Wayne Allyn Root on the GOP Dream Team

Wayne Allyn Root
The GOP keeps bringing a knife to a gun fight. The result is we’re getting killed. We’re getting killed even after we won the most historic landslide in modern history. It’s time to change strategy.
The media tells us to play nice, be ‘gentlemen’ and compromise. Look where it’s gotten us – a bankrupt country with over $18 trillion in debt and income taxes at the same level as bankrupt socialist Greece. Worse, the labor force participation rate is at all-time lows and more businesses fail each day than open.
We are facing the end of the America Dream and death of the greatest middle class in world history because we have played nice, acted like gentlemen and compromised. We’re standing around acting like “gentlemen” while Obama turns America into Detroit. Like that movie “Network” it’s time to open our window and scream “I’m not going to take it anymore!”
It’s time for a “GOP dream team” of street fighters to take on the evil that is destroying America by making us all dependent on big government. It’s time to kick ass and take no prisoners.
It’s time to get behind one nominee and then name our entire team and announce what that team will do to save the US economy… the middle class… and the American Dream.
It’s time to inspire passion and enthusiasm by showing we stand for something. That something is smaller government, lower taxes, less spending, pay down the debt, and giving more power to the citizens. Let the liberal media try to call that “extreme.” The American people will vote for that vision.
Liberals and the media told us we’d lose if we ran an “extremist” like Ronald Reagan. Instead, he won in two historic landslides. Since then, every milk-toast moderate we’ve run, George HW Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney lost.
The key to victory is the passion, energy, intensity and enthusiasm of your base, combined with inspiring independents and undecided voters by painting a picture of hope, prosperity and patriotism. You have to get people excited. Being “moderate” doesn’t excite anyone. Although it’s a little early for me to endorse anyone, here is a look at a potential “GOP DREAM TEAM.”
Scott Walker as the GOP presidential nominee. Here’s a man from the Midwest, without a college degree, with a blue-collar mentality. Here’s a man who fought the money and manpower of every union in America…and won. Not once, not twice, but three times in blue state Wisconsin. He didn’t do it with kindness. Despite death threats against his wife and children, Scott Walker never gave an inch. He turned a $3 billion deficit into a billion dollar surplus, then handed the money back to the taxpayers. That’s a fighter. That’s courage. That’s a leader with a spine, who won’t fold when the biased-liberal media tries to slander and destroy him. Walker’s a man bringing a bazooka to a gun fight.
His choices for Vice President are plentiful. The GOP bench is fantastic and diverse from Latino men like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio…to women like Carly Fiorina, Governor Susanna Martinez and Governor Nikki Haley…to Libertarian heroes like Rand Paul…to a brilliant African American brain surgeon like Dr Ben Carson…to a genius policy wonk like Governor Bobby Jindal. The list is long.
We’ve been governed by inept political hacks for far too long. It is time for a dream team of experienced, committed adults who will kick ass and never fold when the going gets tough. The GOP Presidential nominee needs to name his entire dream team.
Do that and we’ll put the fear of God into liberals and the media. Here is how we differentiate ourselves, paint a picture of hope, and inspire our base! Here is how we win 270 electoral votes.
Attorney General of the United States – Ted Cruz. Let’s put a true defender of the Constitution in a place where he can do just that. Can you imagine the fear we’ll drive into the heads and hearts of law-breaking liberals and Marxists. No compromise, no mercy.
Treasury Secretary – Rand Paul. Put a Libertarian in charge of the economy, taxes and the IRS. Watch the US economy enjoy the greatest expansion in history with a true, free market Libertarian in charge. Rand Paul is a fighter. No compromise, no mercy.
Defense Secretary- Allen West. Here’s the man born to stand up for the honor of the military and defend the greatest nation in world history. No compromise, no mercy.
Secretary of State- you’re going to love this one: Donald Trump. Rather than weaklings afraid of their shadows, turn the world’s greatest, pit-bull negotiator loose on our adversaries like China and Russia. Let him negotiate the nuclear deal with Iran. No compromise, no mercy.
Chairman of the Federal Reserve – Dr. Ron Paul. The first father-son cabinet team will stand up to, audit, and rein in the Fed before the Fed destroys our economy. Ron Paul’s entire life has been preparation for this. No compromise, no mercy.
Homeland Security Secretary – Trey Gowdy. Protect our borders with common sense. No compromise, no mercy.
ICE- Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Need I say more?
Health & Human Services Secretary – Dr. Ben Carson. Here’s the guy born to dismantle Obamacare. No compromise, no mercy.
Labor Secretary- Darrell Issa. A street fighter who will stand up for America’s workers, not union bosses. No compromise, no mercy.
Energy Secretary- Sarah Palin. You want jobs? Take the shackles off and drill baby drill! No compromise, no mercy.
Commerce Secretary- Herman Cain. A brilliant businessman and unabashed capitalist who will get American working again. No compromise, no mercy.
Special Economic Advisors – Mitt Romney, Jack Welsh, Steve Wynn, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump (doing double duty). Put politics aside and put people who understand business in charge of the economy. No compromise, no mercy.
Education Secretary- Bobby Jindal. Here’s the brightest guy in the room, bar none. Put him in charge of taking on the teachers unions with creative ideas to turn around our failing education system. No compromise, no mercy.
Now, a personal plug… put me, Wayne Allyn Root, in charge of the Small Business Administration. Small business is the economic engine of America. I know how to motivate, inspire and empower the millions of mom and pop businesses on Main Street, not Wall Street. I stand for giving power to small business, not the welfare state or illegal aliens. No compromise, no mercy.
This is how you win an election- by exciting and inspiring Americans with an experienced, all-star GOP Dream Team that actually stands for something- America first!
This is how you tell liberals to go to hell.
Wayne Allyn Root, a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, is one of the most popular political and media stars in America. His columns and commentaries are read at the biggest political & news web sites in America- including FoxNews.com. He makes regular appearances at Fox News Channel, and hundreds of radio stations across the country. Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur and small businessman, home-school dad, best-selling author, and Tea Party Libertarian conservative. His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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I absolutely love Mr. Root’s dream team. The choices were well thought out and they would take this country in a new and better direction.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Wonderful article! I could not agree more!


