Washington state governor proposes “free” statewide college program

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Last time I visited Washington I didn’t see any money growing on trees. It’s most likely that property owners will be footing the bill for this “free” program.

FYI: The governor is mulling a 2020 presidential run. And as you know, FREE STUFF always gets votes…

From MyNorthwest.com: Washington Governor Jay Inslee unveiled plans Friday to provide guaranteed financial aid to 93,000 college students statewide.

Gov. Inslee’s plan would convert Washington’s State Need Grant into “Washington’s College Promise” grant. Currently, the State Need Grant provides aid to about three out of every four eligible college students who apply.

According to the governor’s office, that leaves tens of thousands of students stuck on a financial aid wait list. The new program will aim to provide guaranteed funds to all eligible students.

“Every student in Washington state should have the opportunity to get the higher education they need. I’m excited to talk about the big steps we’re taking to make this opportunity a reality,” Gov. Inslee said in a Friday news release.

The governor’s program will need $103 million of the $280 million the governor set aside for higher education in his proposed 2019-2021 budget. It would serve the additional 18,000 eligible students who remain unserved by financial aid.

“Governor Inslee’s College Promise proposal will support all students who want to attend college to go, regardless of their financial ability to pay tuition,” said Maud Daudon, chair of the Washington Student Achievement Council.

Right now, eligibility for state college grants boils down to a pair of qualifiers:

Must be “disadvantaged,” which according to state law, means any student with adverse cultural, educational, environmental, or familial circumstances.

As an alternative to disadvantaged, a student must qualify as “needy,” which encompasses anyone who demonstrates “financial inability” to pay for higher education.

Gov. Inslee’s other higher education budget proposals include added capacity for STEM courses, a scholarship for 50 students who commit to working in “high demand behavioral health fields,” expanded worker training, and more.


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7 responses to “Washington state governor proposes “free” statewide college program

  1. Ahhh, the pleasure of giving away other people’s money, coupled with the glowing sensation of knowing that there are total strangers that will rejoice in your generosity.

  2. Kind of like that free wall. Well, Mexico was supposed to pay for it but now taxpayers will be on the hook.

    • Well, if you’ve ever listened to politicians you’d know that they say a lot of things that sometimes don’t pan out. A LOT, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

      A wall and border security is a necessary function (tax) to ensure national security.

      How many illegals are you housing so you don’t have to pay for a wall?

  3. BREAKING LIVE: #LauraLoomer and Illegal Aliens Seek #Sanctuary at @SpeakerPelosi’s CA Mansion

  4. I praise millionaires that have made their money honestly, they contribute to many worthy causes, and they create instead of destroy. Thank God for the privilege of millionaires. I oppose the government ( Magpie Ocasio-Cortez ) for wanting to take the moneys from millionaires to pay for free school-free everything, there are many scholarships for students that Want to go to school, instead of the ones that are going to school, expect everything to be “given” to them and end up being the taxpayers burden. Leave millionaires alone, and I hope they continue to be richer millionaires.

  5. You can’t really expect to get to much educating in college now. Think how much it will be worth when it’s free.

    @George Micre. The wall is a no brainer. Sorry, but the wall will pay for its self in money NOT spent on PEOPLE THAT HAVE ILLEGALLY CROSSED THE BORDER. And that money will keep being saved year after year. As far as I’m concerned I don’t care how they are kept out. Armed guards along the top of the border wall every couple of hundred yards. And if it takes lethal force, so be it. This is not a problem manufactured crisis. This is a war. They come here, get on the government tit, never learn the language or the law. They fly the flag of their country of origin. They send half the money they make back home. Many Illegal aliens commit crimes at a much higher rate that immigrants that come here legally. And they make a mockery of those that have come here UNDER THE LAW.
    You must have gone to one of those liberally enlightened highly subsidized colleges.

  6. Notice how the lying Bolshevik/Democrat MSM did not cover Laura Loomer’s brilliant ploy of bringing illegal invaders over the walls to multimillionaire fraud Nancy Pelosi’s mansion grounds where they than set up tents with the pictures of the thousands of Americans murdered by illegal aliens? When the police came, they told them that they didn’t need any ID because the America hating Kalergi Den]mocRats made California a “sanctuary state”!
    Laura Loomer is the best!


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