Wayne Madsen Reports Obama Depressed & Schizophrenic

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Recently, someone who claims s/he’s a White House insider has been talking to blogger Ulsterman about what’s happening behind-the-scenes in the Obama administration. Fellowship of the Minds has dubbed this anonymous White House insider “DeepThroat2” (DT2) — after the famous anonymous source for Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein on Nixon’s Watergate scandal. [See my posts on this HERE and HERE.]
According to the most recent communication from DT2, Obama is battling severe depression and is on anti-depressant meds. He is also very angry and smoking more than a pack of ciggies a day — all signs of a man who’s very stressed but who remains in denial that he himself is the source of the problem.
Now, DT2’s testimony is not just confirmed by an exclusive-to-subscribers Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), but Obama’s condition is even worse. WMR adds paranoia and schizophrenia to Obama’s depression. 
It is one thing for Obama to be depressed; schizophrenia is another matter altogether. Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness characterized by a disintegration of the process of thinking and of emotional responsiveness. It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction. [See my post on what Obama’s “schizophrenia” means.]

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Here are the relevant excerpts from WMR’s post of October 11-12, 2010, Meltdown of Team Obama. White House in Crisis“:

Washington has not witnessed so much top level White House intrigue since October 20, 1973, when a Saturday night saw President Nixon fire the Watergate independent counsel, the U.S. attorney general, and the deputy attorney general in the “Saturday Night Massacre.” Just ten days earlier, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned after being charged with accepting bribes while governor of Maryland.
In the case of President Obama, the senior firings are not happening during a single nght but the recent involuntary sudden departures of the White House chief of staff and national security adviser, along with what WMR can confirm from multiple sources is a president who is suffering from Nixonian levels of paranoia, depression, and schizophrenia, …. The White House meltdown has the Washington political circuit buzzing under the surface.
Unlike Watergate and the Iran-contra scandal, however, the corporate media is refusing to report on the breakdown of the Obama administration and the internecine political warfare within the Executive Office of the President.
Like Watergate, the rumors about Obama’s mental health, his lack of interest in the routine tasks of the presidency, and his mistaken belief that the crowds who see him on the campaign trail automatically adore him, are emanating from a “Deep Throat,” a former White House staffer who is providing detailed information on the chaos and in-fighting in the White House to a blogger who goes by the name of “Ulsterman.” Ulsterman has conducted a number of background interviews with the former Obama staffer over the past few weeks, publishing them in a series. WMR has independently confirmed with Washington insiders, some with high-level contacts in the White House, that most of the information in the interviews is correct.
The latest leak from the former White House official has Obama offering Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the vice presidential position in 2012. However, Clinton has no intention of taking the job and may well quit as Secretary of State after the mid-term election, especially if Secretary of Defense Robert Gates leaves earlier than his announced departure of next year and the Democrats suffer a big defeat at the polls on Nov. 2. It is known that Gates does not like the new National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and was not happy that National Security Adviser James Jones was fired earlier than his own planned departure date.
The other Ulsterman interviews are as follows: 
White House Insider On Obama: The President Is Losing It  Sep. 7 
White House Insider Part 2: The President needs to grow up.  Sep. 15  
White House Insider: What The Hell Have We Done?   Sep. 18   
White House Insider: The Clintons Are Going For It.  Sep. 21 
White House Insider: Pelosi and Obama at War  Oct. 7
…Rahm Emanuel’s firing came after he and Mrs. Obama had a major argument, and the First Lady told Emanuel he had to go “for a reason.” Mrs. Obama reportedly flatly told Emanuel he was “no longer welcome at the White House.” The “Emanuel-running-for-Chicago-mayor” story was mere window dressing to cover up the meltdown in the White House leadership. The top-level White House resignations, just before a critical mid-term election, are unprecedented even by Watergate standards. The October 1973 White House instability was one year before the 1974 mid-terms, an election that still saw the Republicans suffer tremendous losses in the Congress.
…WMR has learned that Obama’s paranoia and severe depression over his correct belief that certain interests are out to get him have been mitigated by First Lady Michelle Obama and domestic policy adviser Valerie Jarrett. Mrs. Obama has been telling Obama that he should forgo a second term because he is “too good for the American people” and he has a future role on a “bigger world stage.”
…On August 27, 2010, WMR reported on the Obama-Clinton intrigue: “Informed sources in Washington, DC have told WMR that President Obama has been personally told by a delegation of top Democratic Party financiers that unless he radically changes his economic policies they will bolt from him for another Democratic candidate in 2012. The Democratic money moguls conveyed the warning to Obama in Martha’s Vineyard, where the president and his family are spending their vacation. There are various factions within the Democratic Party that see different scenarios to bail out what many Democrats see as an administration in deep trouble with the electorate. One would have Secretary of State Hillary Clinton move up to replace Vice President Joe Biden on the 2012 ticket with Senator John Kerry becoming Secretary of State. However, WMR has been told that Clinton personally loathes Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and may not want to be part of the 2012 president ticket playing second fiddle to Obama.
WMR has also learned that Obama’s reported ‘severe narcissism’ has a number of his cabinet officials and top Democratic fundraisers perplexed. Obama’s refusal to change course because of his ego was discussed at the recent annual Bohemian Grove conclave in northern California, which brings together influential businessmen and politicians from both parties. Top U.S. business leaders openly complained about Obama’s economic policies, with some stating that Obama is, for the business community, the worst president in anyone’s lifetime. They also complained about White House gatekeepers like Emanuel and policy advisers Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod who are preventing access to the Oval Office.
Although such complaints could be expected from Republican businessmen, we have learned that top Democratic businessmen at the Bohemian Grove have told Jarrett, Obama’s chief liaison to them, that all she does is  shake them down” for campaign contributions and that the uncertainty on the costs for Obama programs on health care and taxes has prevented the hiring of workers.
WMR has also learned that rather than change course, the White House staff, who are keenly reading anything that is critical of the president, are more interested in exacting revenge for criticism than in changing course. ‘The White House staff are voracious readers who are obsessed with favorable coverage,’ one source said.
…Mrs. Obama and, to a lesser extent, Jarrett, have tried to smooth things over between people like Vice President Biden and chief of staff Pete Rouse on one hand and President Obama, who is detached from his duties, and, according to the former White House staffer who is talking to Ulsterman, extremely lazy, only interested in watching ESPN and discussing sports, and playing golf, and doing what he is most comfortable at: campaigning. Obama clearly wants to run again for president, citing the “adoring crowds” who greet him on the political stump. Mrs. Obama has reportedly told the president that “there are no more adoring crowds.”
Last March, the annual report on the president’s health contaned a reference to drinking. Obama’s doctor urged him to “Continue smoking cessation efforts, a daily exercise program, healthy diet, moderation in alcohol intake. . .” WMR has been told by informed sources that Obama’s drinking has, on occasion, been more than moderate.
Previously, WMR reported that Michelle has told the president that he can make more money after one term as president than Bill Clinton has made after two terms. Privately, the First Lady has made no secret of her dislike of her role as First Lady and the constraints it has put on her own ability to make money. In a book about French First Lady Carla Bruni, “Carla and the Ambitious,” Mrs. Bruni-Sarkozy reportedly said that Mrs. Obama told her that life in the White House is “hell.” The White House staffer told “Ulsterman” that he was uncomfortable talking about the marital situation between the president and the First Lady, but WMR has previously reported on Obama’s bi-sexuality, his activities with gay members of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ and an uptown Chicago bath house, in addition to his current controversial relationship with his personal trainer, Reggie Love, and a past short relationship with Larry Sinclair.