I KNEW you’d like this,North!
He has ALL the Best America has to offer,in ALL the right places. NOW-if we can just get the GOP to DO IT! Unfortunately,they have a long history of getting the PERFECT circumstance to really ACCOMPLISH good things,and managing to do the absolute WRONG thing,snatching
Failure from the jaws of Victory. The very BEST thing they could do right now is let Wayne go to work setting up of the GOP’s VICTORY of a LIFETIME. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time,and he’s 100% RIGHT about this!


Been a Walker guy for awhile now. Excellent article and Root nails it down well.

Dr. Eowyn

Are you listening, Gov. Walker? I suggest we — FOTM readers — send Wayne Allyn Root’s article to Scott Walker, via: 1. Gov. Walker’s contact page: https://www.wisgov.state.wi.us/contact-us 2. Gov. Walker’s email: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov This is what I wrote. Feel free to use as yours: Wayne Allyn Root on the GOP Dream Team https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/04/29/wayne-allyn-rooton-on-the-gop-dream-team/comment-page-1/#comment-412966 Scott Walker for President Attorney General of the United States – Ted Cruz. Treasury Secretary – Rand Paul Defense Secretary- Allen West Secretary of State- Donald Trump Chairman of the Federal Reserve – Dr. Ron Paul Homeland Security Secretary – Trey Gowdy ICE- Sheriff Joe Arpaio Health &… Read more »


Some good choices, maybe Mr. Gowdy for AG instead. But still place Cruz in there someplace. I would like to see Perry somewhere also. Not sure of Sec of St.

MA in MO

I love this. Right on the money. If I could give the GOP candidates advice the one thing I would tell them is this: Get together in one place, with a moderator, and iron out who is going to run, who is going to hold cabinet offices, etc. and publish it for all to see. Everyone get behind the platform and go for it. I personally like Donald Trump. I think he would be an excellant addition to any administration. I do not think he would make a good president. Ted Cruz would make an excellant president, but as I… Read more »

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

Apparently mr root is unwilling to discuss and declare the single issue of presidential eligibility, which in my mind is the number one overriding Constitutional issue, or at least should be, that indicates whether a person is truly advocating a return to real Constitutional values and justice, or just another enabler of the crimes of this current regime.
Every one of his names are the same people who have done nothing but give lip service, just feigned opposition, ingratiating themselves to the fools all too willing to promises unfulfilled.

Steven Broiles

I am tending to agree with Wayne here. Scott Walker can win IF he comes out with a TAKE NO PRISONERS mentality. And he can win with Carly Fiorina IF she does not present herself or come off as a My-Living-Doll-programmed Sarah Palin.
Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio ARE NOT natural born citizens. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW phony conservative talk show host Mark Levin to convince you otherwise!
Keep Calm and Remember that they are all CORPORATE SPOKESMEN!!!

Niles Getz
Niles Getz

I agree . This is a real dream team and it will work if we can get all those 3-million Republicas that didn’t vote last time to get off their stupid asses and vote. Niles