Wayne Madsen: Municipal and State Bankruptcies Imminent

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The U.S. economy: stand by for even worse news
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November 24, 2010
A top economic adviser to the Democratic Party, speaking on deep background, told WMR that the domino-like collapse of the economies of Iceland, Greece, Ireland, and, now, possibly Spain, is coming also to the United States.
One of the triggering mechanisms will be at the end of this month when two million idled workers, now collecting unemployment, will be dropped from the rolls. At the end of December, another two million workers will join the ranks of those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and a total of 4 million Americans will be without unemployment checks and face destitution.
Four million Americans will put financial pressure on municipalities and state governments already facing bankruptcy. Unlike Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and, to some extent, Spain, which have strong central government control, the United States is a federal republic and, as such, the collapse of the economy will be state-by-state and begin at the municipality level, according to our source who has contacts within the Obama White House and the Democratic leadership of the Congress.
Municipalities, which guarantee the pensions of their retired employees through the issuance of municipal bonds, will find themselves faced with bankruptcy and the “Muni” bonds will be rated at junk status. Municipalities unable to pay out pensions will discover their pension funds can be bailed out by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) in Washington, a federal corporation set up by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. When the first municipality declares bankruptcy and seeks a bailout from the PBGC, there will be a domino effect, with others seeing it as a quick way out. Soon, the PBGC will, itself, be forced into bankruptcy. WMR has been told by our source it is doubtful that a Republican Congress will be interested in bailing out the PBGC.
The wildfire of municipality bankruptcies will then spread to the states, with California and Illinois likely to be the first two states to default on their debts and declare bankruptcy.
In order to raise quick cash for a financially-desperate state government, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to sell 24 state buildings, including the Earl Warren Building in San Francisco, headquarters for the California Supreme Court, and then rent them back from the new owners. However, such desperate moves by states, including the selling off of their turnpike systems and state buildings — with parks maybe next on the auction block — is not enough to forestall bankruptcy. Unlike the federal government, which can print as much cash as it likes and needs, states do not have that luxury. However, given the imminent collapse of the national economy, some states may decide to print their own currency, an act that would lead to the dissolution of the present 50-state union. 
As far as bank accounts are concerned, our source recommended avoiding large national and regional banks that have a high percentage of toxic assets, especially in the commercial real estate area. The next major bust, after the residential real estate plunge, will be commercial real estate, where values of buildings and shopping centers have been halved. Our source sees smaller, state-based banks, as safer for account holders. Also, as more and more large shopping malls begin to close across the country, the unemployment numbers will also skyrocket.
WMR was also informed that President Obama will not seize the bully pulpit and level with the American people about who and what caused the present economic crisis. “Obama is subservient to his teleprompter,” the White House insider source said, “if he’d scrap the teleprompter and speak directly to the American people, he might help things, but right now, he’s a disaster.” 
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0 responses to “Wayne Madsen: Municipal and State Bankruptcies Imminent

  1. How ’bout that Cloward-Piven strategy, eh? (Left/libtards will sure miss civilized behavior when it’s gone after an economic collapse, however.)

  2. oh, this hope and change sure is working wonderfully…

  3. I have belonged to a local credit union for years. First where I lived in Iowa and since I moved, the only financial institution I would seek out was a local credit union. It is the people’s money and is the only way to go. I find benefits that a bank doesn’t offer. Free Notary, you can go get copies of anything for free should you need them. I would not have it any other way. If things make a turn, I will draw my money out from there as well.
    Governments are doing all they can to steal from their people all over the world. It is in effort to implement the New World Order, for all citizens of every country/state, continent to be dependent on their government so the government can control them. The U.S. will be the hardest to take down because of the patriot’s fight for the constitution…however, they are doing their best but we must try to keep helping those that we see struggling…help them in private. If we would all do this, then the government wouldn’t know and in turn, we could continue to fight for our constitution. I might be dreaming but this is the only way I see success is those that can help…do. Those who have a charitable heart and fight for the constitution against tyranny of government. The governments are counting on the lack of Christianity. This is why they wish to silence the Christians. It interferes with their takeover of the people…to be dependent on government entities.
    Sorry so long…but it is how I feel.

  4. I could have told you the impending collapse is coming, in fact I have said it. I am meeting my financial advisor this week and having all investments switched to guaranteed capital. Europe is sinking, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal and now France, not to mention the U.K. China and Russia and Brasil only trade in their own currencies now, they have dropped the us dollar. You didn’t hear about it because it happened on thanks-giving. Opec is now considering doing the same thing. California is so broke, they’re trying to legalize drugs for income. Municipal and state collapses will follow until we’re sunk. It’s happening right now and will continue to get worse. Anon may be right that the libs will miss civilized behavior, because it’s going to come down to food, water and protection for you and your family. Look around at the Geo-political state of things combined with the economic state…………….we’re in serious trouble.

  5. ” Anon may be right, the libs will miss civilized behavior”
    That statement is TOTALLY RETARDED.
    You are a COMPLETE IDIOT, you talk of moving your investments in one statement, then talk about libs not being able to survive chaos?
    I AM A LIB, AND THRIVE ON CHAOS. I can make a dead fall, eat bugs, rig anything, use tools, stitch up wounds, swim with gators, grow my own food, identify edible forage including wild mushrooms, and organize a movement if necessary. Keep living in your delusional world of demons, wizzards, and Limbaugh.You don’t know what you’re spouting off about.

    • erinyes, you forgot about people… looting, rape and mob violence can be real fun (remember New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?). You might need a gun and to know how to use it… but, as a liberal, you won’t. Sound nice?

      • Well thank goodness the “totally retarded” (hey isn’t that offensive words?) and “complete idiots” choose to ignore the 2nd Amendment! And “wizzards” are scary…just call 911 and your life will be saved! Stoopid sheeple…

    • erinyes; I’m glad you thrive in the chaos you libs have created, there will be ample opportunity in the near future to show off your self professed skills.

      Finally, the truth at last — from the mouth of a lib. Reminds you of anyone?
      Evil Joker Chaos

    • Erinyes;
      I’ve been thinking, since you need skill to suture wounds closed, I’m assuming you have no health insurance. For you, I’m offering a one time free consult and free suturing of wounds, cuts and gashes. Why would a lib. like you not have any health care insurance?

  6. Oh, goody! Another troll to kick around.
    If you are a lib and really can do all those things then you are in the extreme minority of the commiesphere.
    Most libs of today, if transported back to the late 1700s, would starve to death by the end of the first week.

  7. DCG,
    Yep, that and their vegetarianism, as I would set the machine to dump their asses in North Dakota in January. :-^)

  8. subscribe

    • Kate,
      This is not how you subscribe. Subcription is managed by wordpress, not the owners of this blog. We don’t get paid even a penny for our labors. That we personally manage subscriptions would be ridiculous.
      Scroll down the frontpage of this blog and look for “EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION” on the right of the screen. Then click “Sign me Up.”


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