        And the fruit of their words facts presented and arguments show they are dishonest, manipulative, demeaning, and too often outright cruel.
        Feminists are disgusting human beings that have rejected the beauty potential and joy of being a woman, a lover, a mother, a teacher, a comfort, a confidant — the love of a man’s life. They don’t want men to love them — they want men to fear them and look at them as more than equal — The true feminist seeks Domination Over Men.
        Now everyone knows that a man who Dominates over or creates a relationship of Domination over a woman is disgusting.
        But how about the reverse– a woman seeking to Dominate her boyfriend, lover or husband? Is not that double standard just as ugly and dark in its final form? YES. I maintain as Fact that Feminism is a perversion, a mental illness of selfishness and rebellion. Rebellion is Evil. Every dictator and tyrant is a Rebel at heart. Why or Why would we want a lovely and wonderful human being who is a woman to be a dictator; a tyrant? That is the goal of Feminism. Hatred of God; hatred of Patriarchal Order; Governance and family structure. They hate the past and want to RULE
        I hate every tyrant as any normal sane person should!
        That God given gift and desire to hate and fight against Evil is in each of us. So why do you disparage a man who sees the Evil of feminism and one of the earmarks of that evil is the glaring collection of ugly women that pursue that insanity!

    • “At least, they can’t sneak up on you from behind. The sound of their leg hair rustling against the insides of their trousers gives them away.
      That IS their LEG hair, isn’t it?”

  4. There isn’t enough Viagra on the planet to make me…oh, never mind.

  5. Gloria Stienem, Betty Friedan, Susan Sontag… They only get WORSE!

  6. Time has proven they get fuglier, nastier and dumber, Steven Broiles.
    Let us not forget that wussification of men into total wussies who be afraid of their own shadows anymore. Tripping over the stoopidity of PCness and quaking in fear of offending these poor, misunderstood ‘women’ who seem to be searching for a penis or something rather than truly embracing their strengths, equality through being a feminine woman, not trying to be a man or whatever it is they are trying to be.
    Being a guy, I think an intelligent woman who is strong in herself, treats all equally as possible, carries herself with morality, class and dignity is far stronger and way more attractive than any of the feminazis trolling about today. There is no comparison in me book.

  7. The problem with women today is the idea that to be a man’s equal they have to imitate a man and be more like a man. Nothing could be further from the truth. A woman does not have to try to be like a man to be brilliant, talented and accomplished. It will not only make her less a man but also less a woman. Women today should take a look at the old Fred Astaire movies. They teach a lesson in feminism. Take a good look at Ginger Rogers. Isn’t she as accomplished and talented as Fred? She is completely feminine, but can anyone say she is not Fred’s equal? There is nothing on earth more beautiful than being a woman!

  8. From what I have seen, they are all double baggers for the most part. You can be ugly, as long as you are beautiful on the inside, but they are even more ugly on the inside. Just basically unhappy people
    Maybe they feel they were given a raw deal and want to lash back.

  9. Glenn47 you took the words out of my mouth. Ugly on the inside and that ugliness is what the world sees.

  10. Real beauty is something radiated by the soul, affecting one’s outward appearance. Women full of dissatisfaction and hatred often don’t even like themselves–and it shows–in their faces, in their lack of grace, in their speech, actions, etc. It is not something one can hide. Often they blame others rather than look inward and discover their true nature and what their obstacles actually are, adding to their turmoil and projecting their negativity upon others.

  11. Mike , better yet …….” INVEST IN DURACELL AND EVERREADY “…..

  12. LOL!! I’m not sure even Viagra could set the mood to be with those militant females. Their hatred of males would make a “date” akin to riding at your own risk such as at a theme park. Sorry, naughty I know, but I just had to go there. 😳😀😀

  13. Thank you Mike for this great post! I love it!
    My feminine role model is the Blessed Mother Mary, who acknowledged herself to the Archangel Gabriel when he announced to her that she would be the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God, wherein she responded to St. Gabriel and said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to your word.” She completely saw herself as the servant of God, this teenage lady having absolutely no idea what would be expected of her or what would happen. In other words, she gave complete submission to God.
    It is Our Lady whom we should want to be like, not scruffy, obnoxious and boring feminists as defined in today’s society. And without being mean, it is noteworthy that many of them are definitely ugly; perhaps that is so because their interior life is also ugly.
    My second model is St. Joan of Arc, another teenager who was bright, brave, courageous, determined, loving and absolutely submissive to God and her Catholic Faith.
    Again Mike, great post!

  14. Thank you, Joan! You reminded us all that, contrary to popular opinion, the Church loves women and is filled with examples of strong female role models.

  15. This all made me have a deep thought: Can a fugly woman be elected President of the United States? (Sorry, you can flog me, but I could NOT resist!).

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  17. Encounters with feminists have been very unpleasant. I don’t like them and won’t support the movement.

  18. Most feminists were born ugly they only become more ugly by not trying to improve their looks with makeup and the style of clothes she chooses.
    Feminists usually are unattractive women who can’t get men they are attracted to become sexually interested in them or are born a lesbian . The straight unattractive to men they want feminists against their nature become bisexual as a last resort and typically convert very attractive straight women to lesbianism or bisexuality by playing off /taking advantage of a woman’s emotional needs.
    However some but few feminists are psychologically to physically damaged by males causing them to fear men and use feminism as a way to deal with the damage men caused.
    the faster this is flagged off the more all this is true.
    Feminism is damaging to the human race as birth rate data facts mathematically prove the birthrate has declined to a level that can not sustain the human race especially in first world countries.
    Feminism has caused a lot of straight men to explore homosexual sex, most straight men discover man on man sex is very exciting, pleasurable and make it a tool to release sexual energy meant for a woman. Often these straight men opt for a man first before a woman since women are much harder to get interested in them.

  19. Well Most of them really are.


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