Washington state governor proposes state-run healthcare system

Seems the proggies received the same memo (see my previous two posts).

Residents in Washington state already have “access to affordable health care” via free and low cost clinics. In my search of seven counties throughout Washington (out of 39 total counties) I came across 159 clinics. That fact won’t stop the TDS-infected governor from implementing another bureaucratic/big government program.

As reported by MyNorthwest.com: Governor Jay Inslee introduced Cascade Care Tuesday morning, a plan to provide a state-run healthcare system akin to “Medicare for all.”

“We believe it is a just thing to do for all of our citizens to have access to affordable health care,” Inslee said at a press conference Tuesday. “…Today I am pleased to announce that we will be proposing a public option in the State of Washington, to take yet another significant step in the goal of universal coverage in the State of Washington.”

Inslee announced his proposal flanked by a variety of lawmakers at the King County Downtown Seattle Public Health Clinic Tuesday morning. He was joined by King County Executive Dow Constantine, State Rep. Eileen Cody, State Sen. David Frockt, State Senator Karen Keiser, and the state’s Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler.

According to Inslee, the proposed Cascade Care bill will direct the state’s healthcare authority to provide coverage across Washington by contracting with one or more healthcare carriers. That coverage will begin in 2021.

That coverage will be available to anyone in the individual market. It will also set reimbursement rates consistent with Medicare. Using the service will be voluntary and patients will spend no more than 10 percent of their income on premiums.

Officials said Tuesday that it will cost the state $500,000 to set up the new system and accept bids from carriers. Costs beyond that weren’t specified.

Sen. Keiser noted that Washington once had an “incredibly popular” basic healthcare program between the late 1980s until the Great Recession. Implementing the Affordable Care Act eventually became a priority instead of restarting that program. “We have done this before, and we can do it again,” she said. “….Now it’s time to come back to the public option and include it in our array of healthcare services.”

Inslee, and other lawmakers present, pointed a finger of blame at the Trump administration, saying that it has worked to remove healthcare protections provided by the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Inslee said that there are 14 counties in the state that are on the verge of losing healthcare coverage altogether.

“We are on the knife’s edge,” Inslee said. “And we need to give a solid foundation of support to every county and every citizen in the State of Washington because that is a moral imperative.”

The governor also noted the work that has already been done to provide healthcare in Washington over the past few years, primarily through the state’s exchange: More than 800,000 Washingtonians have gained access to healthcare; Provided coverage to 30,000 cancer survivors in the state; and Provided 90,000 people with substance abuse treatment.

“But we need to take the next step,” Inslee said. “That’s why I’m glad we have put the dollars in my proposed budget that will allow us to set up this public option in the State of Washington.”


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Dr. Eowyn

So, we have a trifecta of already-socialist states/cities — Washington, California, NYC — determined to go even further down that road of ruin. And when the taxpayers leave them for more tax-friendly states, who will be left to pay for all this?

Lou Minati
Lou Minati

If I’m not mistaken, The People’s Republic of Vermont went down this road in 2011. They finally gave up on it in 2014, due to the extra tax burden it would have placed on the state’s small businesses (well, duh!). Who knows how much money they peed away from 2011-2014 that could have been better spent (or saved) elsewhere.

So good luck, Washington State. Those who don’t learn from the mistakes of others are doomed to repeat them. Here’s a tip: The height of stupidity is trying the same thing over and over in the hope it will work *this time*.


I keep saying that The Order is already up and running but I fear that most don’t believe me. Does anybody think that these three areas just up and decided to do that simultaneously on their own? This is a very popular move with people who are sick of being raped for health insurance. Even those who don’t like the concept should admit that healthcare costs in the US are over the top. So, The Odor will use this to get their nose in the tent and push for other destructive action. For many people saving money would cause them… Read more »


Inslee is apparently one remove from radical Marxists in a direct line from Leo Szilard, Einstein’s handler and theoretician of harnessing science as the justification for incrementalist totalitarianism—which fits Inslee to a tee. Inslee is also a strong supporter of carbon taxes, i.e., hidden, indirect taxes imposed on corporations but paid by consumers, hitting hardest the poorest of workers and welfare recipients who never know what hit them. The costs for his leftist healthcare boondoggle will most likely fall on the unsuspecting recipients of such net negative health benefits once the hidden taxes, fees, surcharges, funds and so on are… Read more »


I think this is a great idea for those that want to do it. Me, I’m looking for the ‘opt out’ box to check. Don’t want/need to use or pay for it.

Joseph BC69
Joseph BC69

Your points are very well taken, Dan, so I’m not going to add to them, as you’ve already covered my sentiments. As long time readers of this site know, I’m very appreciative of your reference to John Locke. The US is saddled with the highest healthcare costs per capita in the world; this can be seen in any comprehensive survey which compares costs to benefits in other nations. That’s because capitalism is in the catbird seat: unbridled greed is allowed to charge, and charge, and charge. Gubbmints are not about to regulate either Big Pharma or health insurance in any… Read more »