Washington State Senate to Vote on Abortion Insurance Mandate

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Washington state weighs first-in-the-nation abortion insurance mandate

Published March 24, 2013  / Associated Press

In 1970, Washington became the first — and remains the only — state in the country to legalize elective abortions by a popular vote.
A generation later, and 40 years removed from the landmark United States Supreme Court Roe v. Wade ruling that extended abortion access nationwide, Washington is once again poised to stand out.
With 21 states having adopted bans or severe restrictions on insurance companies from paying for abortions, Washington is alone in seriously considering legislation mandating the opposite.
The Reproductive Parity Act, as supporters call it, would require insurers in Washington state who cover maternity care — which all insurers must do — to also pay for abortions.
The bill passed the state House earlier this month by a vote of 53-43, though it faces an uncertain future in the Senate. A similar bill in the New York state Assembly has been introduced each session for over a decade but has never received a public hearing.

“This is a core value for Washingtonians,” said Melanie Smith, a lobbyist for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. “We should protect it while we still have it and not leave access to basic health care up to an insurance company.”
The proximate cause of Washington state’s measure is the federal Affordable Care Act. Thanks to language placed in it to assuage anti-abortion congressional Democrats, insurers selling their plans on the state exchanges taking effect next year will have to segregate the premiums they collect for abortion coverage.

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I hope this idiocy fails to pass, but given that it is Washington state, I have a sick feeling that it will.
I also cannot ignore the irony that Obamacare is going to pay for the murder of unborn children that will not even get a chance at productive lives, yet refuse care for the elderly, most of which have led productive lives and contributed much to this nation, simply because it is considered to be too expensive.
We have now reached the point where government bureaucrats, who have had no medical training outside of applying a band-aid and popping pills, will be deciding who among us lives or dies.
This is not really America anymore, and I cannot help but wonder just when our plug is going to be pulled for good.
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0 responses to “Washington State Senate to Vote on Abortion Insurance Mandate

  1. WA ST will most likely pass this, I’m sure. Voters here approved assisted suicide. Liberals like to kill all in the name of “choice”. Sick.

  2. none of our money should pay for abortion,hobby lobby should not be required to include the morning after pill to its workers,or any other christian owned company,its wrong!

  3. I have no idea what is up with the formatting, but there are supposed to be spaces between those paragraphs at the bottom.

  4. Dave,
    For me, the expression on President Lucifer’s face in the pic says it all. And babies, being truth meters, return the revulsion.
    See “Even Babies Shun Obama,” Aug. 14, 2010.
    BTW, I fixed the fomatting. 😉

    • Thanks, Doc E.
      The only way I can fix it is to get out of Firefox and open Opera.
      LOL – Only problem is, I can’t read comments on sites that use DISQUS in Opera. 🙁

    • In a sad sort of way , this could be one whale of a caption contest . The look on that mans face is worth a 1000 words . I wonder if he gazed upon his OWN children with a look like that .

  5. I don’t usually like political cartoons, but the one you led with is perfect! great post Dave.

  6. I can understand insurance for health care and maternity care but I can’t understand insurance for an act which is essentially an individual choice, abhorrent to me personally, but still an elective choice, not like cancer which is not a choice. I’m not sure how they justify that.
    If insurance companies are getting involved with abortion, I hope they provide a good package for the effects of the abortion on the mother, long term clinical depression etc.
    It’s all money, money for these people.


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