Wayne Allyn Root on Obama's Gestapo

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Wayne Allyn Root
Obama’s America
Obama is going rogue. By every metric the Obama economy is melting down. We are seeing the beginning stages of another recession at best, or a total economic meltdown at worst.
At the moment there are no decent paying jobs in America. Obama has opened the border and given amnesty to at least 5 million illegal aliens already in the country, thereby putting them in competition with working class and middle class Americans.
Think I’m wrong? Did you know the government is giving businesses a $3000 incentive to hire illegal’s over native-born Americans?
Did you know cities are hiring non-citizens (and even illegal aliens given amnesty by Obama) as policemen? All you need is a work permit. Someone here illegally can wear a badge and enforce the law against you.
Did you think the border crisis was over? Obama’s amnesty has encouraged a new wave of poverty-stricken illegals at the border.
And, in a bankrupt nation with over $18 trillion in debt, Obama has used amnesty to give illegals access to food stamps, free healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, earned income tax credits…and by issuing drivers licenses and Social Security cards they will be able to vote immediately (because States don’t have the technology to tell the difference between a legal citizen or a noncitizen, legal or not).
The Obamacare fiasco gets worse by the day. The middle class is being bankrupted by skyrocketing increases in their health insurance premiums; hospitals are being bankrupted by the flood of illegal aliens accessing services; and the economy will drown in the new debt caused by Obamacare.
Obama’s claim that ISIS is on the run is a proven fraud, ripped bare by America’s embarrassing military withdrawl from Yemen.
Obama is going nuclear in his hatred for Bibi Netanyahu and Israel, force-feeding the world a weak nuclear agreement with Iran that is so bad, even France is fighting for stronger sanctions. Meanwhile Obama threatens to become the first president in history to abandon Israel at the United Nations.
But, I haven’t gotten to the bad part yet. Is it possible the terrible news about the economy, the border, ISIS and Israel is all just a distraction? Because the really important news is that Obama has created a modern-day version of “the Gestapo.”
The Obama government is using an initiative called “Operation Chokepoint” to force legal businesses it doesn’t like out of business, by threatening and intimidating banks and credit card processors.
At the same time, the Obama government is urging banks to call the police to report citizens who withdraw $5000 or more from their own bank accounts. Yes, I said banks are urged to call the police, when you withdraw your own money.
This comes at the same time that FEMA announced it will no longer provide FEMA disaster relief funds to states whose Governors deny “climate change.”
And let’s not forget Obama used an FCC party-line vote to take over the Internet and institute sweeping new changes to a system that is working perfectly as the form of communication for most Americans.
Obama’s first goal is clearly massive new taxes on Internet usage, just another way to destroy the middle class and redistribute income. But is his real goal controlling communications on the Internet- specifically the anti-Obama criticism and anti-government message so prevalent on the Internet.
But let’s circle back to the most Gestapo-like Obama initiative ever. It’s called “Operation Chokepoint.” This is your government’s attempt to put morality controls (just like those in Iran) on the American public by shutting down gun stores, precious metals companies, casinos, tobacco distributors, telemarketers, and short-term money lenders.
How can they close legal businesses you ask? By threatening and intimidating banks and credit card processors to close accounts for businesses the government doesn’t like. Just like an Iranian Ayatollah, if Obama doesn’t like your business, he will “choke off” your ability to stay in business. Hence the name, “Operation Chokepoint.”
Never forget Obama has been on a 6-year long relentless crusade to raise our taxes and take away our tax deduction for charitable donations, choking off contributions to churches. Yes, Obama is trying to “choke off” the funding that keeps churches in business too.
Why is this happening? First, because Obama despises capitalism. He needs to put prosperous businesses out of business. By murdering the middle class’s ability to prosper, he creates his utopia of equality (ie “shared misery”), making everyone dependent on government in a classless, socialist society. Think Cuba and Venezuela.
Second, there is an obvious reason Obama hates these particular industries. The subtitle of my 2009 book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian” says it all. The subtitle was “Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” Is it a coincidence that virtually every item I mentioned is under attack?
The businesses on the list of “Operation Chokepoint” are all dominated by people that Obama would describe as capitalists, patriots, conservatives, Tea Partiers, Christians and supporters of the Constitution. Not coincidently, those are the same groups targeted by Obama in the IRS scandal.
And then of course, if Obama can’t close your business, or “choke off” your ability to prosper, he can force banks to call the police if you dare to withdraw money from your own account.
Folks this is eerily reminiscent of The Gestapo, or the Soviet KGB, or the East German Stasi.
Is this the America you want? The NSA spying on your every move…the federal government in charge of your healthcare and now your free speech on the Internet…the IRS auditing enemies and critics of the government…the federal government forcing legal businesses they deem “unacceptable” out of business…and banks spying on their own customers and being forced to call the police when customers withdraw too much of their own money.
Yes, under Barack Hussein Obama the Gestapo is alive and well in the former “Land of the Free.”
Wayne Allyn Root, a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, is one of the most popular political and media stars in America. His columns and commentaries are read at the biggest political & news web sites in America- including FoxNews.com. He makes regular appearances at Fox News Channel, and hundreds of radio stations across the country. Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur and small businessman, home-school dad, best-selling author, and Tea Party Libertarian conservative. His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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0 responses to “Wayne Allyn Root on Obama's Gestapo

