'Wasted Away Again In Obumma Ville'

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~Steve~                             H/T My Pal Jean

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0 responses to “'Wasted Away Again In Obumma Ville'

  1. I really enjoyed this video! Message is right on the money! Thank you!

  2. Sylvia, glad you enjoyed it. 😀

  3. L.M.A.O. Steve . Beautiful scenery , much like the Marathon area of the Fla.Keys . Damn near Heaven on earth . Haven’t been down there for a while . I need a Keys fix BAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD.

    • japoa, Do you remember a TV commercial from a long time ago and it was about vacations and the punch line with this little kid was
      ” I need it Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad”
      Is that what you are referring too? LOL

      • Probably , but I didn’t do it consciously . That never entered my mind . It was a cute commercial tho ! Isn’t it weird how the sub-conscious can manifest itself ?

  4. Reblogged this on just another day in paradise and commented:
    You just gotta listen!!! What a hoot!!

  5. That was funny.
    And the scenery made me want to mix up a pitcher of margaritas. 😀
    It’s 36 degrees and there are snow flurries here in Atlanta today.

  6. I would share this on facebook but I don’t know how after I broke the link. I loved it!

  7. Here is the link. I had to break the link or it kept posting the vid.LOL. Just put link back together.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature= player_embedded&v=xEYFFiEnUjQ


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