Watch Instant Vapor Forms in Siberia. Really KULE!!!

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Now This is KULE!!!!!!

It’s a popular experiment in very cold places. “Winter fun in Siberia!” Dmitry Klimensky, a Russian in Siberia, declared on Twitter, with a link to a video of him throwing a boiling pot of water into the freezing air.
The video went viral, spreading across the globe.


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0 responses to “Watch Instant Vapor Forms in Siberia. Really KULE!!!

  1. I cannot imagine 40 below! I think I complained the other night when it was 45 above. Alaska and Siberia are not for me!

  2. My cousin puts purple food dye in his hot water and it makes purple clouds. It need to be about 15 to 20 below zero to work correctly which would be a warm front compared to -45

  3. i think all of the sheeple who bleat about global warming should be sent to siberia for a winter let them experience global warming at -45 degrees below zero

  4. My nephew went to Alaska to perform some experiments for NASA. It was 60 below when he was there! That is beyond cold. (:

  5. About 25 yrs ago I took a visiting young family friend hunting in the higher elevations above the Slocan Valley, say 2250 ft above sea level. It was mid-January, our coldest time, but another friend had given us his modest cabin, which had firewood stacked inside for the stove. On the way up to this place, we went to the old Nakusp Hot Springs pool, built by Italian immigrant rail road workers in the 1880s. I had a full beard at the time, but Sean was clean-shaven, and just as well! All went well enough, until I exited the pool. It was 25′ below zero, so all my beard and facial hairs went white w/frost! It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it sure was weird! Too bad we didn’t have a camera….


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