  1. Thank you, Mike, for these Wayne Allen Root commentaries. He’s always right on target.

  2. Wayne Allen Root is an American Patriot. A true hero.
    We live in a nation full of ‘official spies’: doctors instructed to report on patients, wiretaps, phonetaps, monitoring of everyday activities with ‘security’ cameras and fake cell phone towers, drones, and now the banks.
    Pretty soon, elementary and secondary school ‘teachers’ will indoctrinate the children to spy on and report the ‘suspicious’ activities of their parents (shades of the Hitler Jugend).
    We are living in the First Amerikan Reich, friends…… you have no rights in the new police state.
    No God, No guns. No gold. No rights…… Big Brother is watching.
    I really miss America, and mourn its passing.

  3. land of the enslaved and home of the depraved. Are we there yet? what’s the hold up? too poor to pay attention, the sheoples cry out day and night “take our wool, eat our children, only leave us grass to eat!” why not everyone quit working, join the obamaloids on welfare and let the 15-20million illegals feed us? we are mostly there already, 70% of the country on 1pharmacuetical {in order to live?}, 50% are on 2 or more {in order to live}; 1/3 of populace on subsidy {in order to live}, of the 2/3’s remaining 66% are federal/state/local gov employees that “earn” their pay by enslaving/regulating anyone that desires freedom; they produce nothing. oaths of office including that one about defending against ” all enemies foreign and domestic” against the constitution is non-functioning. it seems that operation “choke point” is a day late and dollar short. thank God for Jesus Christ, otherwise there would be no hope.

  4. I know a number of people who have closed their checking accounts. Under the Affordable Care Act, if you don’t have health insurance, the IRS can deduct fines from your checking account. Some people have closed their accounts to prevent the IRS from having access to their accounts.

  5. Does ANYONE still think it’d be a BAD thing to eliminate the IRS and change to a basic,tamper-proof,no-exceptions flat tax?

  6. evh..without a checking account how does one pay one’s bills ? Guess it works if you are already close to homeless ?

  7. BTW, though this was extremely informative it was one of the most depressing articles I have read, and I have read a lot of depressing articles ! I guess we are just toast.

  8. Excellent article Mike. I agree and I do those that I can. What I find so depressing, is that most folks are so ill informed and easily brainwashed as you pointed out in the section on the one percenters. When people are so ill informed, or more accurately misinformed, they are ripe to be used as useful idiots- and of that there is no shortage.

  9. Not only does Obama despise capitalism. He wants to be THE one and only ruler of the communist regime.

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