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The Republican Party in Washington State has been in turmoil for years.  It has seemed to me  they would rather lose an election than see a conservative  in office .  The ongoing problem is  the controlling  RINOs’ utter contempt for the conservative grassroots and the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) elected to serve as the representatives of  the grassroots that they have ridden roughshod over for years.   Now it appears that the entire system of elected PCOs may be abolished.    ~LTG

Grassroots Emergency Part 1: Sam Reed sets Time-Bomb ticking

March 14, 2011 by Doug Parris

It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me.

~ “The End”  copyright © 1967 Doors Music Co.
(subsequently used as soundtrack in the film “Apocalypse Now”)

There are in politics, signal events, moments that mark the turning of tides and the end of eras. Sometimes it is the impact of words with prophetic power… “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall.”
It is… the appearance, on the horizon, of an event that will change the course of a story.

~  ”Shadows of the Evening Crawl across the Year
There is also sometimes a gap, a time between a sign of the ominous, and its inevitability.
It is like events in the calm before a big storm… like the ones that preceded the (avoidable) Republican self-destruction of 2008 (as in 1992), which I described here: The Winds of Disaster.

There is frequently, as in 2008, significant  time after an earth-shaking decision is made, but before it is executed, for the decision to be reversed. That calm is the time when action must be taken.
There was considerable time between May 9, 1945, when Col. Paul Tibbets personally chose the aircraft (while it was still on the assembly line) he would name the Enola Gay (after his mother), and the completion, on August 6th, of the plane’s singular combat mission to devastate Hiroshima.
But there is also some point,  before the event actually happens, at which there is no longer any turning back, (was it when the container holding the nuclear weapon was literally welded to the deck of the USS Indianapolis?), a point when judgment has been rendered.
The final, yet potential, dismemberment of the Washington State GOP as a grassroots political organization is right now somewhere in that calm, that interlude. The Chain Reaction has been initiated but not completed. It is the preamble to a cataclysm.

And The Reagan Wing is the only one telling you about it.

On Jan. 12, We published “BREAKING: Federal Judge eliminates 103-year old PCO system at request of Party Bosses” co-written by Nate and myself.

  • The Secretary of State issued a statement, as if in response to us saying, in essence, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

My op-ed article in the Spokesman Review, Empowering the Powerful, appeared on Jan 23.

  • Trent England of the [formerly Evergreen] Freedom Foundation said I was in error.
  • Party Bosses pooh-poohed it.
  • And for the last week or so in comments here (some our editor chose not to publish because of their scurrilous nature) and emails Chris “Pudge” Nandor, singer, composer, former Snohomish County Neo-establishment District Leader and former Sound Politics blogger has repeatedly called me a liar, a bald-faced liar, and a man habitually given to lying.

Everyone but Nandor says “The PCO system is still intact!”  Nandor, uniquely, says “The PCO system was disassembled, legally, long ago!” (And he tells us, despite the fact that he is the only one saying it, that even before the Coughenour ruling, it was a matter of already “established law.”)
But as we said in January, the PCO system was removed from its wall socket, at the request of Party Bosses, by Judge Coughernour in his Top Two Lawsuit ruling. And now two events threaten to keep it permanently unplugged.
The first is ongoing sleight-of-hand by Secretary of State Sam Reed (the man who, back in January you will recall, was saying, “Move along, move along, nothing to see here.”)

The other shoe drops

The following is an official Secretary of State’s Office email notice. It is major news in small type (emphasis added).

PDF: Blinn_E-mail
Read the highlighted item, above. Reed is moving, consistent with the ruling we analyzed, here: “BREAKING: Federal Judge eliminates 103-year old PCO system at request of Party Bosses” We predicted this against the contradictory howls of the Establishment.

Now here’s another prediction.

Unless there is an immediate mobilization on the grass-roots level, the days of impartially administered, grass-roots Party elections are over.
What can be done about it? Stay tuned for Part 2.

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With Luke in charge of RNC we were doomed. I hope Kirby can bring us back to sanity here in the PNW..yet I’m not holding my breathe…WA ST is so messed up when it comes to a concise message…just sayin…