Wayne Madsen Deep Background on the Dark Knight Shooter – MK-Ultra Op?

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0 responses to “Wayne Madsen Deep Background on the Dark Knight Shooter – MK-Ultra Op?

  1. I would not put anything past the communists that are wanting total control and the destruction of the United States of America, in order to get their New World Order in place. They have waited a very long time for their moments, they will not let go easy.

  2. Scary stuff. Wake up sheep…the sheepherder is nowhere to be seen and the wolves are lurking.

    • The Shepard, our Lord Christ, is ALWAYS there, even in the very worst of our darkest moments, hours, and times. I’ve been there many times, even now. Despair is the perhaps the greatest sin, for it means that we’ve first given up on our self, and then upon Him. If I had not called upon Him times w/o number in the past, I would not be alive today at 69.5 yrs, and much, too much mileage! I am here by Him and Heaven’s doing, not by my will, as are you.
      FEAR is: False Evidence Appearing Real, Satan’s best deception in this greatest age of materialism. Please know that you are loved, one of us, and let the fear go.

  3. Fringe?…please,…we’re living it…or dying as the case may be…

  4. Homeschool Mama

    Layers upon layers of evil. My mind cannot even conceive of how complicated the “simplest” news story is. A song sung in church yesterday helps me sleep,”many things about tomorrow I can’t even understand. But I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand.” Thank the Lord, we know who wins in the end:o)


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