Watch police force in Spain taser woman for violating Wuhan virus rules

Notice how the policia tasering the woman is “wearinghis mask.

This is NOT about health care. It’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL.


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1 month ago

Spain has really gone dark, more so than Italy, France or the UK. What a disgrace this is!

1 month ago

That’s been the case since the Beer Bug first arrived. The Democrat/Socialist/Marxist/Communist invasion started it as a test,to see just how far America could be changed,re-trained,deprived-“What can we get away with?” With SOME of America,it’ll be a welcome relief-no more worrying about day to day living,their living will be done FOR them. For the REST of us,there’ll eventually be a battle,and it probably be Part 2 of the battle between Good and Evil. aAnd your proof of that is……..Part 1 will NOT come to an end if President Trump isn’t re-elected,he’ll fight until he’s completely out of options. From his… Read more »

1 month ago

HERES THE WAY IT GOES,THE LORD has commanded the MEN TO STAND UP AND TAKE THESE DEVILS DOWN,if they ignore his command much longer,HE SAID I WILL ALLOW the enemies of america to burn their country to ash,and slaughter the people..OUR FATHER told everyone,YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,INSIDE AND OUT,TOP TO BOTTOM,HE SAID THERE ARE NO GOOD ONES,sadly no one believes anything the LORD says,HES NOT JOKING,he really will allow america to be destroyed…ITS PASS TIME TO GET OUT THE TAR AND FEATHERS,And some rope..OR you’ll lose it all…

1 month ago

If I were to comment, I’d say she appeared a tad possessed.
But I won’t.
Especially because I’m the one who takes my mother to doctor appointments (and took dad to his before he died last January).

Last edited 1 month ago by CogitoErgoSumantra
Jackie Puppet
1 month ago

Stuff like this will continue to turn law-abiding citizens against the police everywhere.

The police think they have enough problems dealing with criminals? Wait’ll they try to take on a pissed-off populace.