Washington State tax per mile: Plan in the works to tax you a 'road usage charge'

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MyNorthwest.com: The gas tax isn’t going as far as it used to as more people drive less and new cars are much more efficient. But are you ready to pay by the mile for how much you actually drive? Washington state is moving forward with plans to explore that idea.
By any name, miles traveled or road usage charges, the idea comes down to taxing you for every mile you drive.
The Washington State Transportation Commission will meet this week to take the next steps in potentially implementing this plan. Commissioner Jerry Litt said, eventually, it could take the place of the current gas tax.
“We have, as a commission, looked at it primarily as a replacement for the gas tax, but there are others who have said that, possibly, there’s both,” he said. “The potential for both.”
Regardless of whether this becomes the only funding source for roads or in addition to the gas tax, Litt said a better and more reliable funding source needs to be found.
“That decision really hasn’t been made yet,” Litt said. “What we do in our plan is, we emphasize that we need to look at sustainable funding sources and the road usage charge appears to be one of those.”
According to Litt, the idea is to make the price you pay about equal to what you pay now with the gas tax. “At this point and time, the study has been to look at a revenue neutral position, and if I remember right, it’s one to one-and-a-half cents a mile.”
Now comes the bigger question. How do you collect the tax or record the miles driven? Litt said the commission is looking at a few options. You could pay a flat, upfront fee for a certain amount of miles for the year. You could pay with an odometer reading every year when you get your tabs replaced.
The state might also put a transponder in your car, but this is where things get dicey. There are huge privacy concerns over this. People don’t want the state to know where they’re driving.
Oregon has come up with its answer to those privacy concerns. It is about to launch its voluntary vehicle miles driven tax next year. Drivers have the choice to enable the GPS in the plug or not. The benefit of doing that is that it will only charge drivers for miles driven inside of Oregon. If you don’t enable the GPS, drivers will pay for every mile, including those that are out of state.
Washington is still in the infancy stage, but paying for each mile driven is gaining momentum in Olympia.
Hey Washington voters:

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0 responses to “Washington State tax per mile: Plan in the works to tax you a 'road usage charge'

  1. There is something about living on the left coast–to many of the folks in charge just want to step on the necks of others. They just come up with one looney idea after another. Here in Portland for instance, the water rates just keep going up and up–yet they have spent water revenue on political campaigns, and others things that have nothing to do with providing water to us. We even get to pay a $35.00 a year “Arts Tax.” Which supposedly helps pay for art teachers in the schools, and promotes “the arts” in general. So far I haven’t really seen that it has helped our community. Just another stupid idea to separate you from your money.

  2. I live in Washington, (for a minute), and I can say without hesitation, that politicians in this state tend to do things without the will of the people on a continuous basis. That said, I can tell you that if you are here reading this, then you do NOT want to move to Washington state. Last month “the people” voted into law a new gun regulation that makes purchasing (or even borrowing) a nightmare, AND they tuned DOWN a law that protects gun owners from EVER being subject to Gun Confiscation by the Government.
    This is NOT a state you want to live in, if you are a “conservative” of any sort. You don’t even want to be a “straight liberal” in this state. So me, and my family are currently working toward a move to Texas, to be around people that are more like ourselves. I’m tired of fighting against moron politics and ideology on a daily basis, and I leave the chore for someone else to handle.

    • I hear you Army Vet…I grew up in Washington. Finally left earlier this year and moved to OK. Love it here! I’m sure you’ll like Texas much better 🙂

  3. I’ve never had a problem with a gas tax-if you drive a lot,you pay more than someone who only drives down to cash a check once a month. What’s wrong with that? Seems like a fair system to me,and it doesn’t require Big Brother to start following us around on GPS. I think THAT’S the reason they’re going after THIS plan instead of the gas tax.

    • govt doesn’t care about mileage, only knowing your business and getting $$$$ from you….progressive insurance company (owned by super-lib peter lewis) has that little device that goes into cars called “snapshot” and offer to save drivers $$$ while getting them used to being watched/monitored. It’s not the miles they care about, it’s getting folks OK with the idea of being tracked/watched/monitored. Transponder, GPS, “snapshot”, they are all the same in my book….government intrusion to get you to give up your privacy and your money.

  4. This is another British-originated idea that will go nation-wide. It’s been in the works for a couple of years now.

  5. Coming any day now to California! — and what happens in California eventually seeps like poisoned water to the rest of Amerika. 🙁

  6. Tax on breathing next?

    • I have an idea for Washington AC/DC and the United Nations; tax every man.woman,child, household pet and livestock with a device to measure the amount of wind each passes and tax per “poot!” Call the device a “flatulometer” which woujd be fitted at a doctor office, clinic or hospital and at a veterinarian for domestic animals. it would contain a metering device using RFID and also have a catalytic converter to burn the CO emissions
      They could eventually bleed the world’s 99% of trillions in yet another tax

    • carbon emission tax

    • Momster of the NW

      Already have that in Pierce County. Emissions testing for all cars – new or not. Strangest thing, no testing stations IN Tacoma?!? The largest city in PC and there are no testing stations there? Every car has to be driven out to Lakewood or Fife to get testing done. How green is that? Our politicians are stupid, but voters more so.
      We just can’t give the government in WA enough money…they’ll always find a use for it….or should I say waste for it…

  7. POORegon is way ahead of Washington on this one. Already have a pilot program being tested. I am also working on fleeing the PNW for home to TEXAS or maybe even out of the country.

  8. Total control is the goal. Face it folks, actions speak louder than words. When will the masses wake up? As much as some dislike the Right, the Left is destroying the Country. They track your communications, they track your movements, and they take the firearms. The fear is being spread, the brainwashing is well in place. This is really happening, wake up!!!

  9. What is called for here, is a tax on the politicians for every time they violate the public trust, and also making monsanto, syngenta, and various other corporations pay reparations to the counties they’ve irreversibly damaged by their flagrant hate crimes against the environment in the Northwest. A tax should also be applied to the chemtrail spraying planes per every mile flown.
    Aside from that, I see another problem here in the comments, and that is leaving, granted there is a time for that, but consider this, when Good people abandon their town, then the space they leave becomes filled by someone willing to be compliant to the govstapo, thereby making the problem worse than it was, and leaving others living there in the lurch as it were (and also helping the “progressive” takeover). What needs to be done is local communities need to be taken back, Start local, and avoid NGOs or “activist” groups, investigate anyone who gets prominence, and make sure only Good Christian folk get into office. I’d encourage folks to stay where they’re at and actively try to make a difference in their own communities first, if an effort is made and the whole town/county rejects you etc. then one can dust off one’s sandals and move on, and you won’t be losing anything that you weren’t already willing to forfeit anyhow.
    Ultimately fear should not dictate our actions, because fear is the realm of the devil, it is a favorite tool of his to get people to do what he wants. I would highly suggest consulting with God first, and ask Him if leaving is the right and proper thing to do.


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