For Obama’s membership in a Chicago gay man’s club, go HERE.
For Obama’s relationship with Reggie Love, go HERE.
For Obama’s sex-cocaine romps with Larry Sinclair, go HERE.
In his exclusive report, investigative reporter Wayne Report also claims that the Obama administration is such disarray that Democratic Party bigwigs are considering invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which deals with the involuntary removal of the president for physical or mental incapacity. This issue deserves its own post. More on this in my next post!

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  1. In his exclusive report, investigative reporter Wayne Report also claims that the Obama administration is such disarray that Democratic Party bigwigs are considering invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which deals with the involuntary removal of the president for physical or mental incapacity
    I do believe that might be one of the best things this nation has done is a long time. Then let’s get enough moral fiber in congress and the house to make a difference in the moral fiber of this nation! There is much hope in prayer. I believe enough people have waken up, and in their fear and disgust of the things that are happening, have turned to the Lord in prayer.
    Let us not forget, ever again, that only God can change things. If the laws implemented are not of moral origin, then the immoral shall be forced upon us!

  2. He ain’t happy.

  3. Getting very interesting! The plot thickens….

  4. Dave from Atlanta

    Normally I cannot stand to even hear the man speak. But occasionally, when I am not close enough to the TV to turn the channel, I hear bits and pieces of what he has to say, and think to myself, “whatever happened to the honor and dignity of the office?” His attitude toward his political opponents is so snide, his race-baiting and divisiveness so obvious, and this is how he acts IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS. One can only imagine what Washington insiders are subjected to in the White House and in his closed-door meetings.

  5. Thank you, Eowyn, for this most insightful and well-documented piece! I learned so much from it! I learned last week a saying (I forgot where I heard it LOL senior moment), but it was something to the effect that “evil destroys itself.” Like your other piece, “Obama is Severely Delusional,” his narcissism, his grandiose self-love, will cause his demise. And, his czardom is falling apart! Again, dear Eowyn, thank you for your insight and your usual scholarly communication!

  6. Bambi better man up…seriously, two more years of this manchild isn’t going to be fun..

  7. I feel with every shred of my body this is true,and it makes me sick.

  8. A tiger’s stripes dosen’t change.

  9. I’m sorry, but I would have to see multiple sources to believe something like this. I am going to go with Limbaugh’s analysis: Obama couldn’t be happier. America is heading for ruin. Remember, Obama is a Kenyan-born America-hating Marxist Muslim who is hell bent on wrecking America. To that end, he’s had the most successful two years any president could ask for.

  10. Usurper Imam Obama is facing a long jail sentence for 3 murders and Electoral fraud.
    Three Members of Obama’s Church Killed(Murdered execution Style)
    Investigator close to case believes there’s more to the brutal murders than mainstream press is letting on
    By Victor Thorn
    Is a Barack Obama bombshell lurking in the shadows, waiting to derail one of the biggest Cinderella stories in recent history?
    While most political prognosticators in the mainstream press presume that Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, they still wonder aloud if Hillary Clinton (or some other entity) has something up their sleeve.
    The bombshell may involve the murder of Donald Young, a 47-year-old choir master at former Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ—the same congregation that Obama has attended for the past 20 years. Two other young black men that attended the same church—Larry Bland and Nate Spencer—were also murdered execution style with bullets to the backs of their heads—all within 40 days of each other, beginning in November 2007. All three were openly homosexual.
    What links this story to Barack Obama is that, according to an acquaintance of Obama, Larry Sinclair, Obama is a closet bisexual with whom he had sexual and drug-related encounters in November 1

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